Seeing Rouge: Iran Bans Women With Makeup From Television

It is enough to make you blush, but don’t . . . it’s against the rules. The medieval troglodyte known as the Islamic Republic of Iran has issued a new directive. The state television authority has announced that it will bar any women wearing makeup from appearing on television as well as unIslamic “abnormal” music.

Ezzatollah Zarghami said the measure also includes an edict that “should be no insulting of family elders by children.” He pointed out that wearing makeup is against the law.

Of course, the idea of an anchor doing her makeup on air would cause these mullahs to crawl into a fetal position:

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9 thoughts on “Seeing Rouge: Iran Bans Women With Makeup From Television”

  1. I think women over there ought to ban sex….

    I mean, it turns men on! And we cannot have aroused men, it just isn’t right.

    And if they try to have sex, then they should have their penis hacked off to teach them a lesson

  2. As a musician (albeit, one from the Western Hemisphere) I have to say that the thought of non-Islamic music being “abnormal” makes me laugh out loud.

    If that antonal ululation is “normal”, I’ll eat all my Steely Dan records.

  3. Note: wearing make-up has been illegal since the revolution. And abnormal music and insulting elders I think has been punished since then.
    People there had for a long time done what they wanted, ignoring those rules they disagreed with, like the make-up ban, dancing and singing ban, etc., because the police lacked power. It is unfortunate that on top of all the other horrors they have to deal with, now those rules are being strictly enforced, contrary to the cultural norms of private society.

  4. This is a face saving measure. There’s a severe shortage of makeup in Iran due to high import fees. The guys that run things like to wear their makeup at parties and they were running out. Presto, it’s illegal for women to wear it. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. “Men look so pretty in red”, said Cardinal Law, who endorsed the move from the Vatican.

  5. Well so long as it is in there country why not. Practice what we preach.

  6. I ask that every regular poster here please watch this video. It pulls together many threads on this blog and it is so important to hear what is being spoken.

    “A Voice from RAWA: Zoya on Afghanistan

    Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that the US would be sending 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. (No word on how many private contractors would be accompanying them.) He did not explicitly use the Afghan women as justification, but many politicians have, claiming that we cannot leave the women to their fate. Zoya is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, and she joined us to talk about what would really be best for the women – and all the people – of Afghanistan. Zoya is a pseudonym and her face is obscured to protect her identity.”

  7. Seeing ‘Rouge Rogue’… I thought this was about Sister Palin. I always get those words confused but they both fit her to a T.

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