Canadian Parliament Mandates Use of Seal Products in Olympic Uniforms

180px-blanchon-idlm2006While I first thought this was an item from the Onion, it appears that the Canadian Parliament has voted to mandate that Canadian Olympic athletes should wear wear a seal product — most likely seal skin — as part of their uniforms. This is the response to the opposition by the European Union to the Canadian seal hunt.

The vote was reportedly unanimous to the motion of the Bloc Quebecois. It will be interesting to see if the bobslide run lined with baby seal fur. Indeed, the opening ceremony could showed the carrying an actual baby seal torch to light the Olympic torch.

The Winter Olympics will be held in Canada, but there is no reason to confine the seal products to winter. Personally, I cannot wait to see those Canadian swimmers in their fur speedos.

With Canada decking out their athletes in seal, we can look forward to Japanese team covered in whale skin.

By the way, if you want to watch the sport of seal hunting itself, there are graphic videos available here and here.

For the full story, click here and here.

13 thoughts on “Canadian Parliament Mandates Use of Seal Products in Olympic Uniforms”

  1. Seals are a renewable resource. Would you rather we poison the earth with rayon?

  2. Jonathan,
    I respect your opinion on US Constitutional Law, and I like your appearances on MSNBC.


    Dude, don’t fall into the trap of these interest groups.
    The links that you provided in this post are full of misinformation.
    You’re better than that, Man.
    Go check out the facts on that stuff, before blogging on it. There is way too much disinformation out there.
    You seem to be a credible person that people listen to, but if your only source about “the bible” is the bible itself.. well, that’s not journalism IMO, and you are doing the public a disservice.

  3. These guys are pros with the hakipik… one smack, and dead… quickest dispatch of any animal that I’ve seen….
    No?.. Go to your local slaughterhouse and see how effective the “dispatching of your dinner” is. Or listen to the “scienterific experts” on vaccines like Jenny McCarthy.
    Sorry that ice pans are white, and blood is red, but dead is dead, and this silliness is taking nutritional resources out of the food chain, and taking a livelihood away from the people who catch your fish, and lobster, and shrimp, and calamari… etc.
    Seal hunt? Check.. Ok, what’s the next cash cow?
    Maybe your cow.

  4. Rather pathetic, actually. Apparently the EU boycott is beginning to hurt and this is the only way they can think of to sell their products. Unfortunately for them, the Olympics don’t approve of governmental grandstanding.

  5. You see some of the best singers are from Canada.

    Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot and many more. Now the Olympians have to wear Seals on their clothing what about Croft. Are they going to play Diamond Girl?

    Diamond Girl
    Including: Intone My Servant, We May Never Pass This Way (Again), Wisdom, and more…

  6. The Canadian government should be ashamed of themselves. The Internationala Olympic committee should mandate that seals cannot be used on any Olympic uniforms or clothing.

  7. Don’t you all know of the new PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals.

    This is Canada’s new Seal of Approval. Bada bing.

  8. From the article:
    “But one of the hunt’s most implacable foes, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), welcomed the MPs’ motion with open arms.

    “We feel it’s perfect because it shows how completely out of touch the Canadian government is with the rest of the world,” said PETA spokeswoman Kristie Phelps.”

    The IRONY of this statement left me momentarily poleaxed.

  9. I see no reason why we can’t get on this same bandwagon, for instance; we could have American athletes drape themselves in the tattered remains of the constitution.

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