Georgia Accused of Killing Hundreds of Turtles To Protect Them From Their Owner

200px-Florida_Box_Turtle_Digon3_re-editedThe State of Georgia has a curious way of protecting animals. In 2005, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources raided the home of amateur herpetologist Steve Santhuff and seized 500 turtles. Santhuff was ultimately able to prove that he was not guilty of criminal charges when a jury acquitted him of all charges. He then learned that the state had killed as many as 362 of the turtles during the interim.

The state admits that 309 turtles died. Santhuff said that the survivors were “scarred and pitted” and in terrible shape when they were returned. Some turtles have still not be returned.

Santhuff is now suing for more than $1 million in damages. Georgia may learn why you want spell tortoise without “tort.”

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8 thoughts on “Georgia Accused of Killing Hundreds of Turtles To Protect Them From Their Owner”

  1. Thanks for the support in the above comments. I won my second trial against them this last week, July 15, 2010. Well, first trial I won was against me, this trial was against them that I won. Sincerely, Steve Santhuff

  2. This seems to make sense. Sherman was allowed to march in to Atlanta and burn it. What more could one say about the new found tort? How much is a turtle worth?

  3. It as logical as aborting a fetus to save it from a tough family or economic life. Kill the turtles to save them from potential future harm.

  4. So they falsely accuse the guy, take away his turtles, then end up killing half of them….

    Intellect is not a natural resource in Georgia, is it?

  5. The turtle must remind them of our social tendency to put a shell of protection between ourselves and government.

    It was handed down from our forefathers, many of them having suffered the same fate from Big Brother.

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