humorous-004_smallGentleman assume your couches! Happy Father’s Day to all of the Turley bloggers.

Now that we have thrown over the yoke of Mother’s Day, the entire family can enjoy the greatest holiday of the year. Remember, we are not complex people. A couch, a clicker, and a beer is generally all that is required to achieve a level of tranquility for most American males. humorous-049_small

Enjoy my brothers, enjoy.

23 thoughts on “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!”

  1. FFLEO:

    The men in my little girls life better be honorable.
    Have the shotgun out and cleaning it when they come a callin. One look and a request to be home on time seems to work.

  2. For those Dad’s with Sugar ‘n Spice little girls>

    “Seems like only yesterday that I heard my little girl say..”

    The Men in My Little Girl’s Life

  3. Thank you for your comments last Thursday and Friday in Champaign. They generated great discussions and debates, and what better compliment can that be for a professor? Ciao.

  4. I questioned this as well and was going to not respond to this but I saw the name of Yussupov and googled it up as well and read about the mix of the czarina and

    “in Dec., 1916, a group of right-wing patriots, including Prince Felix Yussupov and the czar’s cousin, Grand Duke Dmitri, conspired to assassinate Rasputin. A generous dose of poison failed to produce any visible effect, and the terrified conspirators riddled him with bullets and threw his body into the frozen Neva River.”

    I love this Blawg, history flows for which I am greatful. One can learn a lot by paying attention even to someone else.

  5. Grigori:

    that was a really messed up thing to write. You should apologize.

    Are you a klan member or just an admireer?

    leave it to a debauched religious charlatan of a priest to say something like that.

    Where is young Felix Yusupov when you need him.

  6. You know what confusion is?

    Fathers Day in Harlem.

  7. Happy Fathers Dad to all and the America Hallmark Experience. Happy Fathers Day to Father Cutie too.

  8. Happy Fathers Day to all the dad’s and dad’s to be and all the men who choose to make a difference in the life of a child, no matter the DNA.

  9. Former Fed,
    Amen to everything you said except the Judeao-Christian reference. Happy Fathers Day to all.

  10. Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s here. I don’t know about any of you but I’ll be watching the US Open on TV all day
    despite the beautiful weather outside. Tonight I’ll dine on Veal Francaise, with Linguine in garlic and oil. Later on I’ll watch another episode of HBO’s “True Blood” and “Entourage.” I give thanks for the one day of the year when my couch potato instincts allow me to watch my 52″ HD and not have to do anything else.

    I hope your father’s days give you pleasure, joy and comfort in the bosom of your family’s.

  11. My how your son has grown, I think he may be taller than you, Professor T.

  12. As a father/former veteran sitting here in the relative safety of the USA, I convey my sincerest appreciation to those American fathers who are fighting two wars abroad, irrespective of the unjustness of those conflicts and the loss of innocent civilian lives incurred through our irrational quest to enforce our brand of Judeo-Christian democracy on abjectly unchangeable Islamic theocracies.

  13. And a Happy Father’s Day to JT as well as all the other fathers on the blog. We fathers, remember our fathers too.

  14. Jill,
    I do not subscribe to the “butt crack” display, but I do believe that today is a day for us Fathers to enjoy the moment that we have. Enjoy the tme with your family and let them know that you are proud to be their Father and Grandfather and husband. Congratulations to all the JT Fathers. Thank you to Professor Turley for giving some of us old Fathers the opportunity to speak our peace.

  15. I think Father’s Day should come with a coupon for one free butt crack display in public, good one time, ONE DAY a year only!

  16. Happy Father’s Day (where applicable, offer valid in all 50 states unless prevented by beer foul, entries must be post marked no later than June, 21st, ties discouraged)

    And a special Father’s Day shout out to our Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. Where are you when we need you, dad? Come home soon.

  17. The tree of a baby screech owl went down with the baby still in the cavity. Until that baby could fly, these small parents ferociously guarded that baby with their lives. If anyone walked anywhere near the nest they were dive bombed and a terrible sound came from those parents. All they needed was to paint one side of their face blue! Imagine taking on people, literaly at least 100-200 times their size. Those were amazing parents. That baby is safe, grown and may I say it’s one hell of a good flyer!

    Now more beverages for dad! It’s scientifically mandated.

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