Amazing Video of Anne Frank

This is the only known video of Anne Frank that was just made available. While short, it adds an even more chilling aspect to her writings.

200px-Anne_FrankThe 20-second footage from July 21, 1941 showing the 13-year-old Anne leaning out of a second-floor window to get a better look at a bride and groom who lived at No 37 Merwedeplein, next door to the Franks at No 39. It was less than a year before the family went into hiding. Anne would die of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp only days after the death of her sister, Margot Frank. Only her father would survive. The family of the couple gave the film to Otto Frank, Anne’s father, in the 1950s.

The most haunting aspect of the film is the sense of quiet and tranquility before the storm. Frank is just one more little girl who wants to see the bride and groom. She also has the happy disposition that rarely left her in her diary.

The film fits perfectly with Anne’s observation in her diary:

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.

For the full story, click here.

31 thoughts on “Amazing Video of Anne Frank”

  1. @ CCD:

    Waht you wanna make a count or what?

    And you compare currently jailed people to mass murdered
    and tortured ones?

    I am the one who wonders here, Mister CCD. Not you.

    Go back to your mummy, if you think being beaten up by some cops and raped by a gay rapist is REALLY harsh.


    NOT ONE TINY thing. No, in comparison to what happened
    to six million jews and to what STILL happends to HALF a million Falun Gong in China, that is NOT HARSH AT ALL.

    Shall I continue? When my father once wrote a book which desribed how exactly a russian soldier tortured another person, many famous people in the audience booed him out.

    So, the people DONT wanna hear about raving mad totally crazy insane sadist brutality? THEN I WILL TELL EM.

    Let’s take the “white angel”, for example, showed in the
    movie “Marathon Man”, Mengele, the german sadist torture
    dentist. It is astonishing how fast anyone will admit to just anything and reveal ALL nor so secret secrets when his very TEETH are being bored into without narcosis…

    And the best thing: No one sees any big marks on the body. But that didn’t concern Mengele, he was a “truth enforcer”, which broke the will of many spies, and which must have killed hundreds to thousand just by himself.

    Shall I continue? Best watch the movie with Fritz Weaver called “Holocaust” from 1978.

    This movie is even totally not focussed on torture, it shows more the war, but also many scenes in concentration camps, but I think it was in fact MUCH worse than in that movie. Also, I was shocked when I watched “Schindlers List”, a totally mild, nothing-showing, gruesomeness and cruelty-foregoing movie, so done to keep the cinemagoer on his soft seat.

    The others of my class were shocked and thought that movie was brutal and showing it as it really was. HAHA.

    I laugh my very self into death, in ALFs words. Get me Lucky .-)

    Schindlers List is one hell of a shame of a movie. The reality was MUCH more brutal and sadistic. Yea, Schindler helped, but he gained a lot of money, while allowing himself a good conscience. THAT is the truth.

    If ya don’t get it, people, I don’t care. I said what I gotta say. Take heed, nazis. I always carry a long metal stick with me, since nazis broke my nose and split my lip, just because I am jewish. And that fact, I shout out again and again.

    And if any nazi tries to kill me, I go happily to my death with utter satisfaction that I revenged myself and my people and took the nazis, or many of em, with me into the deepest hell. I am gothic, so I am immune to hell. Nazis are not. There, they get what they deserve.

    But what counts is that we do justice here on earth, and nowhere, there is justice. Realise that, people, or it will be too late for only yourselves.

  2. @Alvin Steingold:

    Thx man. You made my day. I yesterday cried to “A Fish called Wanda”, because I love Monthy Python and John Cleese. The music piece there is INGENIOUS and drove me to tears, combined with Cleese’s acting, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis’.

    I find Anne attractive. I wish I would have such a girlfriend, but all the intellectuals were killed by the nazis.

    Its funny: What the nazis tried to do, and THEY SADLY partially, even BIG TIME succeeded, was not and NOwhere
    racial “purification”, but the empowerment of the most unethical and ugly, dirty sadists, whom many believe to be evil reincarnations of medieval spanish inquisitors
    and witchburners.

    The REAL truth is that foremostly gothic tribes were extremely oppressed and two millions celts mass murdered by Julius Ceasar who was equally evil as the Hitlerregime, and that REAL “german” blood is good, of high culture, and WAS SPOILT by the nazis.

    So, all Germans, you can thank the nazis for giving your country the worst reputation ever in human history, and smart people, really smart ones, DO IN FACT bear an unimagineably huge grudge against what not so olden Germany did only 65 years ago in the lord’s year 2010.

    But smart people can distinguish. In many other countries, during WW two, innocent, non-nazi germans
    were unrightfully imprisoned and otherwise expelled, deported and harassed. They were not killed like the 6 million of us Jews.

