Palestinian Family Hangs 15-Year-Old Boy Due To Suspicion of Collaboration with Israel

Ramallah_LogoIn Ramallah, West Bank, Palestinian police say that a family hanged a 15-year-old boy because they believed that he might be a collaborator with Israel. The police doubt that he was a collaborator due to his young age.

Police report that the boy was hanged by his own father, uncle, and cousin. One account says that the boy was tortured before being hanged.

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  1. sicillian 1,
    Talk about voluble, you are even more wordy than me and wrong if you think GWLSM doesn’t know about the ME.

  2. “but you do realize you could have said that all by asking mespo if he was “out of his Vulcan mind?”

    When do I ever use 5 words, when I could use 66 instead? Pity my family and friends who have to put up with me and manage not to snicker to my face. I’m just a voluble old gasbag, in more ways than one, but at least I’m cute and friendly, that’s my saving grace.

    See that was 56 words instead of: “Buddha, you’re right.LOL”

  3. AY,

    Bush/Cheney are in the the Middle East for money money and oil.
    That will always be the story. And that oil and who can get their hands on it’s control is the ONLY reason why the region remains relative and the world must tip-toe around the players sitting on top of those reserves,

    Agreed. I think?

  4. gwlawschoolmom,

    jordanians. I THINK YOU MADE IT obvious THAT you DID not KNOW THAT WHAT IS today KNOWN AS jordan (originally trans-jordan) WAS A MODERN INVENTION BY THE brits after wwI.

    YOU CAN not DENY you SAID:

    are you serious? YOU must BONE UP ON YOUR HISTORY BEFORE YOU TRY TO CAST SOMEONE ELSE AS IGNORANT. your own words have indicted you.

    ONCE AGAIN, the hashemite’s are an ancient arabian tribe with bloodlines connecting them to mohammed.

  5. Mike,

    I’m not being critical, but you do realize you could have said that all by asking mespo if he was “out of his Vulcan mind?” I’m just sayin’ . . . he is kind of our very own Italian Spock.

  6. “Why should we spend any more time debating a trivial group of nomadic desert dwellers whose main claims to fame are less what they did or do, but rather that three of the world’s greatest delusions originated there, and the fact that they sit directly above millions of pounds of decayed and decaying animal and vegetative compost that burns well.”

    How dare you burst my rhetorical balloon just when I was starting to get warmed up? Too bad for you, you’re going to miss my exciting invective, brilliant analysis, cogent history and red faced bluster. It would have been such fun for all of us…..wouldn’t it. There you go again playing the spoilsport and injecting rationality into the discussion….and much, much

  7. AY,

    You may have to make a nick shift. It’s no problem. Just announce you are changing your ID with your current one then immediately repost identifying yourself as AY in his new incarnation as a courtesy to the Prof. if someone challenges your ID as the Poster Formerly Known As AY. Otherwise? You’ll just have to be bland ol’ blank. There is precedent. I changed to BIL after initially posting with another ID shortly before I added my avatar. I finally gave in after getting jealous of mespo’s natty Cicero.

  8. sicilian

    the reputation you have around here, which is not great is only compounded when you use all CAPS which the the cyber equivalent of shouting.
    keep it up and soon no one will respond to you
    or not.

  9. Mespo, buddha et al.

    I went to wrodpress to register so I could get an avatar. I want to be cool like you dudes. Kinda like that playing card in the spokes. Then your parent finds out and you get whipped.

    I did sign up and it said my name was used. alas what to do?

  10. Well Sicilian1

    Why do you think Bush and Cheney had to keep Hugo upset? Hugo used to account for more than 25 per cent of all imported oil. Pick a fight and his side holds the reserves. So Mid East Oil prices sky rocket and the Bush and Cheneys of the world get richer.

  11. Mespo,

    You certainly did put it all in perspective.

    I only continue to comment to ensure that the historical record remains straight no matter the personal conclusions.

    Yes, the ONLY reason the Arab/Muslim world is catered to is because of the fact they sit on the oil.

    If that wasn’t the case the world would leave them alone, safe to continue believing in their fairy-tale. Because that’s all the credit they would get. Only the oil issue forces the world to grant them legitimacy.

