Palin v. Putin: Is the United States Falling Behind in a Hunting Arms Race?

Vladimir Putin seems ready to meet the challenge of Sarah Palin. Supporters of the Vice Presidential hopeful have released pictures and videos of her shooting high-powered rifles, skinned bears, and posing with dead animals that she has shot. Putin, technically the second in command of Russia, has released a series of macho pictures, including his shooting of a Siberian tiger with a tranquilizer gun. Next, Palin will have to actually eat the heart of a polar bear to meet the Putin challenge.

The use of pictures of great physical feats have been popular since Mao had propagandists run pictures of his swim down the the Yangtze River. Putin has been particularly aggressive in releasing pictures of himself with his shirt off fishing and hunting as he pursues an equally muscular foreign policy. In the tiger photo, Putin is credited with saving the lives of a Russian television crew in bringing down a charging tiger, here and here. The tiger just happened to break free after Putin appeared with a convenient tranquilizer gun. “Vladimir Putin not only managed to see the giant predator up close but also saved our television crew too,” said a breathless Rossiya television anchor on the evening news.

Palin will now have to save a bus of school children from a rampaging timber wolf or an environmentalist pushed into insanity by global warming fears.

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  1. Non Duplicative Post; Part 1

    Professor Turley,

    The mere fact that some politicians desire to appeal to reptilian brains of their constituents via posing as over-glorified archetypal images of ‘the hunter’ should be clue enough that they’re far more interested in posing than hunting.

    That aside, allow me to give you a glimpse of your future as changed by your son being graduated from WEBLO to Boy Scout.

  2. I doubt Mrs Palin is hurting enough to not be able to afford beef for her little frontier family, however I agree there is a difference between killing for mere sport, and or food.

    But I see no indication Mrs Palin required the food, nor do I see any valid reason for the killing of Bullwinkle.

    Moose I thought were endangered, or at least close to being so. Polar Bear are, and I understand she’s shot a few of those too.

    Theres a bloodthirstyness to some people, and Palin really shares it.While I understand the natural awe humans have of the stuff it took for primitive man to hunt and kill its food, it seems still nonetheless a pathology for modern man to enjoy so the killing of a living thing.

    I have hunted, and I have shot a large animal, and it was not something that gave me pleasure. I was neither squeamish nor “grossed out” by it, it was simply the seeing a beautiful animal, walking the same earth as myself, lying lifeless at my feet. It was an “empty” feeling.

    One that I don’t wish to relive unless I need to feed my family and it is the only way, at which point I’d beat Bambi over the head with a rock in order to do so.

    But given I don’t have to do so to consume meat, I am perfectly comfortable with limiting my intake of meat and purchasing from the wide variety of already slaughtered animals, when I do.

    The love of killing I see as a pathology, left over from a time when men and women had to kill to eat. Seeing an animal die should give no one “pleasure”, yet every year, millions of hunters derive unlimited pleasure from doing so.

  3. Mnoble,

    I’d just like to point out that hunting isn’t necessarily “killing defenseless animals for human entertainment.” Aside from the debatable point of wild animals being defenseless, a good amount of hunting isn’t for entertainment. I’m not sure what the price of beef is in Alaska, but I’m guessing it isn’t cheap. I’d be willing to bet that Mrs. Palin’s family and friends ate all of the meat off that Moose. Remember something had to die for any meat you eat. I don’t think that hunting for food is inherently better or worse than buying meat at the store.

    Trophy hunting and not using the meat, that’s another matter.

  4. Police come from the same society we all live in. The acceptance of mistreatment is widespread. I think Glenn Greewald’s column points this out well. (Link below.) Media wake up to the police state.

    Something else that really bothers me about the far right wing members of the Republican party is their reaction to Palin’s daughter being pregnant. They are very sensibly claiming it is a private matter. Indeed it is. But why is it only a private matter among the Republican elite? For everyone else it is a matter of bringing down the full force of god’s laws, which they hope to make man’s law as well. There is real hypocrisy here. The same is true of lesbain and gay people. Should the elite be lesbian or gay, little is said. Meanwhile, the far right works hard to deny basic rights to lesbain and gay people while claiming hateful things such as “God hates Fags”.