    It seems to me that young people now have a problem
    really REALISING that the Holocaust DID happen, in a world which WAS TOTALLY NOT different from our present times, xept we got ipods today. Oh, whatta difference. NONE AT ALL, as Eric Idle would also say. I wrote him and Cleese some messages.

    Without Churchill, the UK would have gone hat in hand a second time to mass murderer Hitler, after Chamberlain like a full idiot waved around a white paper just gettin out the airplane, signed by mass murderer Hitler and securing not even Chamberlain’s coin sock under his bed, because nazis have no ethics and always lie, they think they would be entitled to that.

    Education can’t be guaranteed in an utterly capitalistic world. It’s as simple as that. And, if violence reigns in schools, and the authorities only mostly punish the defenders of opressed victims, then we’ll have Auschwitz soon again. I repeat, kids: YES. If you were a jew in 1933 in Germany and afterwards in half Europe, you were first deported to the Warsaw ghetto, where conditions were brutal and inhumane behind the curtains, and then soon to Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen or Treblinka, the three biggest concentration camps mainly for jews, but also for lots of communists and mentally or physically handicapped people and for other dissidents. There, you were forced to some 20 hours per day extreme hard labour, and most people died only after some few months.
    If you didn’t die on your own, and also in the later war years, you were, together with some 300 people at one time, lead to alleged shower rooms, which were filled when full of people and hatches were closed and locked, with a newly developed fast killing and really still stinking poison gas, because at first, the nazi SS and Gestapo had difficulties in not being able to really kill off so much jews as they intended to, because they first used simple machine gun shooting of groups of 40 to hundred people, and then burying them in the earth. But even gased, the fat smelled mile long thru mostly polish countrysides around the concentration camps, fat from hundred thousands of murderered jews and other anti-nazi people or also gypsies. The nazis were really keen on efficiency in killing harm- and defenseless people. I don’t understand the logics of evil, because evil HAS no logic: It’s not fun automatically being the stronger one, it’s not fun abusing one’s power for destruction and mass murder committed on defenseless people. I am for a fair fight, but such a one never EVER existed in human history. There IS no fight which is fair. Fighting can only then be abolished if fascism and also capitalism don’t exist anymore.

    One more thing: What happened to me, nose broken and lip almost fully split by nazis, is so extreme, that NO ONE AT ALL REALISES what’s going on. I see all.

    Nazis are blind and evil. This site here gives me hope, but only this one revisionist nazi here (Mister pseudo
    “Truthbeknown”) spoilt that strongly. Such people should not be allowed to do anything, anymore, at all. Such people should be punished so harshly, I can’t express my righful anger here enough. I think I have to show my anger to the young people nowadays. I am between 30 and 40, and this makes me more mature than some people on the streets who newly justify fascism. people, realise that, there is a new generation of misguided neo-nazis, made possible by the new stupidity. People who speak against Obama belong to the same league of unethical people like nazis.

  3. Mister self-entitled “Truthbeknown” is a self-outed, easily spottable revisionist.

    An actual pure nazi. His alleged “truth” should be kicked back in his massmurdering ASS by ALL of us.

    “Victory”, I say with the words of Churchill.

    I call him “Liedon’tbeknown” from now on, this mister
    pseudo “Truthbeknown”.

    No, what you tell ain’t the truth, at all.

    It’s so HAHA easy to see how he primitively tries to get people to believe the whole Holocaust never happened.

    What is it with that pen? I didn’t even have to read the other long answer to this idiot by another good person,
    in order to be able to see that “Truthbeknown” is an inhumane, unethical, sadistic and highly deranged and misguided sort of ugly fella.

    See the long post above my four posts, in the middle of this site, to look up THE REAL truth for yourself, which differs 100% to what Mister “Trutbeknown” tries to convey.

    Frankly, Anne-Frankly, what I would do with “Truthbeknown”, I won’t tell here. Between me and the nazis, it’s now a PERSONAL issue.- They didn’t only murder nine tenths of my family, but two racist broke my nose and split my lip, and four months after that, I am still extremely damaged in all daily activities.

    The authorities are again MOST weak against racism. That is not good.


    That is the way to talk to a real nazi. They understand it only that way. I am liberal, and hear more and more people speaking against liberalism.

    Well, liberty is good. But there can be no tolerance, no liberty for nazis. The ones who go away from fascist thoughts and foremostly deeds, alright. The others, we GOT to “persuade” by only UTTERLY harsh rightful oppression, where it is necessary.

    Most states have always acted severely against the left, and not so severely by far against the wrong rightwing
    side. That lead to 1933, and will again.

    Stop to the rightwing tendency. If most people admit and see that, we will have prosperity for all, foremostly for the poor people. But that’s not what nazis want. They want to exploit, rape and kill all weaker ones.

