Fox Analyst Suggests That Captured American Soldier Should Be Killed by Captors

Fox News Strategic Analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters appears to view trials as something of an unnecessary expense. Here was heard this week telling Fox News that, if captured U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, did leave his post — then “the Taliban can save us a lot of legal hassles” by killing Bergdahl. I discussed the status of Bergdahl on this segment of MSNBC Countdown.

The clip indicates that there is more commonality between some Americans and Al Qaeda than previously assumed. What is really striking is how the Fox host tries to moderate the comments by saying that no one wishes harm to come to any soldier — only to have Peters tell her to think about the other soldiers.

bergdahlWhile Peters notes that the facts are not clear, he proceeded to call Bergdahl a “liar” and collaborator for the statements made in the video. Bowe Bergdahl, 23, is from Ketchum, Idaho, is attached to the 1st battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division from Fort Richardson, Alaska.

In the video, he says that he was captured when he lagged behind the rest of his unit — a proposition that Peters declares to be another “lie.”

There were some who called the sailors captured on the U.S.S. Pueblo as traitors for participating in North Korean films — a view long rejected by most credible military experts. Various POWs in Vietnam and Korea were forced to sign confessions, which Peters might also view as “lies.” Even Vietnam War hero and GOP Presidential candidate John McCain signed a confession stating: “”I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pirate. I almost died and the Vietnamese people saved my life…” Would Peters call him a liar in the same way that he called Bergdahl a liar for saying that our forces fighting without rules?

This controversy follows an earlier clip where a Fox regular Michael Scheuer suggests that the best hope for the country and presumably critics of the Obama Administration is for another major attack to occur, here.

If Bergdahl left his post, the usual punishment (even in war time) is not execution and we tend to insist on a trial before any punishment occurs. That is what distinguishes us from the enemy — and certain Fox News analysts.

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  1. This ‘Brit’ who wrote the comment: “America Must Die” – is the first smart Brit i have ‘found’ ever!


  2. “I am white, British, mid 30’s, live a normal life but I see the truth behind the lies. This man deserves to die and so does the USA…….kill the USA, kill the USA, kill the USA is all i can say.”

    You are not even close to being a normal human being if yor hoping for the deaths of 300 million human beings. What is your theory kill for peace? My statement is not about world politics, it is about the mentality of someone who wishes other human beings dead in a nuclear holocaust.

  3. Buddha,

    Roman, German. Wait are not the people on the throne from Germany to start with?

    It all began in the year of 1066 when Willie the Wonderer got lost at sea and entered a new Galilee over an across the sea.

    I can be as revisionist as the next.

  4. You’re British and you hate America? You want it nuked, eh?

    Be thankful you aren’t speaking German, asshat, and realize that if we get nuked – YOU & EUROPE BE RIGHT BEHIND US BEING VAPORIZED.


  5. People of the world especially Americans are extremely naive, the supposed man went to war to KILL people whether they are guilty or not, he had no experience of life at all and then wanted to kill Taliban because his country told him to with the aid of lies spread about by his coountry the USA. I hate the USA and would love the world to NUKE the USA, all America does is spread lies to it’s people in order to get there feet in the door and to get oil at a cheap price. I am white, British, mid 30’s, live a normal life but i see the truth behind the lies. This man deserves to die and so does the USA…….kill the USA, kill the USA, kill the USA is all i can say.

  6. How can anyone humanbeing be so cold as to suggest that an American soldier be murdered by the Taliban. Who are we fighting? How long as America been a free country? How did we get that way? It was the blood and guts of our own men and women who wanted to protect our country and loved our country so much that they were willing to fight for it. Who knows what pain, anguish, fear and personal discomfort these men and women go through every day just to have Americans back home sit in front of their mindless TV’s and watch self-serving journalists, who have never had any reason to be afraid for their life or did a honest days hard work to survive. What would they do if they were drafted (as in the old days) and to serve their country? I think they would be cowards and run for the hills. I am the mother of an US Navy sailor. My son has friends in all the branches of the military, Marines, Army, and Coast Guard. These young men and women have giving hearts. They want to protect the rest of us from more 911 attacks! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN 911? I personally feel for that soldier and all that he and his family are going through. Maybe he did not make the best decision or maybe it was no fault of his own….but do you know exactly what you would do in that instance? How can anyone know for sure how they would react? Panic and fear can attack the most veteran of soldiers. Don’t judge unless you are willing to put yourself in the line of fire for your life. AND DON’T PUT OUR MILITARY DOWN! It does not make America stronger to hear negative comments. Journalist should be more about stating facts and not intercepting their personal views!
    Proud Mother of a Sailor

  7. mespo727272

    . . . . you need to get to your local medical school and submit yourself to studies. . . .

