Elizabeth Dole Accuses Opponent of Being “Godless” to Save Sinking Campaign

Sen. Elizabeth Dole appears unwilling to simply run on her faith. She is now running an ad that accuses her opponent state Sen. Kay Hagan of being “godless” because she was seen in the company of atheists at a fundraiser. Hagan is now taking legal action to stop the political ads. Despite a cultivated image of Southern charm, Dole has now shown that she will sink to any low to get reelected. However, Hagan will have a very tough time getting a court to regulate political speech.

I was just in North Carolina and Sen. Elizabeth Dole is clearly in trouble. Listed as one of the least effective senators in Congress and barely visiting her state in the last six years, Dole is viewed as the poster child for a Beltway insider who is out of touch with her state.

The godless attack is based on a news report that Hagan’s attended a September fund-raiser in Boston. The event, co-hosted by about 40 people, was held at the home of the author Wendy Kaminer and her husband, Woody Kaplan. Kaplan was on the advisory board of the Godless Americans Political Action Committee, which supports the separation of church and state. However, the event was not sponsored by the committee.

The TV ad prominently shows Hagan while airing a comment from one the organization’s leaders saying, “There was no Jesus.” The announcer says “A leader of the Godless Americans PAC recently held a secret fundraiser in Kay Hagan’s honor. . . .Godless Americans and Kay Hagan. She hid from cameras. Took godless money. What did Hagan promise in return?”

Even in this mean-spirited campaign season, this is something for the scum bucket. What is remarkable is the lack of condemnation from other politicians. Dole seems to have taken a lesson from the campaign consultants for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is not clear whether Dole wants to beat Hagan as an opponent or burn Hagan as a witch in this frenzy of faith-based politics.

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40 thoughts on “Elizabeth Dole Accuses Opponent of Being “Godless” to Save Sinking Campaign”

  1. Marianne,

    I’m not going to argue morality with you.

    You’ll find there’s any interesting discussion of the Tax-exempt status of churches and their ability to endorse candidates earlier in the month.

    Other than that and the hate speech issue (which I’ve already commented on), in not one of the instances you’ve listed does the Government say anything about what you have to do or how you can express yourself. Instead it doesn’t impose YOUR limitations on other people. You think Pornography is an evil, don’t look at it. You want your kids brought up believing certain things, teach those things to them. You don’t want your kids hearing obscenity on T.V., don’t let them watch shows that contain it. I fully support any of those decisions on your part, but don’t try and force the whole nation to make those choices and cry that it’s only protecting your freedom.

  2. Marianne,
    “Lindy Lou.
    Your comments indicate you do not understand scripture. ”

    Probably true, Marianne. So maybe you can explain to me “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

    Remember the woman at the well? Caught in adultery, remember? Jesus would not allow the crowd to stone her. Let those without sin throw the first stone. Marianne, are you without sin?

    Seeing how you deny your hatred and cling to your right to judge and hurt people even over the objections of our Lord, I would say Satan has a good hold on your heart, girlfriend.

    Did I hurt your feelings? I’m sorry. I’m glad to hear you aren’t homophobic. How bout a little kiss to make things all better?


  3. Gyges

    I totally agree that NO ONE should be physically harmed for any reason… including gays. Christians are to witness god’s love and forgiveness..teach and educate, but not do violence.

    unfortuanately for me, politics is already in my religion.

    abortion laws allow my daughter to be secretly counseled to murder her unborn child.

    lax pornography laws allow exploitation of children, and let predators go free.

    civil rights laws discriminate against free speech for Christians, labeling it as hate speech….however obscenity and christian bashing is allowed.

    Christian pastors are forbidden to discuss politicians who oppose morals. If they do, they may lose their non-profit status.

    Obscenity is now on TV, since it is legal….we struggle trying to prevent our kids from seeing it…you never know what will happen next, even with shows that look benign

    Forcing our children in public schools to learn that what we consider immoral is “normal” ..this violates our rights.

    originally separation of church and state meant that government would NOT control religion….not the other way around…..

    today the government DOES control religious expression.

  4. Marianne,

    I’m not assuming that you are one of the people involved in the following, because most Christians aren’t. The problem isn’t with Christians who say that being homosexual is a sin, it’s with Christians who call for violence against gays, or discriminate against them, or even have so little taste as to protest at people’s funerals. These behaviors should never be condoned, either by the law (although I assume that the protesting at funerals is legal, just reprehensible)or society in general.

