Report: Hundreds of Gays Tortured and Killed in Iraq

158px-flag_of_iraqsvgflag-rainbow1As we continue to pour billions of dollars and sacrifice lives of our military in Iraq, the country continues its return to radical Islamic rule. We have seen the continued denial of basic rights for women in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Now there is a report of hundreds of gay men and women tortured and killed in Iraq.

These abuses are reportedly being carried out by some of very security forces and officials that we are supporting.

The worst areas are those under the control of Islamic militias like Sadr City where families are being encouraged to commit “honor killings” for anyone suspected of “unmanly behavior.”

With Americans watching states and cities selling off government buildings and parks, it is becoming more and more difficult to understand why we are pouring lives and money into the oil-rich Iraq given reports of the denial of legal rights, the abuse of women (ad here and here), rise of radical Islam, and war crimes.

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22 thoughts on “Report: Hundreds of Gays Tortured and Killed in Iraq”

  1. The agausting insanity of it.

    We invaded Iraq, the second time, just to pour billions of our own hard earned dollars into it. We get less than nothing out of it, AND we help them draft a completely antipathical constituion, with prejudice written into it.

    Now minorities and women are being put into places and niches of second class citizenship, where they actually had superior rights in society when Saddam Hussein was in power.


    So we did worse than nothing, we removed people’s existing civil rights, we squandered billions of American’s dollars, we killed hundreds of thousands of people, we drafted a theocratical anti-american constitution, and fomented what will be a slaughterhouse bloodbath resulting in a civil war, revolution, and de-evolution to a govt far worse than anything Saddam had in place.
    Saddam did awful things on a small scale. What we wrought is totally entropy on a mass scale.

    Bush and his cronies, truly the antichrist.

  2. IS,

    Jeremy Scahill is well regarded as an investigative journalist. If he says the ratio of contractors to our own military personel is now 1:1 I would take it seriously. He’s known for doing his homework. One of Scahill’s points is that we would not be able to conduct any of our wars of empire without contractors because we don’t have enough people volunteering for the job (even in a bad economy). He also points out that contractors come from all over the world, including nations which flat out oppose our many wars. To Scahill, contractors are a way of circumventing the political process that might end the wars. The govt. is able to continue these wars without widespread support of our people by hiring out the work to mercenaries.

    Check out Scahill’s site at:

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