Sharia Court Stones Woman to Death for Adultery — Gives Man 100 Lashes

stone-1The Sharia courts of Somalia have another atrocity to their credit. The Islamic court of al-Shabab sentenced a woman to be stoned to death for adultery. The man was given 100 lashes.

The 20-year-old woman is a divorcee who admitted to having sex with another single person. She was stoned to death in front of 200 people. The man, 29, was allowed to live and given 100 lashes in the bizarre world of Sharia justice.

“Judge” Sheikh Ibrahim Abdirahman insisted that Islam requires such punishment for women who are divorced and have sex. It is treated as adultery. The man is viewed as simply having sex before marriage — punishable by flogging.

Previously, the Sharia court stoned a man to death but spared his pregnant girlfriend — who will be stoned soon after giving birth, here. Of course, these same areas have no problem with fostering piracy and murder — which appear perfectly moral.

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15 thoughts on “Sharia Court Stones Woman to Death for Adultery — Gives Man 100 Lashes”

  1. It appears to me that someone of authority and of fear of Allah should look into the Shariah law closely and verify if this adultery and fornication laws are being inforced correctly. I would fear the day I meet Allah that I have been killing people lossely based on my own understanding and not his truth.

  2. BIBLE
    Leviticus 20:10
    And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

  3. Of course, these same areas have no problem with fostering piracy and murder — which appear perfectly moral.

    You say it like its a problem. They have no problem with this type of employment except when swimming back to shore with 5 million dollars and drown. Then the whole thing was a wash.

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  5. What religion is not a political movement? My example would be the Roman Catholic Church, Ive been a member of it for 63 years and its always been political…and likem or not it is a religion in the fullest sense of the word…

  6. Does anybody believe that any Muslim who would condone this has a good sex life, or is even capable of understanding what it is to please a woman? Inherent in this is a hatred of women that comes through loud and clear. I’m saying in all seriousness, that the hatred of Western Culture, exhibited in the more extreme Muslim sects, is at base a fear of the power of womanhood. It is not coincidental that the same attitudes, though perhaps with less violence, are exhibited by many Christian Fundamentalists.

  7. Islam is not a religion at all, its a political movement to achieve world domination.

    infact the “the religion of peace was coined by the muslim brotherhood to fool the west to show islam in a favourable way to spead their message of peace.

  8. dprosenthal,

    Might I suggest a less bigoted choice in terminology and a refined focus for your outrage?

    Islam is indeed a religion and like all of them, it does offer some positive value. But that is the study of the Quaran and the life of the Prophet. In contrast, Sharia or Islamic law, is a discrete area of study from the study of Islam. It’s comparable to RCC Canon but with the force of violence the RCC has refrained from (mostly) since the Inquisition with the addition that it has sanction in some countries. Theocracy is one of the worst forms of governance possible. Running a country by a belief system instead of quantifiable and rational system is a road to ruin. The except to this was Tibet which flourished as a theocracy because of some unusual confluences of the spread of Buddhism, their geographic isolation and homogeneous culture. The exception that proves the rule. Until the Chinese said, “Mine!” What you see here in the present case is a bad thing. Evil without question. Unjust to the core. But it’s a result of Sharia, a theocratic practice of law – a political exercise, not the practice of Islam – a religious and philosophical exercise.

  9. First of all, it is a disgrace to refer to Islam as a religion – ‘Islamic religion’ is the world’s greatest example of an oxymoron.
    This particular example of Sharia justice goes beyond even their perverted ideas of religious doctrine. The woman was DIVORCED – how is this adultery? How does sex outside of marriage equate to a crime deserving of the death penalty? (I guess its not even worth asking why her ‘crime’ was greater than his). Weknow that women in that society have no rights, but don’t they have any male relatives who care enough about them to fight this injustice?
    Now that I think about it, how the hell did anyone know with whom, where, or when the woman had sex? Do they have a unit of secret sex police with nothing better to do than peek through windows?
    Finally, why are we wasting so much money and endangering our troops to try to bring democracy and human rights to people who aren’t even human?

  10. I thought Bush and Obama want to promote freedom…why don’t they go to Somalia? Not enough black gold? Texas-T?

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