Burglars Turn in Child Pornographer After Stealing His Computer

Picture-110Never say the English do not have a better class of criminals. When burglars broke into the home of Richard Coverdale, 24, they were delighted to snare a computer with the rest of the property. They soon discovered, however, disturbing pictures of child pornography and turned in the evidence to the cops.

Police found 78 illegal images – 13 stills and 65 “movies.”

Coverdale not only had the pictures of child abuse was found corresponding with a 14-year-old girl under an alias as a young boy. He eventually met with the girl and to expose her to his committing a sex act — she later hurt herself after experiencing depression.

Coverdale has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail.

Australian thieves show the same sense of public-regarding decency, as in this video of a thief returning family mementos of a late daughter, here.

For the story, click here.

9 thoughts on “Burglars Turn in Child Pornographer After Stealing His Computer”

  1. rafflaw,

    Do we need to convert to Buddhism? One Deity on or Princess on this post is too much don’t you think?

    Ok, tase me.

  2. Just think of all of the “Christians” who were in charge during the Bush regime when hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were murdered over a lie by George W. Bush and his fellow neocons. If we are a Christian nation, then maybe it is time to convert to Buddhism.

  3. the loudest Christians are certainly not very Christ like

    Gyges: some years ago I came across a book by Franklin Steiner titled The Religious Beliefs Of Our Presidents. It’s was written in the 30s I believe. One thing that stood out to me was a pamphlet from a leading Christian group in 1880 complaining that not one of the 19 Presidents had been Christians. That changed that year with the election of the President Preacher, James Garfield.

    If one of the criterion for inclusion was being a Christian, Mt Rushmore would still be a rock.

  4. It’s amazing, that would not happen here in America. In the US we see everything as balck and white, as right and wrong, good or bad with no in between (unless your rich, a politician or famous that is). Criminals here know they could save a life and still be condemned for smoking a joint or any infraction regardless of any good they do. Our society likes to believe if one commits a crime they must not have any redeeming qualities. Why should a “criminal” ever risk helping another person or do the right thing if it means exposing oneself to procescution? I think criminals are “harder” here becasue of this attitude. They commit more severe crimes becasue they know the penalties (espcially for black and Hispanics)are going to be severe and without leniency regardless of circumstances. Sell marijuana to feed and clothe your kids becasue you can’t find a job? Too bad, go to jail. Steal food or shoes for your kids? Too bad go to jail.
    For a Christian Nation we are not very Christ like.

  5. Buddha,

    The next employment (gig) will be working for the Country of Australia Revenue Enhanceable.

  6. Although it is cause to celebrate when someone like Coverdale is caught, it reminds of the words of Gilbert Parker. “She was beginning to understand that evil is not absolute, and that good is often an occasion more than a condition.”

    Just because these guys did the right thing regarding Coverdale, they are still no angels. So good show.

    Now quit stealing.

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