Invasion! Montgomery County Police Cross State Line and Conduct Raid in Washington D.C.

180px-MD_-_Montgomery_County_PoliceThe Montgomery County police conducted a raid on a home roughly a quarter of a mile in the territory of Washington, D.C. It appears that the Montgomery County police rented themselves and their vehicles to a television production company for a show called “Prison Wives” and proceeded to conduct the raid without notifying the District of Columbia.

D.C. residents were terrified when officers with guns drawn and police cars blaring raided a home in Northwest D.C.

This was all done for a cable show for Investigation Discovery on women who fall in love and marry prisoners.

I am not sure what is more disturbing: the fact that police are now rented out like cheap extras or that a raid is conducted with county cars for a cheap cable show. They are not alone in this theater of the absurd, here.

For the full story, click here.

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  1. sicilian1:

    “You’re a LAWYER. Since when did you guys get standards. Try to run that game on someone who doesn’t know. You’ve guys have been selling you souls for money since the beginning of time. There’s NOBODY alive that believes there’s a such thing as an honest criminal defense attorney.”


    Your in either the wrong century or geography, my friend. Just because you exist in a quagmire of corruption and vice, doesn’t mean we all do. Maybe you need a sabbatical or justa trip to the country. I had hoped your meanderings around this blog would show you that honor and noble purposes don’t come from intimidation and live among the savages, but from rules of propriety that you either never knew or abandoned long ago. The problem with being an outlaw is that you no longer have the protection of the law, and hence you tend to distrust or minimize it. Maybe your idea of truth and honor was forged during your days of crime? From that warped perspective comes your logic. But don’t think for a moment that men of honor and intellect are weak, disheartened, or rare. Your host on this blog and those you routinely disparage (present company excluded) should have shown you that. That your experience here didn’t says infinitely more than my admittedly small (as you are happy to point out) intellect can muster. What you don’t know, can hurt you.

  2. I see you’ve decided to keep acting like a douchebag.


    I hope your ass is about 12 times larger than when you went in prison, felon. That way you’ll be ready for the storm you just invited upon yourself.

  3. MESPO,

    You continue tyo expose how unintellifent you are.

    Yes, a regurgitator of his own SET rants.

    If you don’t catch Buddha’s rant on one post you’ll catch the exact same rant with only key words edited.

    He says the same rant over and over day after day.

    That’s what I said about his regurgitation.

    How did you ever graduate from college let alone law school?

  4. MESPO,

    Of course you would deny as I predicted. Are you kidding me? Stop lying to yourself and acting like your above it all.

    I know people. That’s one thing we know> And I know what people will do to be associated w/us.

    I’m talking real. A guy like me would make a guy like you eat your words b/c you know once you represent guys like me you make more money for less work.

    You expand your bank account just by filing appearences.

    Save your resume b/c you’d give it all up to have a guy like me as a client.

    You’re a LAWYER. Since when did you guys get standards. Try to run that game on someone who doesn’t know. You’ve guys have been selling you souls for money since the beginning of time. There’s NOBODY alive that believes there’s a such thing as an honest criminal defense attorney

  5. Buddha may be many things, but never a regurgitator of another’s thoughts. His history here proves that abundantly. Ask around!

  6. Mespo,

    Of course you would agree w/a fellow sychophant.

    You have been discredited by me repeatedly. Please look in the mirror and accept the way I continue to expose you.

  7. Buddha,

    You do NOT deserve any respect or credibility.

    The position I’ve been articulating on this post for the last few days is reminiscent of the same anti-establishment you rant about on every post you sign onto.

    Most of your posts are so regurgitated that I think you only remove key words just to make your post relevant.

    Your misrepresentation will not work. I made a point and it was you and you’re hypocritical friends who tried not discredit me with the ad hominem felon tag. And you are so biased that you would impune your own principles to attack me.

    What? Are your feelings hurt b/c I’ve repeatedly exposed you. Can you not come to terms with your own inadequecies? Are you so blinded by your frustration?

    I do not need your approval for anything> If you want to deny the relevant points I make then do so. It doesn’t make you right.

    Please save your vitriol b/c you only expose youself all the more.

  8. sicilain1:

    “You would sell your soul to represent me.”


