Turley Blog Makes Top 100: Vote Now For Your Favorite Blogs

eurocuptrophy80mm2008Congratulations to everyone who regularly posts at this blog. Our blog has made the top 100 legal blogs in the annual survey by the ABA Journal. [OK, there is no trophy but I figured we needed something] The Journal is now taking votes on various categories from professor/legal theory blog (including this blog) and various other categories like crime and technology. This blog is in the top ten for professor/legal theory blogs and you can vote on the ranking by click vote now here.

The journal describes our blog as

Jonathan Turley
George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley keeps his posts short, light and entertaining while focusing on outrageous criminal justice and tort stories in the mainstream media (“bizarre” is this blog’s most populated topic). But be sure to click the “continue reading” links to get this constitutional scholar’s take on how these stories will end.

140px-premiership_trophyFor the full 100 list and the other categories (and a chance to vote on your favorite blogs in each category), click here.

Per the request of Rafflaw, I have added the Stanley Cup below for making both the top 100 and top ten.175px-stanly_cup_in_hockey_hall_of_fame_may_2008_edit1

77 thoughts on “Turley Blog Makes Top 100: Vote Now For Your Favorite Blogs”

  1. FFLEO,

    I thought your book, “How I Might Have Done It” wasn’t published due to extreme controversy.

  2. LindyLou,

    Your other uncast family votes solve my dilemma. If your family does not vote again, then my votes are canceled-out!

    Folks, regardless of the votes (although we must all vote) we already know that this is the best possible legal blog by a professor.

  3. Indeed, LindyLou, I may claim all of my personalities as separate voters, except the 14-century Mongol warrior Tamerlane who doesn’t vote.

  4. FFLeo,

    You could tell my husband and my son who are legitimate voters. I’m a different person at work, so I feel like both my votes were legit.

  5. I fear that I have unknowingly and unintentionally, perpetrated voter fraud! On the ABA Journal website, no less! Here is my alibi, er, reason and evidence.

    Rafflaw stated that he could not vote more than once and so I investigated, given my better than average computer literacy, and I clicked for the second time on the vote check box and I accidentally cast my SECOND vote! In true Bush/Cheney-like fashion, I was going to do a cover-up, because like theirs, mine was an honest mistake, right?

    However, LindyLou comes along and states that she could only vote once from a single IP and I knew that was likely a misstatement. Therefore, I proceeded once again to investigate and I again was able to cast my THIRD vote!

    I throw myself on the mercy of the court (or at least the court jesters here) while admitting the error of my ways. Therefore, I ask that 2 of the most honest people on this forum (surely there are at least 2 of you?) who had planned to vote for Professor T’s blog to please withhold their 2 votes to CANCEL out my 2 extra votes.

    I feel terrible about my accidental transgressions while trying to gather honest research data to confirm a possible voting irregularity that OTHERS were experiencing and to ensure a fair and honest vote for the best legal blog.

    I could inform others how to vote more than once from a single IP, but my conscience will not allow me (ask any young kid how to do it and they will most likely know how). I cannot sleep at night until 2 members step forward to correct my honest error.

  6. Those great classics of my very early childhood. One of my favorites was the Martian Hop. Anyone interested could look up the Ran-Dells slideo on YouTube.

    Regarding the vote, it’s not family friendly. Even with deleting cookies, the site will only record 1 vote per IP. Since my husband’s computer is hooked up to the same IP, it won’t record his vote or that of my son. It will give us a checkmark, but the number doesn’t change.

    I was able to sneak in a vote at work, though.

  7. @ Jill,


    Most of this is your fault!!!


    Yes Ma’am, I agree. However, I was not wise enough to have done it on purpose…

    Life is Grand…Innit?!

  8. Mike,

    I looked up the lyrics for “Leader of the Pack” and they are wonderfully maudlin. I loved it.

    JT, As to Lord of the Dance, I heard that described as the stip mining of an entire culture. I double dog dare you to show your picture before which all may tremble!!! (Hint, use animae).


    Most of this is your fault!!! 🙂

  9. Professor,
    Nothing personal, but the potential image of you in Leotards has caused me to vote again and into coercing my wife into doing the same. On the other hand, the Teen Angel origin being true gives me an anecdote for sitting around the pool

    All of those tunes brought back memories. In the Australian genre what about Lonnie Donegan’s “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport.” Those were simpler days, or perhaps it was our youth and naivety. An example was the blatant racist “Stranded In The Jungle.” White America, for the most part (myself included)had no idea of the offensive content.Sure had a good beat though.

