Phelps Suspended and Dropped by Sponsor

180px-frosted-flakescbxAs Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps contemplates possible criminal charges, he has already been dropped by sponsor Kellogg Co. (K) (K) and suspended by his team for three months.

The complaint released a statement simply observing that the pictures of Phelps smoking pot was “not consistent with the image of Kellogg.”

Given munchies that the company produces like Cheez-it and Chips Deluxe, I would think that the pictures would simply appeal to a different segment of their customer base. Besides, I am not sure how the company came up with the Keebler elves, but it wasn’t from smoking tobacco. Sure, Phelps may be a bit more frosted than the usual flake but who better to market the new Kellogg “Gold” cereal?

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12 thoughts on “Phelps Suspended and Dropped by Sponsor”

  1. FFLEO,

    Seriously man. You’re a leg to this chair. If ever in doubt again? Keep on coming back. We the People benefit by your example.

  2. Mr. Phelps is showing real class by saying his punishment is fair.

    Thanks to all of you people who have “very” close friends who were/are stoners. I am sure that most of you likely hold your breath when in the same room with them to avoid inhaling.

    I fully agree with medical marijuana use. I remember reading a comment that, “weed is just a ‘darn’ plant that grows in dirt!”

  3. “there is a reason that medical marijuana is prescribed to people diagnosed with anorexia ”

    And cancer, both pain and chemo kill the appetite.

    Cheez-it’s, they make Cheez-it’s? Like 90% of that revenue doesn’t come from stoners 😉

  4. FFLEO:
    munchies are (and I cant promise that this is true) caused by
    a: a drop in blood sugar cased by the smoking and
    b: the relaxing effects on the muscles, including the stomach that causes you to feel like your stomach is more empty then it actually is.
    Now as I say, I have no solid evidence for this, and dont quite remember where I read it (may have been stoned at the time :P) but the munchies are no myth, and I have both felt and seen theyre effects on people.
    there is a reason that medical marijuana is prescribed to people diagnosed with anorexia 😉

  5. In my experience, it’s the occasional pot smokers, not the regular users, who get the munchies.

    I wonder what Kellogg’s response would have been if Phelps had been photographed doing tequila shots. I can’t believe there are people out there who still think smoking marijuana is worse than drinking alcohol.

  6. FFLEO,

    I once watched a 125 # friend eat $17 dollars worth of Taco Bell (in 1987 dollars) AND a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch after partying with the Ghost of Marley. The whole box minus the bowl I had. I should point out that CTC is made by General Mills (oh, mercy Kellogg’s! got to get that competition, yezzir!). This is an extreme example, but the evidence for the “Munchie Phenomena” is out there. Some are more prone than others.

  7. WB said:

    “Have heard pot heads have the munchies…”

    Are any of the previous 4 posters aware of factual evidence corroborating that statement?

    Of course, I am not asking anyone to invoke their rights under the 5th Amendment…Hearsay evidence is admissible in this ‘court of blawg.’

  8. Kellogg’s, being a profit-seeking enterprise, has made a business decision that dropping Phelps will increase its profits. Those of us who are sick of the hypocrisy and hysteria regarding illegal drugs constitute a substantial enough segment of the population that we can show Kellogg’s that it has made the wrong business decision. We must boycott Kellogg’s.

  9. “Not consistent with the image of Kellogg.”

    But seducing you with a half pound of wonderful sugar is…

    Have heard pot heads have the munchies…isn’t that counter productive.

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