    All that being said, America has a secular government. That means that the laws should have a basis aside from religion. Please keep your religion out of my politics and I’ll keep my politics out of your religion. Otherwise they both get cheapened.

  5. Lindy Lou.
    Your comments indicate you do not understand scripture. A believer does have the right to judge righteous judgment, as long as they are not guilty of the same sin. Any evaluation of behavior is a judgment. What we cannot do is assign the motives, only God can do that. I can see someone steal, and call him a thief (judgment), but only God may know why he is stealing, and if he will repent later.

    Religious freedom includes freedom for Christians, which is the predominant group. WHy should we be denied our rights, when others have theirs? If homosexuals say they are right, then why can’t we say they are not right. Right now, gays bash Christians, but if we repsond by saying what they do is sin, which is just a bible position, then we get accused of hate speech. That is a double standard, where only one side has rights. So we want our rights of speech as well. They accuse us of “homophobia.” We are not afraid of them..we just say what is in the bible. Maybe they are Christ – phobic. so now we are even. If they attack us of being Christians and expressing our beliefs, then we should be able to bring them to court for hate speech.

    liberals lie on tv…so who are they to point the finger at anyone?

  6. Marianne,

    You are such a wonderful righteous woman. We need more Christians in government. Most people don’t realise it but the Constitution actually says that the president must believe in baby Jesus. It’s right there where our Christian founding fathers put it.

    As a young country we need more Christian guidence. Hell, as a young planet!!! I mean shit, the planet’s only 5000 years old.

    I definately believe one’s Christian faith should be a litmus test for public office. So noooo way am I voting for that McCain. “McCain” what kind of name is that???!! Definately a “Papist” controled by the Anti-Christ in Rome. Sure he says he’s not Catholic, but just look at that funny name. Papist all the way.

    And what did Jebus say?? It will be easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to Heaven??? Shit, the McCains have hundreds of millions from selling alcohol!!! They’re going straight to Hell!!!!!!!!! Rich people should be allowed to keep every ever-loving penny that their great grandparents earned. Then they can gop straight to Hell!!! I’m with you Marianne, fuck McCain.

  7. Sally,

    I don’t think the problem is with the dirt slinging, I think it’s with the type of dirt slung. Evoking religion in political discourse usually serves two purposes, to silence any possible discussion and to get people to vote based on their fear of “other”.

  8. Does anyone know of any election where either party played nice?

    Here in Indiana, Republicans are calling Mike Montagano “a kid who wants to be class president” (he’s 27 yr old law student)

    Democrats say that “Mark Souder said he’d change Washington, but Washington changed him”. (Been in congress 14 yrs, I think)

    I know both are petty, but it’s how the game works these days

  9. Last night KO stated Abe Lincoln never made ‘this’ remark (on the subject of ‘Fools’) – ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time,’ as I’ve long believed he had.

    Apparently, the quote has long been ‘attributed’ to Lincoln but also to PT Barnum, apparently.


    It’s still so often quite apt, in my view.

    John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

    NUMBER: 6679
    AUTHOR: Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

  10. Marianne, How are guns Jesus-like?

    How does the Bible define a Christian, and where exactly is that?

    The message of Jesus was not to judge others and to love one another. That which you do to the least of his brethren, that you do unto him.

    Are you better than a homosexual? Do you really think Jesus himself would agree?

    Elizabeth Dole is knowingly bearing false witness for political gain. How godly is that?


    Save it for Sunday. LOL. You are so ignorant about other beliefs your comment is rediculous to me. The constitution has in it that one can have religious freedom. This is not a one size fits all country. Just because your religion is against abortion, gay marriage, and everything else doesn’t mean that others share that same belief.

    What make you think your religion is right and absolute truth. Can you prove it using the Scientific Method. Show me your math. By the way, when you get a chance you should check out the Trial of Dover, Pennsylvania.



  12. Hey marianne,

    I am a proud Independant Atheist American who WAS going to vote for Dole. I am not ashamed by my beliefs. I am outraged by the Bigotry & Hypocrocy demonstrated by your canidate.

    Darn right I am godless! I don’t need a religion to “Save my soul”.

    I always do my best to do the right thing by myself and others. Some of you so called Christians could learn a few lessons for me.

    Marianne, Like Dole, you come off to me like a bigot and a HYPOCRITE.

    Keep your religion out of politics and out of my face.

    Hey Dole,

    I demand you step down and apologize to America. You are not right for the job. Let’s not forget there is supposed to be a seperation of church and state. One of which you seemed to have forgotten!!!


