Farewell To Bill Moffitt

Today, William B. Moffitt will be buried in Washington, D.C.. Bill was a friend and one of the greatest trial attorneys of his generation. He was only 60. He will be deeply missed.wbmoffitt

Bill was the former president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and handled some of the greatest criminal cases of the last three decades. One of those cases was his incredible victory in securing acquittals for Dr. Sami Al-Arian in Tampa, Florida. I currently represent Dr. Al-Arian and I worked closely with Bill in the case where he offered important evidence and was expected to be called as a witness.

Bill was an inspiration to many in my generation. Like the 1968 Mustang, he was a classic and genuine item. He was a master in the courtroom where his booming voice famously resonated with jurors across the country. He was a natural in the courtroom and assembled a career that could only be envied by his colleagues. The bar lost one of its greatest voices for justice and equality. Bill was the best of us and will remain the gold standard for trial attorneys for years to come.

A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday, May 2, at Howard University Law School’s Dunbarton Chapel, 2900 Van Ness Street N.W., Washington, D.C.

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6 thoughts on “Farewell To Bill Moffitt”

  1. bill is/was my dearest of all my friends,i continue to suffer
    in silence. it was three todd, bill, calvin.i am the last of
    the three.i hurt everyday in denver colorado.why am i the
    last one oh lord.we went the university of oklahoma together.
    1967 – 1973.bye bill

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  6. Heavenly Father please accept Bill Moffitt into your kingdom of heaven. If Mr. Moffit has not accepted you as his lord and savior, I pray you will allow him to do so and enter your kingdom peacefully.

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