  12. Gyges,

    Ok ALL religions ARE a FAIRY-TALE. NO problem. I will concede.

    It’s the Arab/Muslims insistence that the world believes and buys everything they claim about their fairy-tale.

    And their insistence on stealing ownership of everything about the original fairy-tale.

    They weren’t the first authors of the fairy-tale. They stole the story and then base everything about their identity on a belief that somebody else stole a story that that somebody else in truth was the original author of.

    They stole the Jews fairy-tale and then want to kill the Jews because the Jews won’t concede to the fabrication that the Arab/Muslims were the ones who wrote the fairy-tale.

  13. Why should we spend any more time debating a trivial group of nomadic desert dwellers whose main claims to fame are less what they did or do, but rather that three of the world’s greatest delusions originated there, and the fact that they sit directly above millions of pounds of decayed and decaying animal and vegetative compost that burns well. That no group has a monopoly on all of this oil seems to cause these living anachronisms great consternation, and it appears obvious to some that they would destroy themselves– and everyone else in the world– in a futile attempt to impose their will upon their neighbors. They get too much press, money, and discussion from the rest of us, and pose more of a nuisance than a curiosity. Call me when they evolve out of the 12th Century.

  14. Silician,

    Actually, we’re not in agreement that there are no “native peoples” anymore. I just wanted to know what YOU define as a native people.

    I don’t have a specific number of years or generations for when a population becomes native to an area, but I do believe it’s possible. Furthermore, I don’t think that it matters all that much to this discussion.

    What I was hoping to get you to recognize is your own extreme bias and inconstancy. You “don’t care” about if the Jewish religious rationals are historically accurate or not, but you DO care that the Muslim aren’t. As a matter of fact, you obsess over the matter. You claim to not be “putting one religion above the others” and that is true, you’re placing one below the others. While you’ve since toned down the language, it’s been apparent from the very beginning that all you came here to do was to bash Muslims (using the actions of a subset to speak for the whole). What I find most revealing is that the reason for the killing was purely political, yet your first words were “That story is outrageous! I’m glad you posted it. It’s amazing how deep is the religious fanatasism of these Muslims. If anyone studies history they become amazed at the distortion that is Islam.”

  15. GWLAw School MOM

    The HASHEMITE dynasty IS an ARAB tribe. Jordan was created by the Brits after WWI and given to the Hashemite dynasty of Arabia as a kingdom for their support in leading the Great Arab Revolt of 1916 that helped defeat the Ottoman Empire.

    Jordan which was part of the so-called Promised Land was given to the Hashemite’s as an ARAB-ONLY territory. The rest of the Land which housed Jews and Muslims (Both being Palestinians) was kept in limbo for the time being as the world tried to figure out a two-state solution.

    I hope you already passed your history pre-requisites because you need a refresher course on the Hashem’s.

    The hashem’s were an Arabic tribe that traced their roots to the prophet Mohammed. Throughout history the Hashemite’s battled for control over who would be called the caliph which eventually led to the sunni, shia split.The Hashemite tribe ruled land of the Hejaz which included the Holy sites of Mecca and Medina.

    By the time of WWI the “Arab” lands were controlled by the Ottoman Empire. The Hashemite Dynasty desired to rule a unified Arab kingdom. Sharif Hussein bin Ali, Emir of Mecca and King of the Arab lands conspired with the Brits to lead the Great Arab Revolt.

    After the war the Brits renegged on their promise to install the Hashem’s as Kings of a unified Arab land. Instead the Middle East was carved up with the Modern borders we recognize. The Hashem’s were installed as kings in Jordan, Syria(which they lost quickly) and Iraq (which they lost decades later. In the Arabian lands the Hahem’s were overthrown bu the Saud’s from the land of the Nejd. The House of Saud unified the Arabian territories to create what is today modern Saudi Arabia.

    THAT IS A FACT!!!!!

    The Hashem’s ARE NOT Jordanian which as you can conclude is a modern invention like all the recognized state’s in the Middle East. The Jordanian population is mainly Palestinian ruled by an Arab minority, the Hashem’s

  16. Gyges,

    Ok we won’t use the Bible as a credible source.


    Do the Jews practice a recognizable form of the faith “Abraham” practiced? NO.

