humorous-004_smallGentleman assume your couches! Happy Father’s Day to all of the Turley bloggers.

Now that we have thrown over the yoke of Mother’s Day, the entire family can enjoy the greatest holiday of the year. Remember, we are not complex people. A couch, a clicker, and a beer is generally all that is required to achieve a level of tranquility for most American males. humorous-049_small

Enjoy my brothers, enjoy.

23 thoughts on “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!”

  1. My wife’s instinct is still dead on. I came home from an early shift at work to a bottle of Victory Brewing’s Wild Devil, a cigar, and an order to go fishing after an early dinner (Grilled lamb-chops).

    Happy belated father’s day to everyone.

  2. FFLEO & IS,
    Sorry guys but as a father of girls, now grown to womanhood
    I always felt that the type of Fatherly interest Mike Douglas evinced, or a theoretical shotgun, was beyond my pay grade and incidental to my duties as a parent. One of my daughters has been married for a long time and the other has grown responsibly to womanhood. My wife and I never closely examined who their friends were, or worried about their dabbling in sexuality. They were given all the information they needed, inculcated with a sense of responsibility and then allowed to grow into adulthood as they decided. We were an open enough family that they felt they could come to us with their problems and/or confusion as needed. This is not to say that in certain areas we weren’t stricter than the parent’s of their friends, nor that I didn’t always wait up until they were home at night. It’s just to say that a parent’s role is to aid their children’s growth to adulthood and then let them grow by their own lights. In truth, whatever sex life they may or may not have had, I know they dealt/deal with it responsibly.

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