Award-Winning Vocalist and Song Writer Reportedly Killed By Her Brothers in Pakistan for Appearing on Television

defaultAyman Udas was an award-winning signer and song writer in Pakistan, who was looking forward to a soaring career. Those hopes ended when she was allegedly shot to death by her brothers, who were outraged by her appearance on television a week earlier in the religiously conservative city of Peshawar.

Both brothers reportedly remain at large. Her last song was entitled “I died but still live among the living, because I live on in the dreams of my lover.”

Her husband is quoted as blaming her conservative family which viewed her as violating their religious and cultural values by being seen on television.

This video shows one of her performances and her incredibly beautiful voice.

For the full story, click here.

21 thoughts on “Award-Winning Vocalist and Song Writer Reportedly Killed By Her Brothers in Pakistan for Appearing on Television”

  1. Ok, remind to never use my ethnic vernacular on here again. I was not trying to write a dissertation, just saying stop hating on the conservatives (and don’t you dare call me an Uncle Tom). I enjoy Prof. Turley’s site and, as such, I often read the articles and the comments that follow. The point I was making is that liberals often make nonsequitor comments like former dem, but most of their comments are about torture and/or the “evils” of the Bush administration (probably students who have revealed their identities to Turley and now want him to know how much they agree with his brilliant points. Anyway, this is probably my last post because, while I can stomach liberalism (barely), I am not going to be ridiculed by a bunch of self-righteous, easily duped (see the Edwards comments), borderline socialists.

    No offense, Prof. Turley– I very much enjoyed your class and will continue to read your articles.

  2. now…i did watch the link on crooks and liars and everyone should know mr.turley’s intent…matthews is disinformation…he is a f’up and doesn’t care how he spins something

    i will at sometime respond to mr. turley…i believe mr. turley you deserve an answer…and torture is torture and the fact that vietnam was never fully aired is how iraq seemed like an easy thing for them to do when it came to torture

    in fact, i have alot to say that isn’t said by the talking heads as to the issue of torture…

    not sure i want to put it out in the full public but i did post one thing i wrote called “King of Peace Torture” posted on

    for another time…God Bless

  3. first…this thread should be about the subject

    second…i watched the video…and it seems that this woman may have not expected this man to come onto the stage and she made eye contact with him…of course, she needed to see what the hell he was doing…

    and in the audience there was a woman in the first row with a tan scarf on her head and she didn’t smile or do anything but frown…then, the pic of a young girl with a red scarf who was not smiling either…some woman were uncovered and enjoying the show…

    there was one man who was frowning…

    it looks like a set up to me and someone should look into the husband’s role in this too…it is up to the husband to protect his wife

    just some thoughts

  4. Lindy Lou,

    Pop, Pop. Or is that Iggy Pop?

    Ok, All things must coexist in this world in order to establish world harmony. That Lindy Lou, is why I think we are here on the earth plane. To love, be loved and to show love.

    I do love my sister though. She is the best sister although she can’t sing songs I like, nor does she have a clue of really good music. I accept her and her and her faults as she accepts mine.

  5. Anon,

    I like your sister better than you. I had gone to school in San Francisco in the 70s, attracted by the music scene there like so many others. I once thought I hated opera, too, then a friend dragged me to hear Beverly Sills in Golden Gate Park. Once I heard her trills, I was hooked. Grace Slick was my favorite singer at that time, but she didn’t do trills. I ended up going north to Granola State U and studying opera.

    So now I’m wondering if you’re my brother and there’s a contract on my head. Nah, my brother has a much better sense of humor.

  6. MrPlow & Rafflaw,

    You both must be correct because nothing else makes any sense. Too bad multiple across-topic thread posts can’t be auto-deleted by a repetitive algorithm.

  7. Former Fed,
    I truly believe that the trolls are paid for their nonsense. I just can’t imagine that their total disregard for facts would make no sense, except if they were doing for money. The conservatives will do anything for money.

  8. Former Fed, I suspect “FORMER DEM” doesn’t actually read the articles before posting his comments.

  9. jhngalt5 –

    Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place if you want to see people ‘stop hating on the conservatives’. Trying to discern your brief and unintelligible argument IS a form of torture and you are in violation of the laws of coherence …

  10. jhngalt5:

    “Hey! Many liberals on this sight do the same thing about torture! I’m just saying, stop hating on the conservatives!”


    You must be an oracle because I don’t understand a damn thing you say.

  11. lots of questions…did the husband ok this? how close is he to these brothers who shot her? where was the husband when she was shot? WHAT IS THE LEGAL SYSTEM GOING TO DO? ESCPECIALLY THAT SUPREME COURT JUDGE WHO JUST HAD TO BE REINSTATED.

    just somme thoughts


  12. Hey! Many liberals on this sight do the same thing about torture! I’m just saying, stop hating on the conservatives!

  13. It may have something to do with their total disregard for anything and and anyone other than themselves and their twisted ideology. What I can’t understand, with regard to rafflaw’s take on this, is who would waste money paying somebody to do this sort of thing. Frankly I would be amazed if these people were actually paid for psycho-babble that’s supposed to represent the views of the right. If anything it only serves to make the right look even more screwy.

    And there are plenty of people who already get paid to do this on a national level. Limbaugh/Malkin/Coulter come to mind …

  14. Mojo & Rafflaw,

    What I cannot understand is why Former Dem and others will post such dishonorable articles within topics involving death, as in this thread and the one honoring Mr. Moffitt.

  15. Former Fed,
    You are correct that the trolls love to post the same crap on every thread. I hope they are paid well for their work to try to screw with the progressive sites.

  16. FFLEO –

    Agree –

    Also, technically abortion does not in any way harm ‘infants’ …

  17. Former Dem,

    Do you not understand how cowardly and disrespectful you appear when you post the same inane post under numerous topic threads, including the topic regarding the Prof’s well-deserved respite from the likes of you and his exceptionally full schedule?

    You are welcome to dislike Justice Souter; however, there is a thread devoted to him so please post your hatred of him therein. Please reconsider you actions.

  18. Souter is right up there with the worst Supreme Court Judge the United States has ever had.

    He lied to President George H. Bush about his political beliefs and that any he had would not impact his decisions.

    He also has the knowledge that he could have stopped the murder of 25,000,000 infants to abortion and did nothing.

    I really hope he sits in his little cabin and contemplates the damage he has done in his miserable life.

  19. Well my sister is a trained Opera singer. When she bellows I think she ought to be shot as well. Does anyone have these brothers phone number I just may have an offer of employment.

    I am only kidding. But I still do not like that Opera fecal matter. I put it in the same class as Rap.

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