Mother Shot By Firing Squad After Children Refuse to Ask for Pardon

aisha-hamziAisha al-Hamzi, 40, was executed by firing squad in Yemen for the murder of her husband. She insisted that she killed her husband after he molested their oldest daughter, who is now 14. Notably, she would have been spared if any of her seven children asked for a pardon. Critics blame the husband’s family for pressuring the children in their control not to ask for a pardon. In the meantime, another woman was executed by beheading in Saudi Arabia.

al-Hamzi was sentenced to death in 2003. The daughter signed a statement accusing her father of abuse, but later withdrew the allegation. Human rights groups fought for her pardon.

Two children attended the execution and, when she tried to hug them, they pushed her away.

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9 thoughts on “Mother Shot By Firing Squad After Children Refuse to Ask for Pardon”

  1. Buddha:

    your equation is all wrong!:) it should be:

    fundamentalism = f.u.l.l. of s.h.i.t. (eq. 1)


    fundamentalism = 1/reason (eq. 2)

  2. Yet another family is destroyed by fundamentalism. How many lives must be destroyed before this primitive philosophy is finally relegated to garbage heap of history?

    In response to Bart, of course we know that Yemen isn’t a christian country. We also understand that the difference between christian fundamentalism and muslim fundamentalism is one of degree only. There are many fundamentalists in the United States that hold equally extreme views. Luckily for us, they don’t have the political power to enforce their bronze age superstitions with force.

    I was raised in the fundamentalist tradition (Baptist), but was able to escape its corrosive influence. The things I heard coming from the pulpit growing up were every bit as horrific as what we hear coming from islamic countries. We all ‘knew’ that my mother was a whore who would burn in hell for all eternity because she divorced a pathetic excuse for a man who abused her and us kids on a regular basis.

    I have no time for self-victimization arguments from people whose political power has always allowed them to enshrine their own superstitions and taboos into law, forcing others to comply with them or face judicial violence.

  3. Buddha and Gyges your points are well taken. Fundamentalism is more about power, dominance and greed than any spiritual aspirations. In more common parlance: It’s the grift that moves the con.

  4. Mike,

    Perhaps that’s because by establishing a hierarchical system among their followers religious leaders are also helping to shore up their own position. Once a person accepts that God put them in a position above another person, it’s much easier to convince them that God put YOU above them.

  5. Mike,

    I don’t think you go far enough in your math, although technically correct.

    fundamentalism = oppression of reason, human rights and liberty.



  6. Modern religious fundamentalism of any faith is a cancer on humankind. A tenet in religions across the board seems to be that: fundamentalism=oppression of women.

  7. And to think that this is to honor the Perp. Shot in front of the children.

    You think we will be at war with them soon? OMG

  8. Crimes against women and children are always painful and difficult to read yet read I must as well as taking action through writing,voting, signing petitions, and contributing money to Amnesty International and the ACLU.

    I also appreciate you continuing to raise awareness in regard to holding Bush et al accountable for the torture that took place during his destruction of America.

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