Award-Winning Vocalist and Song Writer Reportedly Killed By Her Brothers in Pakistan for Appearing on Television

defaultAyman Udas was an award-winning signer and song writer in Pakistan, who was looking forward to a soaring career. Those hopes ended when she was allegedly shot to death by her brothers, who were outraged by her appearance on television a week earlier in the religiously conservative city of Peshawar.

Both brothers reportedly remain at large. Her last song was entitled “I died but still live among the living, because I live on in the dreams of my lover.”

Her husband is quoted as blaming her conservative family which viewed her as violating their religious and cultural values by being seen on television.

This video shows one of her performances and her incredibly beautiful voice.

For the full story, click here.

21 thoughts on “Award-Winning Vocalist and Song Writer Reportedly Killed By Her Brothers in Pakistan for Appearing on Television”

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