The Fatwa Position: Indonesian Musim Clerics Ban Muslims From Certain Forms of Yoga

250px-sivakempfortIndonesian Muslim Clerics have issued a fatwa against Muslims engaging in any form of yoga. It appears that even a simple lotus position is excellent for flexibility but remains soul-sucking exercise for the faithful.

The Fatwas was issued before the start of an eight-day yoga festival on Bali. The Indonesian Council of Ulemas cite any form of yoga that it views as based on Hindu religious rituals such as chanting mantras. However, it leaves open the possibility that certain forms of yoga might be done for physical benefits that leave one’s soul intact.

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7 thoughts on “The Fatwa Position: Indonesian Musim Clerics Ban Muslims From Certain Forms of Yoga”

  1. From the last two comments by TURLEY’S SMaArRTER COOSINI and PutiNn I think that these Mullahs may have something. These two are obviously American hating Muslim Terrorists who’ve chanted AUM too much, in order to disguise their evil purposes.

  2. rcampbell,

    MullaOmar is right. Death to the infidel brain cells! May they be scattered to the four winds and eaten by wild dogs.

  3. Death to the infidels! And by the way that lotus position is very hard on the knees.

  4. I wonder how they feel about the “double flying bird” position?

  5. Jill

    I believe the clerics’ concern may be that Yoga is a gateway drug to rational thought.

  6. Namaste’ taken to an extreme it seems. One would have thought that obsequiousness would make these mullah’s happy. Inscrutable these relics from the 12th Century!

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