Feith Calls for Prosecution of Any Crimes But Will Holder Answer?

200px-douglas_feith-1In a true sign of the apocalypse, civil libertarians have something to agree on with Doug Feith (the former Bush Under Secretary of Defense for Policy) who is universally ridiculed for his role on some of the most disastrous policies of the Bush Administration. The Wall Street Journal ran an opinion editorial from Feith virtually daring the Obama Administration to investigate and prosecute any crimes related to the torture program. Obviously, Feith is widely viewed as a bit of a clown, but it is time for Holder to stop trying to find a way out and call the bluff of Cheney, Feith and others. He needs to appoint a special prosecutor to allow a neutral prosecutor to determine if crimes were committed.

Feith writes in the WSJ that “If President Barack Obama and the prosecutors see a crime to be prosecuted, they can act.” In the meantime, Cheney is out on the speaking and interview circuit proudly proclaiming his own involvement in the torture program This is becoming perfectly bizarre. Holder is making this country look like a complete fraud in his refusal to carry out our express obligations to investigate and prosecute such crimes. Just call if the Feith initiative and get on with it.

Since leaving office (with as many critics in the Administration and outside it), Feith has been at war with the world to try to rehabilitate his reputation. My favorite part of this column is his insistence that “I urged “[h]umane treatment for all detainees.” So when he was briefed on torture program and supported the policy, he wanted to be sure that while torturing them on the waterboard, we did so in a humane fashion.

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7 thoughts on “Feith Calls for Prosecution of Any Crimes But Will Holder Answer?”

  1. When the prosecutions begin what then will be said of the President and holder?

  2. This post should go under the McCain entry. On my computer at least, this site is acting crazy right now. This is in response to Anon Yours:

    I agree, the AG does serve at the pleasure of the president and is charged with enforcing the laws of the US. That’s why s/he needs to have integrity. If the president askes the AG to ignore the law or to do anything else illegal, the AG shoud resign and report the illegal request. Either Obama has made an illegal request for Holder to not prosecute and the AG doesn’t have the integrity to resign and report the president or the AG should act as he is charged by enforcing our clear law on war crimes.

    (If this double posts, sorry.)

  3. I think this is a stooge plot to try and call Obama chicken. I don’t think he will fall for it.

    I think that they are just scared and posturing.

  4. Very true … after all two juries, a grand jury and a petite criminal jury will decide guilty or not guilty.

    Holder or a special prosecutor really only has the right and duty to determine if a reasonable jury could convict on the evidence he or she has.

    If that evidence is present then the job is done and it is time to fill the seats of the jurors:


  5. Itheudk,

    I agree. We should take the “dare”, aka–follow our laws. The longer this goes on the more time for a propaganda machine to be effective. NPR talks about “techniques some call torture” and Glen Greenwald has pointed out the many, many other apologists for torture as well as bizarre claims that it would be wrong to hold the president and vice president accountable for it.

    This is not an issue for the executive branch to decide. It is a judicial matter. Standing in the way of prosecution violates our Constitution and separation of powers.

    As to Mr. Feith–I know that he recommended a temper-pedic waterboard and that was truly kind hearted of him. I salute him for that and I hope he brings that argument to the witness stand.

  6. It doesn’t matter if one or 250 million Americans disagree with prosecuting the Bushist Neo Cons. Our nation of laws was not designed for convenience.

    Sometimes the timing of the Law is inconvenient or uncomfortable politically for Constitutionalists like Obama, but that should never be the decider for fair and just law evenly applied.

    The feared right wing response to indictments for it’s heroes would be silenced quickly by the education provided from such prosecutions. There should be no excuse whatsoever for foot-dragging and negligent behavior.

    We either have an administration that fully respects it’s station and the People that put it there, or it shall be replaced in four years.

    I think we’ve waited long enough for Justice.


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