Sudanese Police Beat Women Protesting Pants Ban

300px-Fomfr_whipSudanese police beat women protesting outside a Sudanese court Tuesday during the trial of Lubna Hussein, a former U.N. worker and journalist, who is facing flogging for wearing pants in violation of Islamic laws. We previously discussed the story, here. The police fired tear gas into a group of 50 or so women and beat them with batons for protesting against the Sharia court proceeding. Hussein’s lawyer was also beaten.

Some of the women notably wore pants.

Hussein was among 13 women arrested July 3 in a raid on a cafe in Khartoum. Ten of the women have already been flogged at a police station and fined 250 Sudanese pounds, or about $120. Those women appeared to have pleaded guilty while Hussein and two other women fought the charges.

In court, Hussein was required to wear the same clothes so the court could see the outfit — though she says she has been wearing the clothes in protest since her arrest.

The protest of these women (like the protests in Iran) show that women in Islamic countries are standing up for basic human rights denied under these Islamic regimes. Hussein’s protests in particular bring to mind Rosa Parks in the United States — a simple act of defiance leading to a broader awareness of citizens of the injustices of her society.

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3 thoughts on “Sudanese Police Beat Women Protesting Pants Ban”

  1. Why not expand Taser Inc.’s market share? God, where are the bean counters when you need them to be on top of things? Tasers make people obey unjust orders–think of the profit margin!

  2. So when will these women learn????? They must OBEY. I am only kidding.

    You know one of my initial discovery demands is that the LEO show up in court wearing the gestapo gear of the night. They were not amused. Not in the least. I thought it was necessary that when they sow up in court in a dress shirt or suit how innocent they look, yeah right.

    How does that line go I am from the government and here to help you, I will still respect you in the morning, latta dee.

    Speaking of Lotta, where has she been.

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