  5. Speaking of killing defenseless animals for human entertainment, the police murdered, or should I say executed a homeless man in Los Angeles today for “non-compliance”. And just to prove beyond any doubt that they have not a shred of decency they murdered his dog too. Somehow I think that if the vast majority of police were decent human beings, as most people keep saying, these police murders would not be occurring.
    I for one would welcome a candidate who promised to fight to end these police murders. I tend to think citizens (or non-citizens) being regularly killed by the police who get away with it is the most serious problem a society can have, as it differs only in degree from killing larger numbers of people for “non-compliance”. Eugenics, gas chambers, killing off the undesirables.

  6. All good, but this is from Turkmeistan and their president has a gazillion gold statues of himself and he named all the days or months? after himself, so BOTTOM THAT!

  7. IL, I can only hope that Kim Jong-Il does not try to pull off a Putin-matching photo with his shirt off. There are some angles of “The Dear One” that the world could do without. Besides, Palin appears to be able to shoot and skin a bear. Kim Jong-Il would simply nuke the forest and count all of the animals as kills.

  8. Jill,
    I was genuinely underwhelmed by my whole Cabelas experience. It has a ton of fishing gear, but very littlel biking gear. I will give it another try though.
    As to the Love child angle, I plead ignorance. It was surprising to see James Dobson who wasn’t going to vote for McCain until he named Palin as his VP choice. I smell a quid pro quo rat here.

  9. Oh please, neither of these two have anything on Kim Jong-Il. According to the North Korean government, the man shot 38 under par (with 5 holes-in-one) his first time ever trying golf. He could probably take down a wild boar with his driver at the very least.

  10. She’s so in big oil’s pocket that she raised taxes on them despite their opposition.

    As a VP, the only actual duties required of her are to have a pulse and vote in case there is a tie in the senate. Outside of that, Vice President’s only handle whatever issues a President want’s them to handle. This is true of all VP’s.

    And isn’t Obama so wonderful in his speech to call for a new politics yet keeps his mouth shut at the attacks from liberals against Gov. Palin and her children.

  11. Not curious, rafflaw. I bet she’s Dick Cheney’s love child.

    P.S. Do not diss Cabela’s–are you some hippy living in your parent’s basement?

  12. This pick by McCain is very curious. This Governor of Alaska is a lightweight in politics to say the least. Now, she does fit McCain’s necessary standards for a female. She must be perky, she must be Pro-Life, she must be in Big oil’s pocket and she must be used to being subservient to McCain. Who cares if she knows anything. Who cares if she is being investigated in her home state for allegedly ordering the State Police to fire her ex-brother in law who was involved in a custody battle with the governor’s sister. She make Dan Quayle look like Einstein as far as experience is concerned. Now, she does bring her hunting and fishing skills to the Republican table so I see her next job after her loss in November as Charleton Heston’s replacement at the NRA.
    I ate recently at the Cabela’s near here and I was unimpressed. It felt like a Republican meal. All bread and little meat.

  13. Then I guess you really don’t want to hear what “fair minded Americans” think of Neoconservatism then, do you Marhta? Because in any sentence using the words fair and GOP conservative should end in “so they were sent to prison for life for violating the Constitution and starting a war for personal profit.” You want long knives, come get some. The GOP has been backing blatant CRIMINALS. You want to bring “fair” into the debate, get ready to lose. And lose badly.

  14. I heard the rumor about Sarah inviting Keith for lunch as well. I wonder if it will be at Cabela’s exotic game cafe? That’s very civil of her to make the invitation.

  15. Democrats and the left generally can no more accept a Sarah Palin vice presidency than they could Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court justice. They can no more accept a conservative woman a heartbeat away from the presidency than they can a conservative African-American interpreting the nation’s laws.

    Expect the long knives to be out, and stay out. Since the Clarence Thomas nomination fight in 1991, conservatives and fair-minded Americans have learned a bitter lesson: for liberals, it isn’t about promoting the advancement of all African-Americans, but only those in step with their ideology and aims.

  16. This just in——–Sarah Palin shoots small group of dirty hippies attempting “jubilee” over a dead moose carcus near her home. Palin exclaimed: “I was protecting my children the way I’ll protect this country from the hippy menace.” She graciously signed pictures with assembled well wishers.

    Valdamir, USA #1!

  17. Next, Palin will have to actually eat the heart of a polar bear to meet the Putin challenge.

    Professor Turley,

    If this whole jurisprudence law professor gig pans out, might I suggest reality television? That might even be pay per view material. That being said, the only change I’d like to see in your day job is the possible addition of the letters A.G.- unless you have an idea that involves both hunting and bikinis? I’m betting on Palin in that case. Putin’s bikini layout in Vanity Fair was frightening at best.

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