“Bishop” and Mother Arrested After Making Kids Live with Corpse

Police in Madison Wisconsin have arrested a religious leader and a mother after discovering a corpse on their toilet. Tammy Lewis was responding to instructions from “Bishop” Alan Bushey, who insisted that 90-year-old Magdeline Alvina Middlesworth would come back to life — after two months. The two adults are facing child abuse and endangerment counts while the two children are now in foster care and protected from further “religious instruction.”

The police found Middlesworth on the toilet in an advanced state of decomposition. The children were required to use a make shift toilet while the adults waited for the resurrection in the bathroom.

Bathrooms seem to have become the favorite sanctuary for the deranged. Recently, a boyfriend was arrested after letting his girlfriend sit on the toilet for two years, click here.

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  1. I feel so badly for these children. They were treated with great cruelty. They must have been terrified. Thanks for the additional info. whooliebacon.


  2. This quote from http://www.funebrity.com/

    A routine call to Deputy Neville Neal in Madison,WI turned into anything but routine recently. Phoned by the sister of Magdalina Alvina Middlesworth, her sister was concerned, not having heard since her 90 yr-old sister had gone to live with church friends in March.

    Initially Tammy Lewis, mother of a girl 15, and a boy 12, denied him entry saying that the 90 yr-old woman was on vacation, then saying that she’d have to check with “her superior” first. The “superior” being “bishop Allan Bushey”.

    The deputy opened the last closed door, smelled “decaying matter”, and noticed something piled on what appeared to be a toilet. It was Middlesworth’s body, having been enthroned since she died two months earlier, also about the same length of time she’d been living with “Sister”and her family. God told Lewis that the woman would come to life, if she prayed hard enough..that’s also what Bushey told her when he instructed her to leave the woman alone in the bathroom and pray for her. He said he had received signs that God would raise her from the dead with a miracle.

    Out of the mouths of babes…. The boy had referred to Middlesworth as grandmother though there was no relationship other than belonging to the same “church”. He told a detective that he’d considered running away because he was uncomfortable with the situation, but that Bushey told him that demons were trying to make it look as if Middlesworth wouldn’t come back to life, and that if she were to be discovered he and the girl would have to go to public school and get jobs because Middlesworth paid the bills.

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