Afghan Diplomat in New York Arrested for Beating Wife ‘Like a Dog” for Fifteen Hours

158px-flag_of_afghanistansvgMohammed Fagirad, 30, a vice consul at the Afghanistan Consulate, in New York has been arrested for beating his 22-year-old wife for 15 hours in their Queens home. Police report that Fagirad told them that his “wife was a dog and he was going to treat her like a dog,”

According to media reports, Fagirad bit, slapped, choked and beat his wife, including pushing her down a flight of stairs, whipping her with a belt, and sitting on her chest.

When Fagirad left, she ran to the 109th Precinct stationhouse, where she filed a domestic violence report and was hospitalized. Fagirad has filed some type of “counterclaim” but it is not clear what it would be.

Since this is a private offense unrelated to his consul status, police are not recognizing diplomatic immunity in this case.

There has been increased attention to the treatment of women in Afghanistan who are subject to harsh treatment in the conservative religious areas of that country. Many in these areas believe that men have a right to beat or even kill women, often citing the Koran. For example, this is a commonly cited passage: “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34

Obviously, most Muslims find such treatment appalling, but with the Taliban on the rise in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, the plight of women in the area is likely to get far worse.

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5 thoughts on “Afghan Diplomat in New York Arrested for Beating Wife ‘Like a Dog” for Fifteen Hours”

  1. What sanctimonious crap. When a white new yorker beats the hell out of his wife, do we call him a fundamentalist christian and quote the incredibly misogynist and violent Bible or do we just lock the sucker up?? Can anyone discuss Middle Easterners without blaming Islam for everything??? Or is that simply too logical?

  2. I would like to comment against the Mr. Nonsense mespo727272 comment. Look whatever the man did to his wife not only we as Muslim and Afghans condemn this but Islam condemns such an ugly act too. You want to know why: the Holy Quran verses you are reading is specialy the last part of beating the woman is just word to word translation, you have to find the interpretation of it too.

    Moreover, you are insulting a religion which is totally peaceful and respect women. You practice an uncivilized usage of words. Islam has given the right of possession and knowledge and authorities 13 centuries ago, where western women were completely living in the layers of dark times. Try to read the history and know the Quran before you judge it.

    Thank you.

  3. And we should respect this 7th Century nonsense, why? Because it masquerades as divine literature. Ha! Call me infidel.

    By the way were I Ms. Fagirad, I would immediately convert despite the fatal punishment for apostasy. Here’s what the Qur’an says about husbands condemned to Hell:

    “(And it is said unto the angels): Assemble those who did wrong, together with their wives and what they used to worship
    Instead of Allah, and lead them to the path to hell;”

    Holy (?) Qur’an 37:22-23

  4. This is why should I have a daughter, she won’t be allowed to marry until she’s at least gotten her brown belt in something.

    Enjoy the role reversal you will surely experience at Riker’s!

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