  13. Liberals vote for homosexuality and abortion to be legal. It does not matter if they call themselves Christians. If a person does not meet the Bible definition of Christian, then they are not one.

    We are expected to walk the walk, and obey the guidelines of the bible. If someone opposes the bible, and what it teaches, then it just creates confusion, and error, when they claim they are christian.

    There are many churches falling away from what Jesus taught, and what is in the bible. This was actually predicted in scripture, so I am not surprised. But the fact is that any true Christian is supposed to honor God first in all their decisions, and obey the bible in their actions.

    To do the opposite, and continue to claim Christianity as a faith is just hypocrisy. They should just admit they are not Christians but something else.

    Liberals vote for abortion in any form for any reason – even if the baby is already born but not wanted. Liberals also support freedom of speech, which is good, but then want to pass legislation condemning expressing religious convictions that “homosexuality is a sin” as “hate crime.”

    This is unfair, when gays can bash Christians all day long in what they say. if their speech is protected, then ours should be also.

    Kate Hagen supports this legislation. She supports Obama who also votes against God’s commandments. Her church permits homosexual members. So it has strayed from accepted Bible beliefs on these issues.

    It is unfortunate for Christianity that her church is away from bible beliefs, but they should rename their organization.

    Hagan supports what Obama supports, who also belongs to a “church” that has strayed away from basic bible beliefs.

    maybe the following will help clarify things. This contrasts the Christian position with the liberal side. People can vote what they want, but this is why Christians support McCain, rather than Obama. If Obama was different on these issues, then maybe that would affect the vote.

    Federal Protection of Traditional Marriage
    Limiting marriage to the union of one man
    to one woman under federal law
    State Constitutional Amendments that
    Protect Traditional Marriage Limiting marriage to the union of one man
    to one woman under state law

    McCain supports – Obama opposses

    Teaching of Homosexuality in Public Schools Use of materials that encourage or support homosexuality as a positive lifestyle

    McCain Opposses – Obama Supports

    Hate Crime Laws
    Legislation that criminalizes certain actions or
    statements on the basis of sexual orientation

    McCain Opposses — Obama Supports

    Homosexual Adoption Expanding laws to permit adoption by homosexual couples

    McCain Opposses —- Obama Supports

    Constitutional Right to Abortion

    Roe v. Wade was correctly decided
    Protecting Infants Born Alive
    Laws requiring protection for infants born alive
    as a result of a botched abortion

    McCain Supports —- Obama Opposses

    Prohibiting Partial-Birth Abortion
    Laws banning the procedure known as partial-birth abortion

    MCCain Supports —- Obama Opposses

    Making it a Crime to Cross State Lines
    to Obtain Abortions for Minors
    Transporting a minor across state lines for an abortion
    without the minor’s parents’ consent should be criminalized

    McCain Supports — Obama Opposses

    Nomination of Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices
    Will nominate judges who will interpret
    the Constitution as written

    McCain Supports —– Obama Opposses

    Private Handgun Ownership
    Interprets Second Amendment as guaranteeing the right
    to own and use handguns for self-defense

    McCain Supports —- Obama Opposses

    Allowing Parents to Exercise School Choice
    Government vouchers allowing parents to place
    children in school of their choice

    McCain Supports —– Obama Opposses

    Immigration Reform and Border Security
    Secure U.S. borders before granting some form
    of amnesty to illegal immigrants living in U.S.

    McCain Supports —— Obama Supports

    Government Control of Health Care
    Government funded or regulated health care

    McCain Opposses —— Obama Supports

    Reducing U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil
    By lifting ban on off-shore drilling for oil and gas

    McCain Supports —– Obama Opposses

  14. Marianne

    …and Catholic liberals, and Jewish liberals? You either have to do some explaining of your position or an examination of your own conscience.

  15. “Liberals vote for immorality. It is a matter of record.”


    Please explain what you mean by this statement. I do not understand what you mean.

    Thank you,


  16. Marianne,
    It is typical of the Republican, claiming to have Christian family values and then allowing this immoral ad about an opponent. What part of the “Thou shalt not lie” commandment do they not understand. It is time for Libby Dole to make her exit.

  17. Leaving aside the proper response of “so what if she is?”, the ad is especially reprehensible since Hagan is an elder of her church and teaches Sunday school. Clearly her faith matters a great deal to her and Dole would have to know this.

    But I guess violating one of the Ten Commandments (about bearing false witness) is okay if you’re a Republican and behind in the polls.

  18. Liberals are godless. It is their choice, so why are they offended when people recognize it?

    Liberals vote for immorality. It is a matter of record.

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