Golden Child Goes Grunge

osel01There is another “gilded cage” story out of Tibet. This week, many people are talking about a Malaysian princess who fled a seemingly story tale life with a Royal family after alleged torture and abuse. Now, ,Tibetans are dealing with the flight of a man once worshiped as a God. Osel Hita Torres, 23, was selected by monks at five month old as the reincarnation of the recently deceased Lama Yeshe. At 14 months, he was taken from his parents and declared Lama Tenzin Osel Rinpoche. He fled and is now a film student in Spain who has denounced his treatment and stolen childhood. He can now be seen in his fully human glory in baggy pants, long hair, and loving life.

Torres says that he was denied most of what is a normal childhood from sports to girls to movies. He describes how he was only allowed to watch The Golden Child starring Eddie Murphy, about a kidnapped child lama with magical powers.

He called the lifestyle “medieval” and cruel. At six, he lived next to the cabin of actor Richard Gere and was only allowed to play with “other reincarnated souls.” Presumably, Gere was not such a soul, though some critics have been called for his immediate reincarnation.

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  1. Buddah,So early in the morning. I thought you were cutting back on the caffene!! LOL!!

  2. It just goes to show you that people will do stupid things in the name of any religion. While reincarnation does not violate the law of conservation it theory, the only way to predict a “recycle” would be magic. It’s simply a matter of complexity. If you’re looking for a repeating pattern, you won’t find the pattern of a grown human in a baby – they simply lack the neural complexity to accommodate it. They may evolve into a similar pattern, but until they have the innate ability to accommodate that level of complexity, you’d never see it. In short and at best, you’d be guessing when dealing with a child in making such an assessment. In addition, from a theological standpoint you can argue that the lessons of living multiple lives would be ruined by distorting the lessons of childhood. One is only returned to the Wheel if one has lessons left to learn. Who is to say that childhood isn’t part of those lessons? This is one of the reasons, although I greatly respect the Dali Lama and many of the works of Tibetan Buddhism, that I am very careful to point out I’m a philosophical Buddhist, not a religious one. Any good idea will eventually have something stupid done with/to it or in it’s name by an organized religion.

  3. The entire Order believes from my understanding in the incarnate. They have had mathematical precision. The boy who would be king comes to mind as a good story line. Divination of purpose.

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