Fun with Fatwas: Saudi Imam Allegedly Issues Fatwa Against Using Alcohol as Fuel

Saudi Arabia flagThere is a story that is roaring over the Internet that seems like a hoax. A website Adnkronos reported yesterday that Saudi imam Mohammed al-Najimi A Saudi imam has issued a fatwa or religious edict banning the use of alcohol as a fuel substitute for petrol. While I am always fascinated by fatwas, I did not run the story because it seems to me to be a hoax, even quoting a Saudi daily called “Shams.” Yet, various sites have picked up the story today.

The story qoutes the imam as saying “I warn Saudi students that live abroad not to use alcohol as a cheap substitute for petrol, because the prophet has cursed not only who drinks it but also those who use it for other purposes. The prophet has cursed whoever uses alcohol, not only for drinking but also other purposes. For this reason, I warn Saudis who live abroad and who use alcohol instead of petrol that this case is related and falls within the parameters of what the prophet said.”

Perhaps someone can confirm this as a joke. Either way, it is an interesting story that, given the wacky fatwas that have come out of Saudi Arabia, this one would appear instantly credible. I am not sure which would be more interesting, if it were true or a sham. I remain skeptical.

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7 thoughts on “Fun with Fatwas: Saudi Imam Allegedly Issues Fatwa Against Using Alcohol as Fuel”

  1. Not to be cynical, but what possible reason would a powerful man in a country that’s very wealthy thanks in large part to the sale of crude oil have for decrying an alternative to one of crude oil’s main products?

  2. mespo,

    Now there’s an idea, but I think using the Saudi “royal” family as fuel would still have a net negative carbon impact. I like it in principle. Oh yes. Very much.

  3. That is the first time I think the term “Islamofascism” could actually be a real word.

  4. P.S. In fairness, not that Christianists wouldn’t also try this, given the chance. My grandmother was a founding member of the WCTU. ‘nuf said.

  5. Does this mean that they also can’t drive in the US, where our gas is part alcohol (ethanol)? How about medical use for sterilization (e.g. injection sites; isopropyl)? Etc.

    Islam: keeping you in the stone age for over a thousand years…

  6. How about using body fat for fuel? Any religious or economic significance to muslims there?

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