    I wouldn’t let you in my office. Though a Democrat, I have represented the chair of the State Republican Party; co-counseled on a pivotal 4th Circuit case with Lee Bailey; represented the Federal Correctional Officers Union; represented and sued various Fortune 500 companies; served as state counsel in two mass tort cases with over 5000 litigants nationwide; represented scores of businesses and private individuals including family members of three sitting judges in four states from Virginia to California with published appellate decisions in three of those states. To be honest, I don’t need or desire any cases for wiseguys. I find them dimwitted, self-absorbed, and firmly convinced they know more than anyone else on the courtroom, and who become increasingly belligerent when their little world comes crashing down. My, that description rings a bell!

  9. Sil,

    I’m going to call bullshit.

    You came in here initially ad hominem and then found out you couldn’t take the heat, so now it’s back to “poor me”. Yeah. Well, the last two posts were probably the first thing you wrote that wasn’t pure troll trash, so how about you building on that and moving forward because that “poor me” isn’t going to get you any sympathy around here, Sil. In fact, it’s ridiculous and calling bs is the least of the ridicule that deserves.

    You want to reform your ways? Fine. There’s room for that. There is precedent. Look at Jim Byrne. He made the same mistake of coming in hot and pushing an agenda (albeit apparently mistakenly so in his case), but he fixed it almost immediately and now has something of value to contribute. You, on the other hand, just have to blame someone else for your bad luck in target selection. Us big bad bloggers just picked on the poor little felon for no reason – you were just being a progressive when us nasty progressives attacked you. Uh huh. Except that’s not how this place works. Never has.

    You want to be treated like a man? Then be a man about it.

    You came in like a weenie and you got sat down for it, so suck it up, admit you were an ass, get over it and keep contributing at THAT level (as in the last two posts before the poor me post) and people MIGHT start treating you better, Sil. Otherwise, you’ll still be a troll. Playing the victim in no way changes that. In fact, it just makes you look petty. You should listen to AY. He’s really going the extra mile to help you despite the fact you’ve been tool to him too. You want to EARN some respect? Follow his lead, because this is the real world here, not “the street” or “the game”, but how things actually work with properly educated people – respect is earned, not due. The whole “you owe me respect for nothing” is a thug life bullshit concept created by people unable to use their minds to earn any – be they criminals or cops or politicians.

    No one is going to give you respect.

    But we will let you earn it.

  10. Scilian1:

    In a choice between the federal government and your “type” of people I will take your type any day of the week. I would rather have you to dinner at my house rather than an IRS agent. Government bureaucrats are the real scum, they hurt innocent people at least you guys, as far as I know, only give it to others that are not so innocent.

    If I had only the choice between being an IRS agent or joining your “company” there would be no hesitation, I would be a company man. At least I could sleep with a clean conscience.

  11. AY,

    I’m sorry to disappoint. I tried my best. But I do think that I was a little less vitriolic than usual.

    Bear with me I’m trying a new tactic. I hope I improved a little bit.

  12. IS,

    At least you are living in reality and don’t buy this ridiculous propaganda that the govn’t and those in power are of the highest moral character.

    They are the hypocrites, at least you have given me the credit for not being a hypocrite.

    Thank you.

  13. sicilian1 1, July 8, 2009 at 10:49 pm


    I will take AY’s advice and not continue to respond to your ad hominem attacks with vitriol.

    You did not do too well.

  14. Mespo,

    I will take AY’s advice and not continue to respond to your ad hominem attacks with vitriol.

    How many times do I continue to have to expose your bias, arrogance, hypocricy, lack of knowledge on many topics (Including your own profession)?

    You would think that after the way I schooled you about affirming the consequent you would stop engaging me as an adversary? Can’t you wake up?

    I’ve already explained to you that guys like me make it possible for guys like you to exist.

    Lets talk real. Try to be honest w/yourself. You would sell your soul to represent me. Not only would your official filing as my counsel make your career for as long as you practiced (Which would in fact be priceless) but I’d probably pay you more in one case than you’d make in 10 years. You die for that so you could stop hustling cases and representing deadbeats for whatever they could scrape together, stop filing your name on the court appointed PD list just to keep a regular cash flow, stop grinding out ambulance chasing PI cases just for a little quick payday. As I said, a guy like me would put you on the criminal defense attorney map that you’d have so many guys calling your office you’d have to hire more secrataries and start turning people away.

