Canine Christian Movement: Religion Makes Inroads Into Animal Faithful

humorous-097_smallAs this picture indicates, religious activists have made great strides into breaking into inter-species faith-based initiatives.

The success of evangelical animal activists, however, has magnified the widely held belief that cats are largely atheists.

The move into canine Christians may be a response to a recent poll showing that scientists polled at the National Academy of Sciences indicate that disbelief in God and immortality among biological scientists was 65.2% and 69.0%.

By tapping into other species, the numbers of practicing religious individuals would be exponentially increased, adding both political and social support. Some dog breed seem bred for the role like St. Bernards.

Of course, Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan Spaniels, Tibetan Terriers tend to be Buddhist and Japanese Chins tend to be Shintos. However, Boston Terriers and Italian Greyhounds are uniformly Catholic.

Irish Setters, Irish Terriers, Irish Water Spaniels, and Irish Wolfhound remain divided between protestants and Catholics.

Scottish Terriers, English Bulldogs, English Foxhounds, English Cocker Spaniels, Shetland Sheepdogs, Welsh Springer Spaniels, Welsh Terriers, and Scottish Deerhounds have been claimed by the Anglican Church.

Pharaoh Hounds have been claimed by Muslims.

119 thoughts on “Canine Christian Movement: Religion Makes Inroads Into Animal Faithful”

  1. “The success of evangelical animal activists, however, has magnified the widely held belief that cats are largely atheists.”

    Well, if you equate morality with belief in God, then sure cats are atheist; since they are by nature bereft of morals.

    Selfish bastards.

  2. I read through that whole thing, and I’m still puzzled as to how Jt’s post was making fun of Christians.

  3. Buddha:

    apologies for the mistake.
    Your little laughing Buddha icon is very un-nerving. Is it an anti conservative talisman?

  4. Jack,

    Sure, Barq’s is on the menu. I’m more of an IBC man myself, but rootbeer is a lot like religions and operating systems – everyone has a favorite.

  5. Buddha Is Laughing…

    apropos to this thread, will you be buying a round of Grape Nehi and RC Cola? Can I get a Barq’s root beer?

  6. raff,

    You bet. It’s an old established rule in my circle that when one finally snaps, drinks are on them. I’ve been under heavy troll fire since I walked in the door and to only have lost my cool once (and I mostly did it to myself) . . . hey, that’s good batting in my book. So the next round is on me!

  7. Turley, your blog seems to atract liberal low lifes. Are you proud of your foursome fan club of losers?

  8. buddha, lovely woman over your shoulder. Give us a break. You are a loser that hasn’t had a date in 30 years.

  9. I’ve also been informed by the lovely woman looking over my shoulder that I owe you a beer/scotch/drink of choice and a free “Loose Your Cool” card should I start my own blog, JT. I’ve also been told that next time I do that I have to change my nick to Buddha Is A Putz.

    And let’s be real here.

    She’s the boss and

    Man . . . she’s harsh. đŸ˜€

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  11. Dogbone:

    why do you call yourself that? I think it was Buddha that stated you were a pr…ck. Is the dogbone handle refering to the actual bone in a dogs’ penis? if so Buddha would be correct.

    The picture of the hound dog and the boy is very funny, I can just hear that ole hound dog joining in on evening prayers. Personally, if there is a heaven, I hope to see some of the dogs I have had over the years. In fact most dogs would earn a spot just for being a dog.

    Also dogbone, I dont think we want to loose our heads over this religous humor stuff.

  12. Professor,

    Most humble apologies. Alas, I betrayed my own weakness and it was used against me. Mea culpa.

  13. Thanks JT. Good KO, BTW.

    I posted this on Friday, but since ‘Rumplstiltskin’ has all but taken over the blog, I doubt many turlees saw it.
    Patty C 1, February 19, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    As I mused yesterday, things are getting ‘interesting’, indeed
    – with this flurry of activity …

    Let’s just hope the proverbial fan has been secured.

    I also trust no one here has been quietly sitting on their hands waiting for things to ‘happen’ and have been actively continuing to make their desires know to their respective state officials and organizations of choice in addition to the new administration.

    How much of this apparent reluctance has to do with they way things are typically done at DOJ as opposed to outright agreement with Bush-era policy?

  14. There is no Anglican church in Scotland. The The Scottish Episcopal church is affiliated with the Anglican communion, but it’s a separate and distinct organization.

    The largest church in Scotland is the Church of Scotland, which is a Presbyterian church, and as such is reformed by Calvinism.

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