    So, we have to become stronger than them. It’s now NO different than 1932, I shout out to all people.

  4. @ Poster “Buddha is laughing”:

    You’re correct. Let me tell you: The bible HAS no “right wing roots”. Not at all.

    The bible is, if interpreted with a warm, but strict and severe heart, teaching the prevention of any kind of fascism.

    The bible equally forbids massmurder by whom ever done to whom ever. The bible forbids nazi thoughts and acts, and equally forbids what the newly sadly conservative idiot netanjahu government is doing to the poor and kept poor and oppressed palestine people who mostly are against Hamas.

    Don’t listen to false preachers on the net, the net is the best place for the actual minority, which is growing rapidly along with the new general stupidity, of nazis, “revisionist” who even try in vain to deny the Holocaust ever happened, and for self-outed, due to anonimity non-prosecuteable child abusers and other ugly elements. Yesterday, I saw I woman in an electric chair who was beaten in both eyes, which were beaten blue. Only my colleagues turned my attention to the fact that she was victim of utterly brutal violence. Violence grows. If we don’t stop ruthless capitalism, if we don’t stop fascism, if we don’t legalize hemp and all drugs, if we don’t punish violence enough, if committed unnecessarily, if we throw the innocents in the prisons instead of the really guilty sadists, if we throw harmless poor people into prisons together with brutal sadists and rapers, we don’t gotta wonder afterwards, ey.

    I don’t wonder anymore. It’s all open, but clear, that if NOW we don’t do HARSH things against fascism, we will REALLY soon all justifiedly die, because g”d won’t want to continue the failed experiment human shitty being.

  5. Why Europe is accepting this Berlusconi, the proven murderer of judge Falcone and many others, is out of my field of comprehension. When I see most of the few remaining religious people here, I do often even prefer the catholics, because REALLY many evangelists are dull Jesus-Freaks who speak even against Obama, because he would be “muslim”, which is only remotely true. If people continue to hide their racism under the religious flag, we will soon again have TATA! BUMM BUMM! TATAAA! Wir sind des Volkes junge Mannschaft, Heil, heil, heil…
    When I hear that, It makes my stomach turn.
    Listen folks: There are MANY skinheads now who are against racism. It’s even possible they just want to hide their true belief in fascism because of the anti-rassism law in switzerland, it’s partially surely true – BUT NOT ALWAYS. Maybe even many skinheads turn
    around and continue their style and outfit and milder
    friendships, but slowly, slowly, but really well go away from national socialism which is always equal to mass murder.I am in spite of that sad that when I speak about the super good actor Sacha Baron Cohen alias Ali G, Borat and Bruno (Funkyzeit .-), or about Woody Allen to most young people on the streets, they say nothing in answer to me, and I realize they must have often talked negatively about just any jewish actor with really true
    nazis, who must have high positions in our society and state.Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Punks, Intellectuals, who ever: Don’t DELUDE yourselves.
    If foremmostly many anarchist in their anti-all stupid manner are against Obama, they don’t realize that they got the same abusive views as any hard-line conservative or racist/fascist.The Left has to stick together. If it doesn’t, the right (the wrong) side will win again. And that, sooner than you people might think.Just before, I wrote my first SF story, I am already in a spaceship 1000 years in the future, or I am with Poe and Lovecraft, with Nietzsche and Novalis, with Borchert and Böll. With Dürrenmatt and Frisch, with John Astin who played the original Gomez Addams, with Peter Murphy who sang “Final Solution”, which is a negative allusion
    on the final solution executed on us jews by Hitler and his sadist troopers, I am with Pere Ubu who sang “We got the technology (nod a little over that)…”Actually, I am pissed to tell you all this. I do it for you all, but no one realises. Such thru and thru positive answers to a Jew ARE IN THE MINORITY, nowadays, AS IT ALWAYS WAS. Pagans and Jews and blacks and ALL good people, UNITE. Only so can we, the poor and oppressed people, survive, and work towards REAL and not FARCE justice. NO to violence, YES to hemp and all abusively “illegal” considered “drugs” – NO to too much alcohol which destroys ALL of you. You might find it a little funny, drinking alcohol. I did it only at final school exam.
    But IT WAS DULL. Hemp is INGENIOUS, makes intelligent,
    THAT IS why the authorities won’t have it legalised:
    Then, all people would suddenly REALLY, not like Hitler
    meant it, BUT REALLY REALLY “Wake up” from their capitalist money and sick perverted abuse dream.
    Hemp heals and enables victims of violence to work on
    their inner damaged self constructively and positively.
    No law has the right to forbid any action only done to one’s OWN self. But THERE, the law tells us that alcohol would be good, Tobacco too, medicamtens too, but NOT all other substances which are FAR less noxious to the human body and spirit. Hemp is no side-issue, but an important step against violence and fascism. Legalize Hemp, and ILLEGALIZE violence, which IS NOT THE CASE. Violence IS legal. Nowhere punished or compensated enough. The justice institutions act like raving maniac idiot terror houses. DEMONSTRATE for Falun Gong, half a million in chinese concentration camps tortured and massmurdered, demonstrate against the german nazi NPD site on facebook. Demonstrate for Obama and against nature polluters – Obama forced BP to pay even more than 20 billion for their oil spill crime.