    You know even during the American “REAL CIVIL” war, each side treated, for the most part captured soldiers with dignity. Yes each had its exceptions.

    It would interest me to know if this guys commanding officer sent this young man on an infamous information gathering expedition and he was just following orders. One never knows the real truth, which is generally what we are led to believe.

  8. Sara:

    “Yes it’s sad to see an American in that situation but Peters is exactly right, if the soldier disobeyed protocol put in place for his safety, then how much sympathy can we have?”


    You really need to put yourself in the place of that young soldiers family and then see if you are so sanctimonious. That kid is fighting in an illegal war, and trying to just stay alive long enough to get home. That you would suggest that he be killed for a mistake in protocol, tells me that you are both unfamiliar with the military, and unfamiliar with your obligations as a citizen. You should be ashamed of yourself. On second thought you don’t need to put yourself in anyone’s position, rather you need to get to your local medical school and submit yourself to studies, because you just may be the only person I have ever encountered who was able to function without a heart.

  9. If anyone on here had ever had the courage to serve in the United States military, you would understand that there are complex issues and therefore strict rules when faced with capture and this soldier has ignored everyone of them. He is allowing himself to be a pawn in the hands of these sick, irrational murderers and it puts the rest of American security in harms way. Yes it’s sad to see an American in that situation but Peters is exactly right, if the soldier disobeyed protocol put in place for his safety, then how much sympathy can we have?

  10. rafflaw,

    No intent to be formal. What the guy said was repugnant, however, Limbaugh, Beck, et al far exceed the rational limits of talk on a daily basis. The viewers will be the best censors with people like Mr. Peters. If they like what he says and Fox New continues to use him as an analyst, then that says a lot about the network and the people who watch.

    Remember the story about Gen. Patton calling a soldier a coward and then slapping him, thereby losing his career advancement over that incident? Well, Patton had some authority to do what he did—although it was still wrong and he received too much dissension over it. This light bird Colonel had no ‘authority’ or credentials whatsoever. People put too much stalk in military rank. Look at 4-Star General Hayden; an Air Force General who was never an AF pilot. There are plenty of Tin Soldiers in the military.

  11. Former Fed,
    Why so formal? Peters does have 1st Amendment Rights, but the FCC does have the ability to restrict those rights when it comes to TV. I personally don’t agree with that power, but they do have some power in this area. That is why I asked the question whether the FCC is able to take action against Fox or the analyst. Under your theory, doesn’t the guy who yells fire in the crowded theater have first amendment rights? I realize that is a stretch, but this Fox News employee or contractor had his “Jane Fonda” moment and the right has not admitted that this statement is equally bad.

  12. rafflaw,

    Mr. Peters has First Amemdment rights just as you and I.

  13. Is there any action(s) the FCC can take against this guy and/or Fox? Asking the enemy to kill one of our finest is much more immoral than any foul language or nudity issue.
    If this soldier’s family heard this kind of crap from this chicken hawk, I can’t imagine the pain that it caused them. I know if my son was ever in harms way like this and this idiot spewed his hateful remarks about him, it would be hard to control my Irish temper.

  14. “Alvin S.”: “Even for FOX this is a new low.”

    Clearly you don’t watch much Murdoch/Ailes FOX Propaganda.

    FOX contributor Liz Trotta actually suggested the assassination of Obama on the air.

    And while it was on his radio show, FOX host Bill O’Reilly encouraged a terrorist attack on an American city.

    Murdoch’s FOX Republican Channel has been consistently at “a new low” since it began airing. It’s the equivalent of Hezbollah TV.

  15. I have to agree with the person that doesn’t know who the conservatives are in America today. Conservatives used to be the types of people that everyone could count on and now they seem to be angry bullies.

    I used to think that those profits that predicted that America could easily become a police-state were crackpots, but, as much as I hate to think of it, I can now see that it could easily happen.

    This situation isn’t going be solved by comments on a blog, but it does give the readers a chance to see that kindred spirits do exist that have care for their fellow citizens. I know our compassion will make a difference.

  16. Thanks Jill, but a hat tip to Sadly,No!

    Just thought that people might be interested that Ralph Peters’ Security Analysis always seems to be: ‘I don’t like X, Therefore X should be destroyed’.

    A quick scan of his fiction books for subject matter is interesting as well.

  17. What gets me is the completely disingenuous, “we shouldn’t draw any conclusions until we know all the facts” — followed immediately by the most blatant jumping to conclusions possible. This POS has no way of knowing if the soldier deserted his post or was simply caught unawares and kidnapped.

    I don’t know what scares me the most about this; that the armed forces promoted this guy all the way up to Lt. Col? that FOX “news” lets him on the air? or that there are still Americans dumb enough to watch FOX when they have jerks like this providing their ‘analysis.’

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