Hubba Bubba: Hamas Accuses Israel of Lacing Gum With Stimulants to Corrupt Palestinian Youth

180px-BubblegumHamas has accused Israeli intelligence of another fiendish plot to undermine the Palestinian cause. The weapon of mass cultural destruction? Gum. Hamas accuses Israel of sneaking in chewing gum that increases the sex drive of Palestinian kids in order to “corrupt the young.”

Officials say that they have found two stimulants in the gum and forced Palestinian distributors to admit that they are working with agents of “the Zionist intelligence services.” My assumption is that the gum is not actually called “Zionist Conspiracy Gum” but rather something more catchy like Hamas Hubba Bubba.

The officials became suspicious when a Palestinian man filed a complaint with the government that his daughter had experienced “dubious side effects” after chewing the gum. Whatever the girl did, she blamed the gum. Immediately every kid in the neighborhood had the same response as the lady in Katz Delicatessen in “When Harry Met Sally”:

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6 thoughts on “Hubba Bubba: Hamas Accuses Israel of Lacing Gum With Stimulants to Corrupt Palestinian Youth”

  1. how can I get some of that gum?


    if the Jews run everything why do Arabs even exist?

  2. I would not put anything past the ‘jews’.
    This is not common knowledge in our jew controlled press, but the jews from eastern europe (communists) used radiation on more than 100,000 sephardic dark skin jews to see what would happen to them. This most likely took place in the 1950’s. Google it to check the veracity of this.

    Don’t forget the Lavon Affair, the attack on the USS liberty, 9-11, London bombing, Madrid train bombing,etc……

    The talmud condones the murder of gentiles by jews.

  3. Increase their sex drive? If you wanted to undermine the Palestinian cause, wouldn’t it be better to *suppress* their sex drive? That way, they’ll be making fewer little Palestinians.

  4. I wonder if it came with a Viagra type warning “If you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours call a doctor”?

  5. Now I have a true understanding of the things I did in my youth and the search of that youth. It was all in the gum. You know Agent Orange had no side effects. So I can see how one could deny the evil side effects of the Hamas Gum.

    And to think the answer was and is found in the Gum, the answer my friend is all in the gum. But would we have needed that stuff to fight that evil evil dragon puff? Oh I forgot he was Puff the Magic Dragon.

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