The Turley Blog Leads in Vote on Best Law Professor and Legal Theory Blogs

thumb_election_ballot_box_2The voting continues on the top blogs. The Turley blog was selected as one of the 100 top legal blogs by the good people at the ABA Journal. It currently holds the number one spot for law professor and legal theory blogs. The tally shows the Turley blog with 387 votes with Mirror of Justice with 234 votes. The voting ends on January 2nd. You have done well Turley bloggers.

You can still vote, click here. This is a perfect family experience with the kids, distant relatives and pets.

After following the last two presidential campaigns, I am ready for the final push on the campaign. We must now enlist Nigerian spammers and Chinese hackers to bring home the ABA bacon. In the meantime, I will start to spread vicious rumors about the other blogs to suppress their vote and redirect their votes to nonexistent voting locations. I am also offering voters free teeshirts reading “Turley Bloggers Do It Daily” (offer invalid in all fifty states and any foreign nation or territory).

I am also promising religious right voters a faith-based initiative on the blog where I will openly advance sectarian demands (particularly to the exclusion of minority interests).

For same-sex couples, I am offering to use my status as a blogger to officiate at marriages under the theory that the Internet is like a virtual waterway and I therefore have the status of a captain.

For law and order advocates, I promise to demonize anyone accused of crimes (wimps wait for convictions) while working in the terms Arpaio and soft-on-crime into every blog entry.

For vegetarians, I promise a meat-free lexicon by dropping terms like “get to the meat of the issue” or “ham it up” or “playing chicken.” For environmentalists, I promise to free the pandas currently being use on treadmills to power my computer.

To bipeds, I promise to bar Quadrupedalism in any form, shunning quadrupeds from guest blogging spots or features.

For Barry Manilow fans . . . well you need to go to The Tax Professor blog . . . there a just come things I cannot do.

Here are the current voting results for the top five law professor and legal blog competition.

The Turley Blog — 387 votes

The Mirror of Justice — 234 votes

The Tax Professor — 176 votes

Professor Bainbridge — 124 votes

The Faculty Blog (Univ. of Chicago) — 107 votes

48 thoughts on “The Turley Blog Leads in Vote on Best Law Professor and Legal Theory Blogs”

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  2. If one is quoting from the Wizard of Oz it’s ‘my little pretty’…
    …as in ‘I’ll get you ‘my little pretty’, and your little dog, too.

  3. Okay, I saw that earlier after zooming up to 450% but I did not notice the ‘door’ below.

  4. Patty C:

    Great choice.


    The sign above the door is a little small and says “Law Offices.”

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