The Eight-Year-Old Divorcee — Husband of Child Bride in Saudi Arabia Accepts a Settlement and Grants Divorce to Child Sold to Him by Father

Saudi Arabia flag150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenIts official. Saudi Arabia has its newest eight-year-old divorcee, but not due to any problem in Saudi Arabia with a man over 50 marrying an eight-year-old child. The girl’s lawyer reached an out-of-court settlement with the man who finally agreed to the divorce. A Saudi court twice rejected the mother’s effort to get a divorce for her daughter after the father effectively sold her to the older man as a bride for cash.

The government recently decided that, while not prohibiting child brides, it would “regulate” the practice. In the meantime, Saudi religious leaders supported such marriages and consummation of the marriage as early as nine years old — a criminal act of pedophilia in the West. This is a practice that has long been a controversy inside and outside of the Islamic world. Mohammad is often accused by critics of being a pedophile due to his marriage to 6-year-old Aisha, which was consummated when she was 9.

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9 thoughts on “The Eight-Year-Old Divorcee — Husband of Child Bride in Saudi Arabia Accepts a Settlement and Grants Divorce to Child Sold to Him by Father”

  1. I just found a wonderful Saudi intellectual, here is a random quote from an interview and the web address. There may actually be hope for them.

    “Buleihi: “There is no one reason, there are a thousand reasons, which all induce me to admire the West and emphasize its absolute excellence in all matters of life. Western civilization is the only civilization that liberated man from his illusions and shackles; it recognized his individuality and provided him with capabilities and opportunities to cultivate himself and realize his aspirations. [Western civilization] humanized political authority and established mechanisms to guarantee relative equality and relative justice and to prevent injustice and to alleviate aggression. This does not mean that this is a flawless civilization; indeed, it is full of deficiencies. Yet it is the greatest which man has achieved throughout history. [Before the advent of Western civilization,] humanity was in the shackles of tyranny, impotence, poverty, injustice, disease, and wretchedness.

    “It is an extraordinary civilization, and it is not an extension of any ancient civilization, with the exception of Greek civilization, which is the source of contemporary civilization. I have completed a book on this great extraordinary civilizational leap, titled The Qualitative Changes in Human Civilization. Western civilization is its own product and it is not indebted to any previous civilization except for the Greek one … It has revived the Greek achievements in the fields of philosophy, science, literature, politics, society, human dignity, and veneration of reason, while recognizing its shortcomings and illusions and stressing its continuous need for criticism, review and correction.”

  2. Bron98,

    Wow, so if the father and mother are a brother and a sister what would that make their children?

  3. Over Lord:

    That depends on whether or not one is the mother or father of the other.

  4. Question:

    If a man and woman move from Arkansas to Texas and Get a Divorce, are they still Brother and Sister?

  5. Any Saudi’s out there? I am the father of a 17 year old girl and would be willing to sell her, hell I’ll pay you to come and get her. Good luck, I hope you have the will of Mohammed because if you dont she will whip your ass 5 times a day while you are praying.

  6. So the Saudi’s are not immune to the pressure of international scorn. The government brokered the deal and may even have put up some money to make it happen. The Saud family made a bad bargain with the Wahabists for their kingdom and now are reaping the benefits.

  7. Under western legal concepts, what transpired was simply the rescission of a sale and purchase transaction. Presumably the purchaser received additional consideration for his agreement to return the goods to the seller. And all is well in sharia land.

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