Boise Man Sues Police After Being Tasered in Buttocks and Threatened With Sodomy

taser gun bart officer-218-85A man in Boise, Idaho is suing after the Boise Police Department declared that an officer who tasered him on the buttocks and threatened him with sodomy with a taser did not violate the law. While against policy, the police insist that the officer (who also threatened to shock his genitalia) merely failed to follow guidelines — the name of the officer has not been released despite the release of the audio tape below. The officer actually states on the tape that he had already sodomized the man with the taser when he threatened to deliver a second shock first to his anus and then to his genitalia.

The man stated that on February 14th he did not realize that the men forcing their way into his apartment were officers. He tried to block the door — resulting in three officers throwing him to the ground. After tasering him, the officer threatened to sodomize the man and deliver an anal shocking with his taser.

Here is the exchange:

Officer #3: Do you feel this?
Complainant: Yes, sir.
Officer #3: Do you feel that? That’s my –
Complainant: Okay
Officer #3: -Taser up your ass.
Complainant: Okay
Officer #3: So don’t move.
Complainant: I’m trying not to. I can’t breathe.

Officer #3: Now do you feel this in your balls?
Complainant: I do, sir. I’m not going to move. I’m not gonna move.
Officer #3 Now I’m gonna tase your balls if you move again.
A minute later, this exchange occurred:
Officer #3: Okay, I’m gonna take this Taser out of your asshole now. Are you going to fight with me?
Complainant: No, not at all, sir.

A supervisor later erased an audio recording of an interview with the man at the jail and did not write a report on the use of force in the arrest. While the officers have been “disciplined,” they were not removed from the force.

Boise Community Ombudsman Pierce Murphy found that the actions of the officer were not illegal, here. You have an officer who says that he just sodomized a suspect and threatened to torture him. That is not unlawful in Boise? At a minimum, should an officer who threatens to rape and torture a suspect continue on the force? It appears that the answer is yes in Boise, which is precisely why such lawsuits are often necessary.

For the audio tape, click here.

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  1. What about the woman who had the cops bust in after she called 911 and she was sick on meds from the hospital. Had to go number 2. Told the cop, he broke down her bathroom door and tasered her in her genitals while sitting on the toilet. Can this animalistic behavior be legal? Is this not police brutality? PS, THE COP WAS OVER 6 FOOT TALL AND VERY FAT. The female who was tasered is about 120lbs soaking wet and stands about 5 foot. Can someone give me an explaination as to why a cop would act so brutaly to a defenseless woman that was sitting on the on the toilet bowl? I think he needs to have a mental evaluation (the cop). Someone should taser him in his ball sack!!!!

  2. The Idaho “Ombudsman” should be out of a job today, as should every officer involved in that exchange, with the criminal who assaulted the man in jail (the ones allowing it to happen should be charged as an accessory).

    Yeah, charged is what I said.

    Sexual Assault, Torture, Uttering Threats, and whatever else can be proven.

    There is NO WAY this cop should be out of jail. Is it any wonder that men today both fear and hate cops? Do those idiots think that by protecting “one of their own” who engages in illegal activity, that somehow the public will be sympathetic with them?

    I hope this guy not only wins this case, but BANKRUPTS the state with his award. If Gov’t (that great, bereaucratic savior) won’t “police” the police, then I suggest mob rule…can’t be any worse than the POLICE being scarier than the criminals.

    I don’t think it’s too harsh to say that the average cop is worth less than a bowl of fuck, and the rest are apologists for the scum… Lying, abusive, criminal scum.

    I guess you can add me to the ever burgeoning roll of average citizens who are convinced that involving the police virtually GUARANTEES that things will get “worse” for you…

  3. I got to this site from a MRA (Men’s/Fathers Rights) Blog.

    The event that happened is not funny. Hey, I’ve got a great sense of humor, but I’ve found that men laughing off “nut shots”, while other men go to prison for a similar offense committed against a woman is NOT funny.

    At the end of the day, a man, police officer or not, who even TOUCHED a woman’s breats or genitals, much less took some sadistic pleasure in performing electro-shock on them, would go to jail on a sexual assault offense, and have to register as a sex offender.

    Like it or not, equality means that if it’s ok to do something to a man, it MUST be equally ok to do the same thing to a woman.

    Imagine if a police officer had threated to, and did, shove the taser into a woman’s genitals, and threatened to sodomize her with it.

    While some may make the erroneous arguments of chivalry, or size or “you can’t know what that’s like for a woman” – it matters not. In real life, a man doing that goes to prison. While we may forget him, and politicians won’t fight for him, – he will have a record for the rest of this life for this action.

    Should he? Probably, sure.

    And one thing I would caution against – if you believe in chivalry then be very clear as to what chivalry is: It is a GIFT any man can bestow upon any woman he CHOOSES to do so. It is wrong, illegal (violations of equality civil rights), and repugnant for anyone to impose his/her notion of chivalry to make themselves look good or feel good while it is of legal detriment to another.

    In short – do your chivalry on your own time, and your own dime…. not with my life.

    The officer committed sexual assult. Plain and simple. OR, and wrongly, then men simply grabbing or touching women’s private parts is NOT sexual assault.

    I prefer the former.

    Give it some thought.

    L. Steven Beene II

  4. Well at first I thought that, although true, it was a “he said he said” type accusation.

    But we have here an actual admission of the perp’ing officer that he actually did sodomize the plaintiff??

    Jeesh! And then the dept still says it was legal?

    OMFG! This has got to be a slam dunk lawsuit in federal court.

  5. Are tasers legal for the ordinary public to carry? If so, there will be a huge payback on these alleged Peace Officers, not too long from now.

  6. Just goes to prove a point in which I have long believed:

    Police just don’t have the mental capacity to handle a vile weapon (like the taser) with reasonable discretion. It’s bad enough to give them a gun, but that has such lethal implications that it requires less decision-making ability.


  7. I could not help by self, but this give a whole new meaning to Ball Busting. Sorry.

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