Slim Down With Bacillus Cereus: Diet Product Recall Issued for 10 Million Cans of Slim Fast

It is amazing how slimming runaway diarrhea can be. Unilever PLC recalling 10 million cans of its Slim-Fast ready-to-drink products in the U.S. and Canada due to the possible contamination of a bacteria that can cause serious illness.

The bacteria is Bacillus cereus, which can cause diarrhea and possibly nausea and/or vomiting. None of that is in the diet plan.

Buyers will be given a refund. I think that I hear the beginnings of a class action lawsuit.

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15 thoughts on “Slim Down With Bacillus Cereus: Diet Product Recall Issued for 10 Million Cans of Slim Fast”

  1. BiL,

    That is an excellent idea, except that I disabled my Twitter account because until now I felt it was useless to me. I am plastering Facebook as we speak.

    I may have to resign and take your very good advice. But please, if anyone knows people who could blog, it, please do. The boy’s mom is distraught.

  2. B-man,

    I looked over the information about your friend’s child. It’s . . . not a scenario likely to end well. That’s just being honest. That’s a lot of time and time is the enemy in these kind of cases. However, might I make a suggestion?

    Since you are essentially broadcasting a “call home”/”information” contact, have you considered Twitter? It’s useless for a lot of things, but I think that as notification system in emergencies it showed promise during Iran’s recent troubles. It’s short, quick and has a longer reach than blogs per effort expended. The innate socially relational nature of their software should allow for faster (and probably broader) circulation of your information than a blog and it’s a current fixation with the young giving the platform better targeting too. Although I find Facebook intrinsically evil, it also has similar benefits over traditional blogging.

    Just an idea to maybe help broaden the search.

    Best of luck and a sincere hope this has a happy ending.

  3. If someone is able to post or has posted about the missing kids above, please let me know so that I can share it with the parents. They are basket cases and this is the only hope they have.

  4. Please excuse this request, Prof Turley, but I posted today regarding a friend who has a missing child and wondered if anyone here that also blogs would help spread the word.

    The MSM won’t help and law enforcement is giving them the cold shoulder now. I can only help by asking online friends for their assistance.

    You can read about it here:

    Please cross post or share with someone that can.

    All my thanks!

  5. BIL–

    Yes, but back in my day when we young women were thinking about our futures, most career options weren’t open to us female folk. We weren’t dealing with a glass ceiling–it was more like a lead roof.

    Most of us who continued our education went on to become teachers, nurses, librarians, and executive secretaries.

  6. Elaine,

    You may have missed your true calling in a library. Talent like that needs to be on Madison Ave. 😉

  7. ..but how long does a moth live, i.e. what is “one moth’s time”

  8. In 1992 I had a bet with my boss that I could lose more weight than he in one moth’s time.

    We both followed the Slimfast regimen to a T and altho the runs were hellacious, I made $100 and shed 31#

  9. This is a serious cereus problem for the makers of Slim Fast. Maybe–rather than have a product recall–the company could use a new slogan: Get slim fast-er than ever!

  10. All my life I’ve fought a weight problem and while never obese, or even “fat,” I allowed myself to be conditioned into believing this was an indictment of myself as a person. The fact that at my heaviest people saw me as attractive, while logically recognized, did little to improve my own self image. With that went innumerable diets, diet plans, diet products and slimming down, only to find my weight creeping up again. While I was logically aware that my self image was being determined by society’s hucksterism, emotionally the message wasn’t getting through. Finally, I discovered the secret of weight maintenance: Stop eating when you feel full and eat foods that are lower in calories, fats and salt. This is known as actually eating by being in touch with oneself and not because of commercialism and advertisements for ridiculously harmful foods. It also goes hand in hand with learning to avoid the influence of societal norms created by ad agency’s and commercial interests.

  11. Go Johnny Go, or Susie Be Good. The Foxx Trot. I Feel the Earth Move. Or I can’t fight this feeling or the list is endless…..

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