  6. Hi. First to Mike Spindell: I understand you, my brother. Boruch Habo. At first: Really all comments here are super.I am jewish, and almost all my family was gased.Four month ago, 2 nazis simultaneously hit me in the face, braking my nose, splitting almost totally my right upper
    lip, and making a break in my right skull cheek side.I am musician, all instruments xept trumpets, and slowly re-begin to sing rock-like, there is no better singer according to my few friends.I will emigrate with a punk to the Netherlands, current general attorneys here since 2005 are provenly abusive.Because hemp is illegal and violence way not punished and compensated enough, violence can at all happen, foremostly to jews as well as to takers of better substances than the most addictive and brain-destroying alcohol.These modern times with the internet and video on touch iHandys (cellphones) and whatnot is partially good:I am pro filesharing, which is by kingly decree legal in Sweden, but against financial sexual exploitation and abuse of any kind. I don’t anymore believe in Marx, because Bakunin opened my eyes, having warned from Marx already in the middle of the 19. century.When we look at this video, we see ONE thing clinging,springing to mind: The houses, the whole surroundings look as if it could be today. I don’t see any significant difference in technical, architectural, yes even in fashionable aspects to our present times.Meaning: Technical so-called “progress” enables, among other capitalistic intrests, fascism to rise to power.But let us not forget that the French and English punished Germany way too harshly after WW one, which alone already enabled Hitler to come to power, because Hindenburg was turning into a senile full idiot, paranoid of communists, and blindly, falsely trusting in someone like Hitler. Hindenburg isn’t to blame, really, he couldn’t know, he was just too old.I don’t see not one single advantage of current times in Europe except Netherlands, to the time of 1932 just before 1933. Now, since 2005, it’s not different than then. Violence and equally police violence abuse rules the streets and laws. Good that another one here mentioned the really bad drug policy of America, Obama
    will be active here, too few people believe in him, I do, and mostly, people reject my attitude, and that rejection of the first ever good US president will yet
    lead us all again into Auschwitz. I have written some 30 pages by my own of juristical texts and postulations against the first general attorney of my local city.
    I am anti-Hamas, but pro-Arafat, pro-PLO, and anti-zionist. Once, an arab in Zurich told me angrily
    I should first stick to my own people. He can STICK IT
    somewhere HIMSELF, the idiot. Any arab should be THANKFUL for ANY jew defending Arabs. It was ARABS who broke my nose and split my lip, German speaking ones from the very south of Germany. That is no reason for me
    to become ANY kind of racist against arabs! Some good friends of mine are marroccan, but the USA even there prevented a hemp legalisation effort of king
    Hassan in the 70ies, so I prefer Netherlands, but surely not the dangerous Amsterdam which I can’t ever recommend, colleagues told me terrible stories about drug dealing bike and car thieves on the streets, and another one told me many youngsters there run around
    with ready and loaded shot weapons… Oooooo… without me now, fellas, ey- I’ll do politics and law and music for some 30 to 50 years or more, and before I die, I will see to it that, if politics and law efforts fail,
    I do what is needed so no nazi leader ever again rises to power – look at Italy’s mafia mass murderer Berlusconi, who introduced a fascist law which says evry foreigner must go to prison for undefined time.

  7. Thank you Nate, Gyges, Buddha and Rafflaw,

    All of your comments were helpful to me. Sometimes, old as I am and with psychotherapy training to boot, I lose sight of how much irrational/illogical thinking controls people’s actions. I think it is a factor of my conscious attempt to view the word optimistically, to stave off my own inner feelings of despair towards humanity. I really do think that the spirit of this song, no matter how puerile, is a help in keeping onself alive.


  8. Buddha,
    Now that I read your linked article, I may have nightmares tonight! Obviously, nothing is sacred to the American Taliban.

  9. Mike,
    Gyges and Buddha were spot on. If the Nazi’s were willing to do the things that they did to the Jews and others, there is no logic in their thinking. The Birthers have the same lack of critical thinking.

  10. Mike,

    I’m not trying to make light of this, but gyges is on the right path. Ulysses Everett McGill said, “It’s a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.” I suspect there are many rationales behind denial. Nate brings the point that the motive can run from simple hatred to self-loathing at what was done by your “fellow man” to feeling legitimately wronged. I suspect that there are many many more graduations to that scale.

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