Iran Stones Another Adulterer to Death

250px-flag_of_iransvgThe Iranian legal system has cranked about another abuse under its medieval application of Sharia law. The government stoned a man to death for adultery, the latest in a series of such executions, here and here.

Reports indicate that the woman repented and may have been spared. The stoning reportedly occurred in the northern city of Rasht. The man, 30, would have been buried up to his waist (women are buried up their chests).

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2 thoughts on “Iran Stones Another Adulterer to Death”

  1. Muslim theologians, for whatever reason, apparently never bought into that New Testament stuff about casting the first stone. I guess they concluded that Jesus was only a great prophet about some things.

  2. And to think that the great state of Michigan still has Adultery on its books? It is never enforced. Now I know why. The Attorney General would have to be stoned to death to, or does this apply to only females?

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