humorous-019_smallWith billions of federal stimulus and bailout money engorging lobbyists in Washington, I finally found a photo of one of these fat cats in the aftermath of visiting the public troth.

What is astonishing is that this particular fat cat appears slumped against the wall of Congress — unable to even walk to a waiting limo to return to K St.

46 thoughts on “FAT CAT”

  1. Please. Mr. corn farmer does not have a doctoral degree in anything and does not teach. The phrase “book smart eggheads” gave him away, not to mention his poor sentence structure and reasoning skills. I don’t believe that he is a farmer either. I don’t know many farmers, but those I do know tend to be pragmatic and straightforward. Mr. c.f. comes across as doctrinaire, unyielding and defensively condescending.

  2. Mespo & Slippery One,
    Thank you for the Lord Acton dialogue. Other than the well known quote I had little knowledge of him. He seems a wise man who I should find out more about.

    It is interesting to demolish someone’s arguments only to find out they they can’t comprehend that their arguments have just been demolished. Well done. Confused, is like the Coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons that has run thirty feet beyond the ledge and has to look down before realizing it.

    Great to see that great green face again. While you’ve returned, I’m off to my children and Passover Seders. See you all in about a week.

  3. “I have a PHD in Psychology and teach at a major University.
    As an experiment, I intentionally picked a name I thought would evoke derision, disdain, and scorn from those that could only picture someone identified as a “corn farmer” as less worthy, educated, and wordly as themselves here.”

    You are either a total liar, used a paid correspondence course (illegitimate of course), or teach at a place like Regent University. My guess is that you are merely a liar based on your inability to develop logical arguments. However, your lies aside, I would like to address your ridiculous belief that I, or people on this site would feel disdain for a farmer simply based on education. There is not only no evidence of that, but actually tens of thousands of words to the contrary. I respect and cherish people not on their wealth, success, fame, or academic achievement. I look at their heart and their ability to partake in discussion by being open to new ideas, or having the wit to disagree based on their own thoughts.

    In your “experiment” you have shown neither the ability to engage in the give and take of discussion, nor the patience to read anything more than a paragraph. I’ve, and others, have done you the courtesy of taking you seriously enough to reply to you in depth. You have shown me and others, the discourtesy of of replies that were essentially a childish “Nyah, Nyah, Nyah,” because the replies demolished your arguments. You are not a worthy opponent not because of your occupation, but because you are incapable of engaging in rational discussion and debate. You also exhibit a limited capacity to think in any rational manner.

  4. mespo,

    Who was the last person assume the mantle of mental professional and act like a sub-literate troll?

    Ol’ Corn-holio there sure seems to be singing the same tune.

  5. GNome:

    The only trivial error in your eloquent rejoinder to corn flake was to assume he could, in fact, read the Constitution.

    Here’s a little sampling of his writing to “prove” my point:

    “Appears this blog is infested with more than its share of book smart eggheads that can’t think for their own beyond the end of the nose and have zero real life experience in their lives.”

    Figure out what he means here in 500 words or less (or simply correct the grammar and syntax), and I bet you could have his teaching job!

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