Invasion! Montgomery County Police Cross State Line and Conduct Raid in Washington D.C.

180px-MD_-_Montgomery_County_PoliceThe Montgomery County police conducted a raid on a home roughly a quarter of a mile in the territory of Washington, D.C. It appears that the Montgomery County police rented themselves and their vehicles to a television production company for a show called “Prison Wives” and proceeded to conduct the raid without notifying the District of Columbia.

D.C. residents were terrified when officers with guns drawn and police cars blaring raided a home in Northwest D.C.

This was all done for a cable show for Investigation Discovery on women who fall in love and marry prisoners.

I am not sure what is more disturbing: the fact that police are now rented out like cheap extras or that a raid is conducted with county cars for a cheap cable show. They are not alone in this theater of the absurd, here.

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  1. Carlyle Moulton 1, July 10, 2009 at 4:19 am

    Buddah, Mespo, Sicilian.

    The Buddah, Mespo, Sicilian flame war is getting tedious and is distracting the 3 of you from real issues.


    Ditto and as much as the flame war that someone else and I. I apologize for my Mooing but I could not resist being the protagonist that I am.

  2. Another point worth following up. When anglos commit crimes, noone sees it as reflecting badly on all anglo descended white people so why does the existence of the mafia discredit Italians? Why does each new wave of immigrants bring with it a wave of gang crime based on that ethnicity.

  3. Buddah, Mespo, Sicilian.

    The Buddah, Mespo, Sicilian flame war is getting tedious and is distracting the 3 of you from real issues.

    Humans do not like to be insulted, so if you throw an insult do not be surprised if the target becomes angry and throws 2 back. The best way to put out a flame war is to stop responding insult to insult, calm down a bit and reply to any significant points and remove all loaded and insulting words from your reply before hitting submit. If there are no significant points worth reply then don’t reply.

    In my view Sicilian has some valid points, I find myself 95% in agreement with him but he has some anger issues that make him somewhat thin skinned, but Buddah and Mespo are also thin skinned and behaving as in a schoolyard fight.

    Sicilian, some people don’t like the idea that a criminal may not be appropriately contrite, stop emphasising how proud you are to be a Mafioso, stop pushing this barrow and you will stop irritating Buddah and Mespo.

    During your flame war you have missed, some significant opportunities to extend debate. For example, felony disenfranchisement is one reason George Bush won in 2000, in addition the Florida republicans purged many likely Democratic voters from the voting rolls on the basis of their being felons when they were not if fact felons. Loose data matching was used to get as many false positives as possible in minority voting districts. See this post at Greg Palast’s site.

    For those who doubt that federal prosecutors are corrupt see the articles in Harpers Magagine on the Siegelman prosecution. the site is down at the moment so I cannot get the links. Also see the articles at Friends of Justice on Alvin Clay

  4. You should take heed that in your stupidity you can stop me about the time Hell freezes solid, troll. You aren’t even close to the best quality troll we’ve had here and none of them have stopped me. In fact, the best quality trolls we’ve ever had became converts in the end or simply disappeared. So good luck. You’ll need it.

    You can’t even vote. Your opinion means less than that of an uneducated 18 y.o. if for no other reason than you have less ability to influence political outcomes than they would.

    You should take heed of that too.

  5. In your vanity and vapidity you can not see how your words always apply to you.

    You should take heed of the disrespect you show.

  6. Stow it troll. I care even less about what you think.

  7. Buddha,

    You don’t even have the common decency to respect the owner of this site JT when he comes on and makes a respectful request.

    I will let your continued ignorant posts stand as evidence that everything I have exposed about you to be true and that all your critics are correct.

    Those in the sychophant wing should be quick to distance themselves from this inferior being.

    Continue to do the job of indicting yourself w/your own words.

    Siddarthura hangs his head in shame.

  8. Scilian1:

    I must protest about your thinking all lawyers are scum sucking bottom feeders. I know 2 that are not, my father in-law and his partner. Both are very decent men and defend their clients with gusto. I am sure out of the hundreds of thousands of lawyers in this country most are not corrupt but work inside a corrupted system. To manage to do this and keep your sanity says volumes about the character and abilities of these men and women.

    I think your derision should be reserved for the system which is, as you so aptly pointed out, corrupt. I suppose I see your point though, why don’t the decent lawyers rise up and change things, the fact that they don’t also speaks volumes about their character. It takes a person of enormous character and intellect to stand against an immoral force as you well know from your side of the “aisle”. Although I use immoral force in your case as the status quo.

  9. RICO . . . so you’re sure you’re not a pedo?

    Because you sure act like the type, Sil.

  10. I see no obligation to suffer fools gladly.


  11. AY:

    “Come on everyone if Sil1 is a troll then the Trolls are winning. I may not like like his conviction, nor his methodology of response aka attack but are we not more educated and trained to sift through the BS. It sounds more like a person whom knows our weaknesses has been around a while and is utilizing this inside information to divide this blawg.”


    What makes this blawg different is the level of discourse used to educate and challenge. When someone comes here to self-promote or attack for attacks sake, I think we have every right to verbally confront him or her. That is what has happened here with a little vituperativeness to spice up the dialog. I see no obligation to suffer fools gladly.

  12. Come on everyone if Sil1 is a troll then the Trolls are winning. I may not like like his conviction, nor his methodology of response aka attack but are we not more educated and trained to sift through the BS. It sounds more like a person whom knows our weaknesses has been around a while and is utilizing this inside information to divide this blawg.

