New Alleged Victims Come Forward to Accuse Scientology Leader David Miscavige Of Assault

488px-scientology_symbolsvgIn the aftermath of recent stories of alleged abuse, additional former member of the Church of Scientology have come forward with accounts of abuse and claims of cult-like activities — including members who accuse Scientology Leader David Miscavige of assault.

These accounts include the description of scenes where Scientology members had to confess “crimes” while being heckled before hundreds and being forced to live in tents in appalling conditions.

The accounts included claims of assault by Miscavige who is described as a cult figure supported by the feared Scientology Sea Org.

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14 thoughts on “New Alleged Victims Come Forward to Accuse Scientology Leader David Miscavige Of Assault”

  1. hidflect,

    Sorry, not me. Must be a cousin.


    Nice catch. Poor Ol’ L. Ron! lol

  2. Britain has an FOIA now, and out pops Ron Hubbard:

    London Times: “The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, was exposed as a fraud 30 years ago by British diplomats who were investigating his qualifications.

    “The science-fiction writer, who invented a religion now followed by celebrities such as Tom Cruise, awarded himself a PhD from a sham ‘diploma mill’ college that he had acquired, the diplomats found.“

    “Department of Health files, some closed until 2019, have been released early to The Times by the National Archives after a successful request under the Freedom of Information Act. “

  3. (O/T)
    Buddha Is Laughing: are you looking for an N X 2 C apture software code?


  4. Jill,

    Great insight.


    I’d like to see that, too. I’m not sure at what point one goes from being a protected religion to a dangerous cult, but it seems to me that Scientology passed that point long ago…

  5. “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” (Tolstoy)

    Actually I think this is exactly backwards. Here’s one of the most interesting quotes in the story to me: “By 2003, Hines had lost interest in Scientology. The rich mix of life in New York, he said, “made this whole military lifestyle of the Sea Org seem kind of ludicrous.”

    It is the richness of life which includes both joy and sorrow that snapped Hines out of it. All cruelty is the same. Read the accounts of torture, read this, read about Opus Dei, read about any terrorist training camp, watch “Jesus Camp”, examine political “insider-follower” groups. None of these groups differ from each other in any meaningful way. It is the experience of a rich life that is their antithesis. It’s not so easy to control people who haven’t been beaten into conformity. People who experience many different things, ways of being, ways of thinking, ways of acting in the world. People who know music, dance, science, kindness–that’s not sameness, that’s the real difference. Those people are dangerous to any closed system because they won’t constrict their thoughts and obey without question.

  6. Boo hoo hoo you punny Earthlings. Washing with a hose? Heckled in a dinning hall? I survived 10 million years in a volcano! And they made us do the “elephant walk” nekid when I pledged Delta Tau Delta. Suck it up you bald monkeys or I’ll be forced to destroy your silly planet. End communication.


  7. If I was president, I’d give the DOJ an unlimited litigation budget, de-list them as a charitable organization, and watch the sparks fly. It would be glorious. No matter how much money they have, the US Government has WAY more.

  8. hidflect,

    That story was QUICKLY replaced with a “John’s a Scientologist Forever!” stories.

    Apparently that Black File the CoS keeps on him must be pretty damning stuff. Surely being in the closet isn’t enough motivation to stay under the thumb of people you suspect of giving you bad advice that contributed to the death of one’s child. If that is Travolta’s motivation (which seems to be the common Hollywood speculation), it’s sad. If he REALLY feels Scientology limited his ability to treat his son and that contributed to the boy’s death, he should spend every waking moment tearing down the CoS.

    Embarrassing revelations aside, it’s what a father should do.

    Exactly how important IS that career? How important is ANY career compared to the life of a child?

    It seems a self-evident choice to me.

  9. Geez… Couldn’t have happened to a nicer scam cult.

    I read John Travolta is off these guys as well. Seems he’s kinda rankled they couldn’t cure his son like they promised when they also convinced him to stop administering the child his anti-spasm medicine. Now Travolta’s spending his time motoring aimlessly around the tarmac of his runway at night in a golf cart. Tragic.

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