Santa Attacked by Bobcat in New Jersey

180px-sinterklaas_2007180px-rotluchs2Ok, Benny is half house cat and half bobcat. The Kringlephobic cat bit Santa (aka Jonathan Bebbington) at a charity event in Hamilton Township, N.J. and he was about to get rabies shots when the cat’s owner, Christine Haughey appeared with vaccination records — a made it back on the nice list. Benny, however, is toast this Christmas.

The large cat apparently “went naughty” (to use the North Pole vernacular) went he spotted dogs visiting Santa at the nearby Santa Paws event. It then became Benny vs. Bebbington in a throw down in Jersey. Bebbington got his ho-ho-ho handed to him apparently.

It would make for an interesting tort case. A domesticated animal does get “one free bite” unless the owner had knowledge of his vicious propensity. Of course, Santa as a client can be challenging. While he is used to contingency contracts (for people who remain nice), he is known to disappear for most of the year and runs a suspected sweatshop at the North Pole with undocumented elves. It may be better to simply have Dasher and Vixen visit Benny in Jersey “to send an X-Mas message.”

If Haughey needs proof of the plaintiffs conduct, here is a video of Santa’s effect on children.

This still worked out better than the recent story of “Bat Boy Scares Santa” reported by that reliable journalistic institution Weekly World News.

For the full story and video report, click here and here.

4 thoughts on “Santa Attacked by Bobcat in New Jersey”

  1. The owner of this cat should be arrested. This cat could have injured other pets or children. I am the proud owner of a Yorkie. I took him to a local Santa Paws event. If something was to happen to him, I would sue EVERYBODY including the idiot cat owner. These cats are dangerous!

  2. I guess it all comes down to whether or not the contract between Ms Haughey and the New Jersey Hamilton Township for Benny’s appearence at the charity invent included a “Sanity Clause”.

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