    This is why I have gone about responding in the way I have. Come on. I have a lot of respect for a lot of you folks here, to wit mespo, buddha, mike’s, ff leo, is, jill etc.

    Let us focus on what we can do better rather than divide.

    As far as Obama I did not vote for him. I would have voted for McCain if he had not picked Palin. I cast my vote for Nader. I have worked inside the political belt and what happens is sickening.

    If Obamas stance is true regarding retaining detainees that are acquitted and/or never tried I think he should be Tried as well as the Bush Admin. But the powers that be we know will never allow that. Too much is at stake.

    Look at AIG-UK and Bushes role after 911 you will see why we are more involved in world finance than ever before. I will not compare my knowledge to that of Deep Throat but pretty damn close. That is all.

    You will see that Allen Stanford is not guilty of what the Government has charged him with. They could not break the code of his control so they are doing what they can to do what they can to learn how he operated his empire.

    There is some truth to Sil1’s statements. Just bare in mind the government will do what it can to gain what it can. It will fry the small to middle and the big ones are usually the politicians best friends.

  13. “OC RICO” is an organized crime racketeering influenced and corrupt organizations case. sicilian 1 is a wise guy. Yippee!

  14. And as I already said you fool. My case was an OC RICO case. I had a 748 # in the feds. What do you know about that chump? Ask your sychophant buddy Mespo about that. But seeing what a hack lawyer he is he probably don’t know.

    Those w/a 748#, that’s O.C. my ignorant friend. And it’s a staus symbol, among all in the federal sytem. Even the prosecutor’s and cops want to be on a 748.

  15. HEY ignorant,

    I was happy b/c my lawyer was able to negotiate a good plea as well as all the other co-defendants’ lawyers did also.

    As I’ve explained ad nauseum you ignorant fool, once the feds come after you, no matter the evidence, you are doing time. So the best you can hope for is a good lawyer who can minimize your time as much as humanly possible.

    You continue to display how truly unintelligent you are. And you’re attempts to shift me off topic w/your lame baiting is uneffective. I am truly to shrewd to fall for your tricks.

    Your games are ineffective.

    The depths of your inability to grasp what I’ve said is mind boggling.

    As I said, I was guilty and was only happy that my lawyer could minimize my sentence. That is truly something of which to be grateful.

    And I am only proud that I was man enough to accept my responsibilty and of the truly honorable life I lived. You would never know the deep pride one is filled w/to know that their word is considered gold. That they are stand up guys who other consider it to be an honor when you drop there name, and they and there family can hold there heads high wherever they go.

    These are concepts foriegn to an insignificant like yourself.

    Try to stick to the parameters and stop clouding the topic b/c your rhetoric will NEVER work on me.

  16. addictions

    Their math was just fine for undereducated criminals.

  17. Uh huh.

    You are exactly a hypocrite. And a clueless criminal wing-nut too. But you prove that daily.

    So tell me why exactly were you happy to go to prison again?

    Because you were guilty?

    Of a felony.

    Which one?

    I’m thinking pedophilia since you’re not enough of a man to apologize and take a fresh start when offered to you. Children would be a less intimidating target for a brilliant Lex Luthor type master criminal such as yourself. Many pedophiles are glad to go to prison because it saves them from their compulsion. But I’ll have to say in all the criminals I’ve ever dealt with, you’re the first I’ve ever seen glad he was both guilty and incarcerated. I’ve seen guys happy they were caught because it interfered with their additions and thus saved their lives, but none were EVER happy to be guilty and sent up the river. To a one they’d have chose rehab if given the second change. So is that why you went to prison, Sil? Do you like the children?

  18. I was happy w/my attorney b/c I knew I was guilty and I was only looking for him to soften my landing.

    I know how the real world works.

    And I’m NOT a hypocrite.

    Your irrelevant attacks do NOT gain you any points. You only speak in generalities and assumptions and biases.

    Your ignorance knows no bounds and you humor is lame. I will advise you as I’ve advised many, please keep your day job.

  19. You must be the first felon happy that his lawyer didn’t get him off. But then again, some men like showering with other men and eating green bologna sandwiches while wondering if their cell mate is going to stab them in the eye with a sharpened toothbrush. It’s a personal choice. Please do not try to defend your profession.

  20. Mespo,

    Just for the record I am a civilian at this point in my life so I am only engaged in legal pursuits.

    You are the LAWYER. DUH!!!! Do you REALLY actually believe that your world is pure?

    Are you that naive or just a propagandist?

    The LAW is MORE corrupt at this point in history than EVER.
    That goes for the civil and criminal venue.
    There are TOO many hacks like you crowding up the profession who thinks a law liscense is a liscence to steal money.

    Save your rhetoric for the naive.

    As I already explained b/c of my position there was NO way I would be under represented. Over and over I’ve explained to you that I was more than happy and felt fortunate to be able to afford and have the right connections to put me in touch w/the proper representation.

    My concern is for the poor souls who are sold out by insensitive, apathetic, judgemental hacks like you. IT is guys like you who give your profession a bad name.

    Nowadays you’ve got judges legislating from the bench to usurp our liberties. And it’s corrupt federal prosecutor’s and spineless attorney’s like you unwilling to stand up to them.

    Please do not try to defend your profession. The honorable are rare nowadays.

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