False Flame Scam: Woman Conned Out of $300,000 in Nigerian Love Scam

thumb_valentine_broken_heartWe have yet another case of a person who was scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by Nigerian con artists. This one involved a love scam. The middle-aged divorcee in Edmonton was conned out of $300,000 before realizing that she had found larceny rather than love. The Nigerians con artist even took money for a fake son’s funeral.

This “false flame” scam preys on the most vulnerable people who want desperately to believe that they found a soul mate. It started when she received a text message last September from a man 10 years younger saying that she was very attractive. She had divorced only a year previously, when the con artist wrote “you know, you’re a very pretty lady, I like your profile.” He posed as a U.S. businessman who travelled to Nigeria to buy antiques and showered her with compliments. Then the demand for money began with promises that he would fly to Canada to marry the woman. There were demands for money to pay for three surgeries for his son. He even scammed her for money for his son’s funeral. Other scammers became involved over the five months, even one promising that he could get her help from police in Nigeria.

We have recently seen similar amounts of money conned out of people by Nigerians, here and here.

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5 thoughts on “False Flame Scam: Woman Conned Out of $300,000 in Nigerian Love Scam”

  1. The woman did nothing morally wrong, most people don’t understand being in a victim’s psychological and emotional state that would induce her to make such a decision. These people are masters at manipulating someone’s emotions.

    so many people and so many millions of dollars lost, do you think it just happens overnight that you hand over everything you have to someone you’ve never met?

    These people have studied their victims for awhile and are able to know how to drop the right hooks. Victims are usually emotionally blind and need intervention, the ravage continues until the money runs out. Don’t judge the victims, they need your pity not your derision.


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