    I’m here to talk real. I been around alot of people and they talk their trash BUT when their around REAL guys, I don’t care from what walk of life thjey are, THEY ARE STRAIGHT STAR_STRUCK by my type of guy.

    Lawyers, prosecutor’s, cops, other inmates, jail c.o’s, they all roll out the red carpet for the real “guinea’s”. Even the arresting feds are so star-struck and show us so much respect, they feel honored to just arrest us, prosecutor’s and judges LOVE to get our cases. B/c we can make their careers and they know it.

    I been around the Soprano cast and they act like little kids around us.

    Everywhere we go we get treated like royalty. They can talk all that crap in the media BUT go find out from the feds if they still don’t consider my people significant

    If you knew “SOMEBODY” you’d love it. You only talk your crap b/c you probably never been around it. But if that “life” and “element” was available, you can talk your crap, but you’d embrace it.

    Oh sure, you’ll continue to deny and get on your higher degree of moarality soapbox BUT take it from a guy who knows and has been around people from all walks of life, WE are the ultimate celebrities b/c everyone knows we’re the real deal.

    Foiorello La Guardia. Rudolph Giuliani. Please don’t make me laugh. They’re hypocrites who made a name for themselves off of guys like me. Don’t buy into that propaganda. They pumped us up and made every guy w/a vowel at the end of their name a villian b/c it served their purposes of making them heroes.

    You are a disgrace and your ad hominem insults have no effect. I rather be a MAN who’s family can go anywhere in the world and drop my name b/c if I don’t know that person, I know somebody who knows somebody who at least knows somebody than you who is nothing but a weak sell out hack lawyer.

    You talk the talk but don’t be so presumptive untill you been there. And don’t be so quick to deny b/c I know different.

  15. IS,

    Hint, hint you don’t take a loan shark, they take you.

  16. Mespo727272:

    I don’t think, at least in today’s society, that many people harbor any ill will toward Italian Americans. And anyway isn’t the plight of any generation of immigrants pretty much the same?

    Look at the Hispanics of today, gangs, drugs, crime. The boxers always tell the tale of a races rise to acceptance and prosperity.


    I agree with you, the government has nothing on the Dons. At least when you go see them you know what the price is and how long you are going to pay. The other thing is that they aren’t going to put you out of business because they want the cash you generate.

    I for one will take a loan-shark any day of the week over some government weasel.

  17. sicilian1:

    “As a member of an ethnicity who has had war declared upon it by a corrupt and oppressive government, I do not apologize for anything I did b/c not only were me and my people part of a tradition that not only protected their fellow brethern but only developed what was the highest form of capitalism.”


    As one from the same “ethnicity” presumably, I can tell you that the hard-working, law-abiding majority of us are sick and tired of wiseguys like you being the stereotype for an entire subculture. You have brought discredit to us all in the eyes of the wider society,and we are continually trying to distance ourselves from the most prominent scar on our character embodied by doltish thugs and hooligans who use every nefarious tactic available. For every wise guy, there’s 15 Fiorello La Guardia’s but who could tell from the movies, books, or TV? You owe the rest of us an apology for having to overcome the roadblocks your ilk has erected against generations of Italian-Americans for the simple and base purpose of lining their own pockets. You’re a disgrace.

  18. AY,

    I will try to maintain my composure.

    I never have viwed issues as “black” or “white”. Life is filled w/subtleties and we need to reflect upon them all untill we come to a decision.

    Thank you for the advice.

  19. Sil1,

    No one is attacking you at the present. Just look at how you are talking with me. No one knows anything about you unless you tell them and yes, there are some here that will use that as bait against you.

    I will say that if you do not attack most here won’t attack. Just stay focused on the issues.

    I have been attacked and responded in kind. Let us not forget the purpose of this list and remember that a house divided cannot stand. Some former Republican ideals that the New Democrats adopted. You see it sicken me to hear a Republican utilize the author of those words in support of their ideals/propaganda. There is nothing that this man supported that they would as well.

    You see most people do not read and the ones that do read most do not understand what they read. You have an advantage on them don’t you see. You are not only knowledgeable but street smart/savvy as well.

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