    Are the “Peoples of Abraham” which were people from the Mesopotamian region practicing a faith? Yes. Did those “peoples” at some point practice a monotheism that can be arguably traced back to being that which spawned what would eventually become accepted to be Judaism? Yes. Did that “faith” whatever it was preceed both Christianity and Islam? Yes. Is it an accepted fact that Christianity and Islam were spawned from whatever it was that originated to eventually become known as Judaism? Yes.

    Whether Abraham was real or not is not my claim and I don’t care. BUT the Muslims claim that he was and that what he was practicing was their Arab/Muslim faith. You see the problem with their whole argument lies not so much in that they have some disagreements over what the Jews and Christians teach theologically because if that were so then I could give them the benefit of the doubt. I could even listen to their rationalizations for killing in God’s name. It is the complete distortion of the historical record that is so insulting.

    Abraham, Joshua, Moses ?????? Did they exist?? I do not know and I do not care. Whoever these people were that started a civilization and practiced a faith that eventually became what we call Judaism originated in Mesopotamia NOT Arabia. So whoever Abraham is and whatever faith it was he practiced can NOT be revised to be given an Arab/Muslim ownership.

    Agreed, there are NO native peoples surviving in the world today. That is absolutely true. AND that IS MY point EXACTLY.The Jews do NOT hold native rights. BUT NIETHER do the Palestinian/Arab/Muslims. That is what I said.

    My question becomes then why, if nobody can claim native/soveriegn/indigenous rights, why can’t they all come to a peaceful agreement?

    The Arab/Muslim/Palestinians lose credibility when they refer to those native/soveriegn/indigenous/Arab/Muslim claims as justification for fighting?

    Why can not Jews move into the territory? They lived there all throughout time next to the Arab/Muslims. What is SO exclusive to the Land to the Arab/Muslims? Would the Arab/Muslim/Palestinians raise a ruckus if a bunch of Mormons or Buddhists or 7th day adventists decided they wanted to make a home in that land? If a Palestinian wanted to move to another country he might find himself nieghbors with any number of different religious worshipres, why is that Land so exclusive to them? The individuals that were originally displaced back in ’48 have probably since passed this earth. In that time the Jews have repeatedly offered land for peace. The bordering Arab/Muslim nations could have long since solved the refugee problem that they created when they attacked in ’48 by giving those refugee’s citizenship as was offered by Jordan to all Arab/Muslim/Palestinians when Trans-Jordan was created. After all, Jordanians are really Arab/Muslim/Palestinians themselves so why not take in there brothers?

    Why does the Land have to be exclusive? As I said in an ealier post, right or wrong, the Arab/Muslim population NEVER once cried when they took the Land by Military force so why should they cry now that the Jews have held the Lansd by military force.

    Is that humane? No. But is it humane to stubbornly let a past resentment dictate your stance on a present issue? I would say no. So why can’t there be a two-state solution.

  17. sicilian1 as to Ay’

    I also want to thank you for bringing the conversation back to an intelligent exchange of words and ideas.

    It had gone off the deep-end, I myself got caught-up in trying to one up, so you did a very good thing.

    Sometimes cooloer heads must prevail.

    Again, thank you.

    I will assure you, I have had my rants. You are new here and so am I sorta,. The people here are fairly smart and very intelligent. I say fairly smart because, we all lose our cools occasionally. The smart ones don’t.

    If you do not understand what someone is saying, ask. They will tell you and many people will tell you more info than you want to know. If you do not agree with someone either comment on it or don’t. Please do not make it personal. We all can be smucks and I the largest of them all.

    Just blame it on AY, if something goes wrong. Because I did it, or thought about doing it, or would have done it, or am in the process of getting ready to do it.

    We try and be civil here and if someone is uncivil, I have been known to rip heads off and defecate in extruding portion and not kindly.

    Good luck and stay around even though, you nor I ever could be an original. But we are originals.

  18. Mike S writes: Unfortunately, the Israeli’s, shell shocked from years of constant strife, have voted in scoundrels like Netanyahu and thugs like Begin. Their intransigence, fuel by
    the minority of Jewish Fundamentalists has made a bad situation even more difficult.

    me: even Netanyahu is starting to talk of a two-state solution.

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