Religious Man Eaten After Seeking Blessing from Crocodile

Rubel Sheikh, 25, reportedly went to a shrine in Bangladesh to receive the blessings of one of five crocodiles in the shrine pond. He quickly became a Bangladish when the crocodile skipped the blessing and went straight to eating Sheikh.

Rubel Sheikh and his mother traveled with their mother to receive the blessing at the Muslim Khan Jahan Ali shrine. Every day, people throw hens and goats to the crocodiles and then bath in the pond to receive their blessing.

I suppose it is no more dangerous than running the bulls at Pamplona, but it is still surprising that the government allows people to throw animals into crocodile infested waters and then bath with the crocodiles.

Of course, golf courses and other public sites are known to have alligators. Indeed, in 2007, a man named Bruce Burger (I cannot make this up) was attacked by a one-eyed alligator at Lake Venice Golf Course and pulled under the water, here.

Even police officers appear incapable of resisting the thrill of a good alligator wrestle, here.

For a picture of the pond, click here.

For the story, click here.

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  1. I’d have to agree, you missed it…

    I was ribbing you a smidge about your ‘Crush’ – the dangerous disruptive nature to be found in the ubiquitous 2nd year
    ‘adorable smile’…!

    I’m older than you. My SO for the last 14 years a vascular surgeon.

    FYI- I am one of a few original blog ‘turlees’ and precede the skeleton crew you observe ‘chatting’ daily, currently.

    My education and background is Law and Medicine in Maine, and Boston ie HMS (Harvard Medical School)

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    As to lawyers, generally, unless they are close personal friends, I couldn’t agree less with your comment.

    I managed lawyers and others in offices in four states, singularly, also negotiated settlements personally, and also engaged in adversarial processes with plaintiff attorneys as a part of one of my jobs.

    While I’ve also dated several lawyers, I also married one
    – once.

    I trade ‘latitude’ toward lawyers for attitude almost any chance I get!

    I dislike stories about people abusing animals resulting
    in harm or death, almost more than I dislike stories about people who get themselves maimed or killed because they and/or others do not respect animals and/or their habitat.

    Animals can’t speak for themselves.

    These Indians practicing religious sacrifices and rituals are ignorant of science and biological triggers. They never heard of Pavlov, I’m sure…

    The POs in FL who killed he alligator? Inexcusable – also no latitude from me – none!

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