Pat Robertson Claims Islam Not Religion — and Virginia Governor-Elect McDonnell Refuses to Disavow Comment

Pat Robertson has declared that Islam is not a religion but a “violent political system.” For many, such statements are nothing new from Robertson. However, it was a bit more surprising yesterday to learn that Virginia Governor Elect Bob McDonnell has refused to disavow that view. McDonnell was opposed during the recent campaign for having extreme religious views and close ties to evangelical leaders like Robertson.

McDonnell attended law school at CBN University (now Regent University), founded by Robertson, and appeared on his show, “The 700 Club.” While at the Republican Governors Association in Austin, McDonnell refused demands from Muslims that he disavow such views. He merely stated “I think people are entitled under the First Amendment to express whatever opinions that they may have, but I can only say that as governor of Virginia, I intend to have an inclusive administration where we bring people across the political and religious system to help us govern.”

One wonders what his reaction would have been to an imam saying that Christianity is a cult or non-religion. McDonnell did say that he does not personally view Islam as a “violent political system.”

On his television show, Robertson said “Islam is a violent, I was going to say religion, but it’s not a religion. It’s a political system. It’s a violent political system bent on the overthrow of the governments of the world and world domination. That is the ultimate aim.”

Of course, Robertson’s statements seem to ignore parts of the Bible that promise such things as

“You . . . will also be slaughtered by my sword.” (Zephaniah 2:12-15)

“They shall be apportioned for foxes.” (Psalm 63: 11)

“The men of Judah attacked Jerusalem and captured it, killing all its people and setting the city on fire.” (Judges 1:1-8)

During the crusades, the Muslims did not exactly view the Christian faith as a peaceful religious movement.

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38 thoughts on “Pat Robertson Claims Islam Not Religion — and Virginia Governor-Elect McDonnell Refuses to Disavow Comment”

  1. Anyone who comes from Regent Law School is bought and paid for by Pat Robertson. Pat Robertson is one of the most dangerous terrorists in this country. I wonder if he can still leg press a zillion pounds?? Jill was right about the Catholic Church being front and center on the health care reform issue. I want to know when these religions will lose their tax exempt status due to their lobbying and funding of lobbyists to defeat specific legislation?

  2. Mike S:

    duh, as I slap my self on the back of the head.

    thanks Mike. I also appreciate that you did not take a well placed shot.

  3. Let’s face it McDonnell only won because Mr. Deeds was no Jimmy Stewart. I agree with Beulahman. If you go to Regent, you automatically need to be discounted as a politician to be taken seriously. His “cull” remark had nothing to do with violence. Mr. McDonnell has been anointed a Republican “comer” by the MSM.
    We’ll see how long that lasts once he actually gets to operate in office.

  4. lottakatz,

    Your wrote: “I think that the bible talks about…” So you don’t really KNOW what the good book says? You are not one of us.

  5. Jill: “even if he didn’t agree, he doesn’t want to cross 🙂 them.”

    Wicked. Go sit on the bench with the Professor, he for his PETA/Lobster boiling remark.

    Good posting. The repressive policies and assault on women’s rights in deference to higher laws is only two legs of the three legged stool though IMO. I’m convinced that the rollback of existing environmental regulation along with the failure to pursue policing of regulated industries having an impact thereon(not even considering the lack of NEW regulation) is not only a bow to corporatism but an aspect of the fundi concept of the Earth and everything in it being ‘given’ to man to use in any way he wishes.

    I think that the bible talks about the end time coming when there is not a tree left standing and the bas-akward fundie’s have taken that up as a mission instead of a warning.

  6. rcampbell:

    I know, I was just joking around. I actually think that Psalm is for the protection of a leader. It was written for David. If I wanted to “smite” my enemy and he was a leader I would certainly not use this one unless I was a leader as well.

    But then with all the self esteem BS going around now, I guess everyone thinks they are a leader.

  7. Byron

    I’m simply applying the GOP standard as discussed on these pages yesterday (Psalm Like it Hot: Conservatives Rally Around Psalm 109). If they can use this Biblical passage in reference to President Obama, I can and will “pray” for these two morons to receive the same treatment.

  8. This is so interesting. Gov. Bob’s actions show clearly that a certain from of christianity is functioning as a political system. He’s afraid to speak up because 1. he agrees and 2. even if he didn’t agree, he doesn’t want to cross 🙂 them. I would also point to the catholic church’s lobbying to stop women from having access to abortions. Then there’s our military praying for victory against the infidels and our contractors going to foreign lands specifically to kill muslims. All that sound like a violent political system to me.

    What is very scary to me is: this ideology is certainly that of 10% of our population who pray Psalm 109.8. However, the real problem occurs because our ruling class believes the same things. It isn’t an accident that the elite politicians cater to the FAR religious christian right by going to Saddleback church and talking about how they are working god’s will on earth. We aren’t supposed to know they believe this crazy stuff also. We’re supposed to think only ignorant bible belters hold these opinions. But if you read Jeff Sharlet’s, The Family and you see how our politicians talk and act, it becomes clear that our top political “leaders” do believe in the FAR right, violent, hateful, eschatology, “I’m hear as god’s representative on earth” crap that Father Robinson puts out. That gets obscured when the ordinary folks spout their hate speech. Their thoughts are shared and encouraged by the ruling elite. It’s why such a small percentage of people are able to wield inordinate control over political policy. They are completely allied with the most powerful, I guess, just like Jesus was in his time.

  9. rcampbell:

    Are you praying for God to smite his enemies?

    Good to see you supporting Guvnor Bob.

  10. I also can’t stop laughing at Pat’s choice in book titles.

    Money, eh Pat?


    On it?

    On something methinks.

  11. Nal:

    he just meant that next election he should be voted out of office. But if he knows that Virginia governors only serve one term, then that might be a different story.

    But he gave me a good beer tip so I am not going to report him to the authorities.

  12. I think BuelahMan’s comment sounds just like threats the rightwing have made against Obama. I disavow it.

  13. Mespo:

    yes we will and he will be able to recognize who has been naughty and nice due to the new facial recognition program the wonderful Virginia State Legislature has enacted.

    And this in the State of the birthplace of Jefferson and Madison. I am living in hell, WTF has happened to this country? It seems like all this sh . . . is happening over night. In the last 3 years our liberties have taken a nose dive.

    And I think it started with that god damned Patriot Act. That mother f . . . needs to be done away with, the sooner the better.

  14. The fact that he attended Regent should be enough for any sane human being to cull him quick.

  15. Well Christianity has become a Political System in the US and other places I am sure.

    The crusades were for leisure sporting events? Wow, wouldn’t Joan be surprised. She was burnt near oranges because of her political beliefs.

    Come on Pat your minions are doing your bidding too. See, Craig von Buseck said that “Pope Benedict XVI: ‘Luther Was Right'”

    At least he has something to back his statements with.


  16. Pat and Bob sitting in a tree
    K-I-S-S-I-N-G …

    Well we elected a governor and got a bishop instead. Who knew? Anybody who was paying attention. Wonder if we’ll have to kiss Bob’s ring?

  17. That’s pretty funny considering Pat practices Christianity as a violent political movement.


    Jefferson liked that word for a reason.

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