Two Iranian Protesters Go Public With Allegations of Rape While in Custody

250px-flag_of_iransvgThe Iranians have faced rape charges recently in cases of women facing execution as well as the rape of protesters. Now, two protesters have come forward to publicly allege that they were raped as a form of extrajudicial punishment while in Iranian jails following the demonstrations over of the disputed presidential election.

Ibrahim Sharifi, 34, was a student in Tehran who used the Internet to protest the government’s crackdown and was arrested. He says that, on June 22, he was kidnapped, handcuffed, blindfolded and stuffed into a car by three unknown men. He said he was taken to an unknown location, stripped to his underwear and over the course of several days, he was beaten and put through mock executions. At one point, he says a man came into and pointed to him, saying “Take him and get him pregnant.” He says he was raped four times.

Maryam Sabri, 20, said that she was arrested while attending a funeral for Neda Agha-Soltan. She was interrogated and raped.

The Iranian government has called such rape allegations “lies” and said that full investigations showed that such crimes have not occurred.

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  1. TBK. It’s not a Holocaust unless it is the deliberate attempt at genocide. Do you have proof (or anything beyond wild assertions) that the Israeli government is engaged in a deliberate program of extermination with the ultimate purpose of murdering every Palestinian man, woman and child?

    Get back to me if you find anything. I won’t be holding my breath.

  2. I don’t believe anything the lying media says about Iranians, Arabs, Muslims, Germans, Christians, Africans, etc….

    There is always an agenda to what they print. They believe in freedom of the press when it suits them.
    Now they have made it illegal to mention the Palestinian Holocaust called the Nakba.

  3. The neoCons are in control there now. I feel for the sensible populace whose voice will not be heard again for who knows how long.

    Attacking them would not solve their problem, it would make it worse.

  4. Ok, I can see where this is going. But to rape the man, is that not against the Talmud? Koran? And really do we need anymore attorneys if he did get pregnant? Where would they work? Cheney is not in power right now, so the prospects of legal employment are few and far between.

    The above was meant only as sick humor. Really sick.

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