Model Teacher: High School Coach Fired for Posing for Playboy

genthumbWe have another teacher fired for her private lifestyle and activities. Carlie Beck was fired from her job as cheerleading coach at Casa Roble High School in the San Juan Unified School District after she posed nude for Playboy under the name Carlie Christine.

The important point here is that this is a perfectly legal activity. Yet, because school officials and parents do not approve of of a teacher’s private activities, she was fired. Beck says that she was honest about her modeling career when asked during her interview. Notably, the pictures were raised by a mother who was allegedly ticked off when her daughter was barred from the cheerleading team due to her unexcused absences.

Increasingly, teachers, police officers, and other public employees are being fired for their work or lifestyles outside of work. It raises serious privacy and constitutional issues, here and here and here and here.

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24 thoughts on “Model Teacher: High School Coach Fired for Posing for Playboy”

  1. If she did this during her time away from the school hours then it should be nobodies business but hers and whomever took the pictures. We are suppose to live in a free country, but you could never prove it by all I hear about.

  2. I agree with almost all the reason why she shouldn’t get fired–I a guy–I played sports in school if i missed practice I got punished-made me more determined not to miss-this coach has the right to kick any one not acting like team member- but to be fired because she is making money out side he coaching carree–then any teacher that has a second job should be fired for not concetrating on helping the kids learn–did the girl get back on the squad after the coach got fired probably–that why the big fuss was about so that spoiled brat could get back on snobby side..just saying

  3. A teacher was fired for doing wrong. Well Bravo! She must have done something illegal.

    Wait, posing for Playboy isn’t illegal. She must have done this on school grounds or worn the school’s cheerleading outfit.

    Oh, she didn’t? Well since she posed nude she must be doing something sexual with or in front of her students.

    You say she was a model coach? Hmm, well, uh, she is teaching immorality to her students because she can be seen nude publicly.

    Really? You have to pay for a playboy magazinbe or web site, and minors aren’t allowed access? So if they do have a magazine or are on the web site it’s actually a parent’s lack of control? Well there must have been a lot of parents up in arms over this demanding that she be fired.

    You’;re kidding? One wacked Mom who was unhappy that her spoiled daughter was cut from the squad because she never showed up for practice?

    Help me out here, I’m running out of reasons to fire this woman, and she obviously needs to be fired. For some reason.

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