    To illustrate what a rank sentimentalist I am though, my all time favorite songs from the 50’s were “In the Still of the Night” and “High Noon” (as mentioned before the Tex Ritter version), the latter, believe it or not, had a lasting effect on my life in thinking myself the guy to take on Bullies. Too often that mentality resulted in me getting my ass kicked, literally and career wise. That I’ve made it to my age, having had modest success is more a testament to my wife and kids, then it is to
    the wisdom of music. While I love Bob Dylan, et. al. their 60’s lionization by fools like me, directly led to the Nixonland that Rick Perlstein described.

    Oops! There I am again the old fart going off topic and off humor again. Thank you all for putting up with me.

  10. Okay, back to the task-at-hand.

    ‘fesser Turley is in 5th place! Better vote (legally, of course)

    Mr. T: Thanks for rescinding your WMD penalty. How magnanimous of you. However, the other ‘force’ you proposed aint good, Sir. We are your humble servants without such “incentives.”

    Mike: ‘Endless Sleep’ was one of my many favorites (along with, dare I mention: Flyin’ Purple People Eater, The Witch Doctor, and the all-time classic:

    My Boomerang Won’t Come Back!

    For your listening pleasure (really, you should listen to this song because it will brighten your day with a smile; alternatively, it may give you pause and a reason to question my, erm, judgment?)

    Gotta luv YouTube:


    Oom Yucka HoeyCup, Oom Yucka HoeyCup…

    They banished him from the tribe then
    And sent him on his way,
    He had a backless boomerang
    So here he could not stay.

    (Animal noises)

    DRAKE: [Spoken] This is nice, innit?

    Getting banished at my time of life.
    What a way to spend an evening: sitting on a rock in the middle of the desert with ME boomerang in me hand. I shall very likely get bushwhacked!

    Man, I sure miss the 1950s and early 60s, before the British Invasion and them durn Beatles!

  11. Mike:

    Indeed, it is a true story. However, I would prefer Lord of the Dance (If nothing else, I can threaten to post pictures of myself in leotards to force conformity to my blogging demands).

  12. FFLeo,
    You certainly have the bona fides (spelled right? I’m not the lawyer around here) to be of my age. Loved “Tell Laura I Loved Her” and “Running Bear,” though with my beat influenced mentality it was the irony, rather than teen angst. Do you remember “Endless Sleep?”
    which fit in with Teen Angel and Laura as “death” songs.

    Patty C.
    The Fordham station was and still is one of NYC’s best. WMFU I believe.

    Prof. Turley,
    Is the Torts case real, or the product of your dry wit? I need to know because if real I can relate it in the Over 55 community I live in to amuse the other codgers.

    Do you remember how “Leader of the Pack” ended? To fashion a comparable song it would feature our peerless/fearless leader locked up forever in some undisclosed location for daring to rebel against the crimes of the powers that be. In that dire result all of us would have no place to make our comments, such as they are.
    For JT I would prefer “High Noon” by Tex Ritter.

  13. This is as good as reading the transcript from, “The Annoying Music Show” (which is great). It has elements of a hillbilly wedding but we need a picture of that “Teen Angel” in her coffin to complete the effect–and I speak from experience here. When I was about 10 my grandma asked if I wanted to see a picture of her sister. Of course I did. She whipped out a picture of her sister in the coffin. No one should do that to an unprepared 10 year old.


    I LOVED your hate crime reference. Your rights were violated!

  14. Prof. Turley,
    I always wondered why they named a song, (Teen Angel) after a torts case? Teen Angel, can you hear me? Teen Angel can you hear me? What lyrics! Boy, I must be old if I remember the lyrics to that song!

  15. I am not a cruel man, FFLEO. I will withdraw my use of a WMD (Weapon of Manilow Destruction).

    Mike and Patty C: One little point of legal trivia. Teen Angel is about an actual torts case involving respondeat superior, which a delivery boy picked up his girlfriend on his route. They were fighting and arguing before they got stuck on a railroad track — where she became Teen Angel. One more cultural contribution of the law to our Republic.


  16. In fact, I am the one who fashioned Jonathan as ‘JT’
    as his ‘handle’ on this blog a little over a year ago…

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