The Wrath of Mr. Potato Head: Sidarth Comes in Second on Jeopardy

We previously discussed the appearance of one of my students, S.R. Sidarth, on Jeopardy. Last night, Sidarth came in a very respectable second in a tough competition. We were all extremely proud of him . . . and blame it on Mr. Potato Head.

Presumably, George Allen was cheering for the Air Force officer who appeared to be part computer and part robot. Col. Dave Belote was really amazing. However, Sidarth got some really tough questions and seemed to be trying to hit the button before the officer on a number of questions. I let the kids stay up late to watch and they gave Sidarth the greatest compliment. Aidan said “he is awesome!” I agree.

By the way, I also answered “who is Mr. Potato Head?” to the answer: “In 1963, sculptor Phil Kraczkowski was paid $600 to design this Hasbro toy’s original head.” After all, even the colonel missed GI Joe.

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  1. Mr. Sidarth’s Jeopardy appearance was just mentioned (with a bit of political background) on “Hardball” by Chris Matthews. WoooHooo! You’re going to have a star in your classroom Professor. Other than yourself of course 🙂

  2. I got the answer correct not because I am a particularly smart person, but, because of my age (I didn’t really say that. Like Jack Benny, I am 39 forever). I remembered playing with Mr. Potato Head when I was a kid; so, my thoughts went to what new toys have appeared since my childhood was over.

    I agree with Mr. Spindell about what it takes to win. But, there is one other factor that enables winning; and, that is the categories. If the categories are in a person’s expertise, that person will have an edge. Ringing in first doesn’t do you a lot of good, if you give an incorrect answer. I love Jeopardy. I thought your student did very well.

  3. Yes, the Colonel is one smart potato. Against another winner Sidarth would have most likely won.

    I watch every night and quite often do well in the game. But I am sitting in my living room, content after dinner and under no pressure and have no buzzer in my hand. My hat’s off to anyone who actually makes it on the program.

    Congratulations are in order, Mr Sidarth.

  4. My wife’s cousin was on Jeopardy earlier this year and he came in second though he is one brilliant man. He is also a lawyer who has chosen to spend his career doing Legal Aid, though many more lucrative opportunities existed. No doubt Siddarth is brilliant, but while Jeopardy requires erudition, much has to do with hand eye coordination and the best man doesn’t always win.

  5. Congrats to Mr Sidarth.



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  6. Apparently when it comes to potatoes, the luck of the Irish is not limited to the Irish. Cursed potato!

    Congratulations on a strong showing. I hope you had a really good time.

  7. I enjoyed watching Sidarth last night (although he drove me absolutely bonkers jumping around the board “fishing” for the Daily Double).

    Col. Belote IS one smart dude, isn’t he?? I believe he’s the Commander of Nellis AFB in Nevada (which gives me hope for America’s military).

    My wife and I also guessed Mr. Potato Head for the Final Jeopardy answer, and we both had a *D’OH!* moment when the actual answer was revealed.

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