Somalia Sharia Justice: Court Sentences Rape Victim to Death While Gang Rapists Laugh as They are Given Light Flogging

125px-flag_of_somaliasvgIn Mogadishu, Somalia, gang rapists laughed as they were publicly flogged under orders from a Sharia judge. However, they were light flogging through their clothes that did not break their skin. They laughed as people watched the largely symbolic flogging. In the meantime, last October the Sharia court sentenced a rape victim to death by stoning.

Judge Abdul Haq insisted that punishment was warranted in the case of the gang rapists but, putting aside the light flogging, there remains a shocking difference in the treatment of women and men in this and other Islamic nations applying the harshest form of Sharia law, here.

Efforts to get the United Nations to address the obvious abuse of women under Sharia law in some of these countries has been blocked by Islamic countries, as shown in this clip where a NGO witness was harassed and ultimately prevented from presenting arguments.

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11 thoughts on “Somalia Sharia Justice: Court Sentences Rape Victim to Death While Gang Rapists Laugh as They are Given Light Flogging”

  1. Good for them killing the victim. Rape victims need to be killed because they are no longer valuable. We should have those laws in the USA

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  3. Clint:

    she was raped. probably because she was unclothed in public. who knows, those people are mindless barbarians.

  4. The rapists should be the ones with the severe penalty. When is the world going to wake up to any religion that abuses women and children all under the name of God or Allah?

  5. I am against the burning of both morals and rape victims upon the pyre of false piety.

  6. Fundamentalist misogyny is the expression of males who feel themselves inadequate. Sharia sucks, but then we have the other religious fanatics, who also sacrifice morality on the pyre of false piety.

  7. Sharia is a plague upon the world and an anathema to any jurisprudence or legal tradition based in equity. So keep kowtowing to it, Great Britain. It’s really going to work out well for you.

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