The moment has come. For the last twelve months, we have basked in the glory as the Top Law Professor and Legal Theory Blog. Now, the ABA has started the Third Annual Competition. The good news is that we once again made the top 100 blogs. However, the ABA has mixed things up a bit with new categories. We have been moved to the Opinion category (IMHO- in my humble opinion slot). The ABA editors, however, have put us up against one of the oldest and most popular legal sites, Althouse. To vote, click here.

Here is the description of the site:

Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington University known for his work as counsel in cases involving military and national security issues. But Turley uses his blog as a way to lighten and liven things up. Under the banner of res ipsa loquitur, his posts focus on the oddities of the legal system within the criminal justice and tort arena.

Another site on the list is The Legal Satyricon, which is also a large and respected blog. The Legal Satyricon is notably threatening to off some kittens unless it wins the top spot.

Althouse was one of the first legal blogs and is consistently ranked by AVVO in the top three most visited legal sites. (We are ranked 9th).

The editors appear to have intentionally pitted top AVVO sites against each other this year with two a category. However, we are up against one of the top three and best recognized sites. It is, therefore, the ultimate Dave and Goliath moment. The Cinderella Man moment. The Crossing of the Delaware moment. The Hail Mary moment. Yes, it is your moment. Think of the children, the unborn, the undead. Think of your pets, your country. Think of me for God’s sake.

Here is an inspiring scene to send you off:


  1. 63 to 104

    Whelp, at lest’ them littl’ sucklin’ kittens is a’gonna git to nurse…

  2. I’ve done some digging and I’m afraid we’re through the looking glass here people

    Satyricon is the name of a Norwegian black metal band, their last album was The Age of Nero, Nero was a character in the movie Quo Vadis, one of the stars of Quo Vadis was Buddy Baer who died in 1986…the year before Pauly Shore made his TV debut!!!!11111

    Now I’m not saying Satyricon is responsible for foisting Pauly Shore on an unsuspecting American public but I find it suspicious that they haven’t denied it.

    lastly, although I only read one comment it appears that Randazza(if that is his real name) not only is prepared to kill kittens but also has no qualms speaking openly on a public forum about his “loins”.

    is that what America wants in it’s winners? Pauly Shore, “loins”, mom looseners and kitten killers. I think not

    vote Turley and vote often

  3. That just isnt right, who would do that to a dog?

    Such is the result of unprotected sex.

  4. Satyricon gave my dog chlamydia and let my mom out of the back yard.

    Mom says she could have opened the gate herself.

    The dog is angry Satyricon won’t return his calls.

    Vote Turley!

    Think of the little kitties! And my poor mistreated lonely itching and inflamed dog.

  5. I am listening to a ‘Lawyer 2 Lawyer’ podcast while reading the Turley blawg–no conflict of interest–although they are both in the same IMHO category.

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