Atheist in a Foxhole: Soldier Sues Over Discrimination on the Basis of Faith (Or the Fact Thereof)

So this is why “there are no atheists in a foxholes.” Army Spc. Jeremy Hall says in a lawsuit that he was told that he could not be promoted because one of the jobs would be to pray with his soldiers. Of course, if true, this would mean that a puppy thrower like Marine Lance Corporal David Motari would be eligible so long as he professes to believe in God. Otherwise, you have no right to die for th e country unless you think that you will go to heaven. This could be a significant case in the making.

Hall is pursuing his action with the help of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation in a case in Kansas City. He claims that the commander of the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley sent an e-mail post-wide saying Hall had sued and that this email triggered the discriminatory treatment. It is a bit curious that the commander would chose to “out” the soldier in this way. There is no obvious reason why a commander would send such an email, particularly when it is foreseeable that it would subject the soldier to rough treatment.

Hall claims that his platoon sergeant told him that his promotion was blocked because he would be “unable to put aside his personal convictions and pray with his troops.”

Named in the lawsuit, among other defendants, is Maj. Freddy J. Welborn who, according to Hall, blocked a meeting of atheists and non-Christians — and allegedly threatened Hall with charges. Welborn denies the charges.

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3 thoughts on “Atheist in a Foxhole: Soldier Sues Over Discrimination on the Basis of Faith (Or the Fact Thereof)”

  1. What I wonder is where are all of the leaders who constantly praise our brave men and women in uniform. Here is a brave soldier who wants to lead troops into harm’s way.

  2. There is a whole group of soldiers called: Atheists in Foxholes! I heard one woman say she found it easier to come out as a lesbian than an atheist as so many people assume atheists are bad people.

    I see no reason why an atheist is unable to comfort his/her troops. As Raj Bender from This Hour has 22 minutes (on Canadian T.V.) would say: I would like to thank all 432 gods and goddesses for my success here today!

    All joking aside, our troops need compassion from us and from each other. Compassion is independent of belief. Our govt. should not be in the business of compelling people’s conscience. That is both illegal and immoral.

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