Spare the Rod? Former Missouri House Speaker Accused of Beating and Raping Woman . . . Releases on $2,500 Bond

The former Missouri House Speaker and major Republican political figure Rod Jetton has been charged in an alarming series of crimes after a woman accused him of punching, choking, and assaulting her. She also appears to elude to the possibility of a date rape drug, claiming that she blacked out after drinking a glass of wine. Jetton ran for office on a family values platform.

Jetton, 42, was charged with second-degree assault on Monday. This follows another politician’s sentencing in New York of slashing his girlfriend’s face, here.

The woman says that the couple discussed having sex and returned to her home. Jetton poured her the wine and watched a football game when she began to pass out. She says that he hit her several times and that she woke up with him choking her and passed out again. She then came to when he was having sex with her in the bedroom.

Remarkably, bond was set at only $2,500. Jetton was required to leave office due to time limits but continues to work as as a powerful political consultant in Jefferson City. I entirely agree with the bond itself but the amount seems wildly out of proportion to the gravity of the crime. I do not like the massive bonds often sought in criminal cases, but this is a bond that would be considered small for an auto theft case.

He denies the allegations, here.

In his last campaign, Jetton said that he represented family values and would fight “assault” by the forces of immorality:

“Working to improve our schools, creating jobs and restoring traditional family values is something in which I strongly believe. . . . During the last ten years, too many of our leaders supported bigger government, higher taxes, less liberty, greater regulation, and an all-out assault on traditional family values.”

We will have to wait to see if he claims self-defense against an “all-out assault” by the victim in this case.

He is likely to see a tort action as well as his criminal charges in this case.

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25 thoughts on “Spare the Rod? Former Missouri House Speaker Accused of Beating and Raping Woman . . . Releases on $2,500 Bond”

  1. “Your comment interests me because you don’t mention male on female violence which really is a world wide epidemic.”

    I didn’t mention male on female violence because I was making a different point about how demonizing “the other” works. However, as i’ve commented in other places here before I am a lifelong “Feminist” meant in the sense that I totally believe in equal rights for women and that women’s mistreatment by parochial male society is beyond disgusting.

    Part of the trouble is that too many male dominated cultures, such as ours, give license to the oppression of women. Part of this starts by the fact that there are some genetic differences, but those are minor compared with the environmental norms that shape male attitudes. You are correct that far too many males see women as alien and with that focus cannot see beyond the fallacy of their own mindset. Part of that alienation is the belief that they can control them through physical violence. Any male who would do this is by my thinking sick and flawed, with little hope of redemption.

    I am the proud father of two adult women and my wife and I in tandem have encouraged them to be their own persons. While both are beautiful people, they never were hung up on having a male validate their worthiness. Interestingly, the males they have shared relationships with have not been the run of the mill macho jerks.

  2. I agree with PaulThomson – allude not elude! People shouldn’t try to use fancy words if they can’t spell them!

  3. Oh Mr Winkie

    Of course we should always discuss crimes as being “alleged”, as in this case.

    I don’t know what orifice you pulled the Republican remark from–certainly nothing I wrote. The fact of the matter is that I don’t think political party, race, social status, religion, etc., have anything to do with this. I DO think that the way to stop this violence is for police and courts to start dealing with it seriously.

    I also happen to think that women should band together and start confronting these violent predators. A little scare in the parking lot by a group of thirty women might serve as a good wake-up call, you know, to get some help.

    Speaking of getting help, Mr. Winkie…

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