Wirth-Less: Man Accused of Double Murder Tasered in Courtroom Brawl

I suppose the large tattoo on the neck of Andrew J. Wirth, 24, reading “NOTHING TO LOSE” might have given the court deputies a clue that they were in for trouble at the appearance of the Wisconsin man in court. Wirth is accused of first shooting a couple to death outside a bar after a woman playfully grabbed him. He then tore up a courtroom while yelling at the judge.

Police say that Jennifer K. Luick, 37, an off-duty six-year veteran of the Town of Oconomowoc Police Department, was teasing men by grabbing their behinds in a bar when Wirth went ballistic. Upset, he stepped outside with Luick and Gregg T. Peters, 40, and proceeded to pull out a .380 semiautomatic handgun and shot Peters in the left side of the torso and Luick near her right breast.

He was charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide. Then in appearing in court on Monday, police had to taser him twice after he lunged at the gallery and screamed profanities. He was then dragged out of the courtroom.

It turns out that the tattoo is not just a social statement but a legal strategy for Wirth.

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27 thoughts on “Wirth-Less: Man Accused of Double Murder Tasered in Courtroom Brawl”

  1. Andrew Wirth is obviously an out of control criminal with a hair-trigger temper. He had no reason to carry a gun other than the need to use it illegally to harm someone. He’s a big boy and surely could have kicked the male victim’s ass if he felt threatened. The female victim caused this whole tragedy with her stupid behavior and manipulation of her drunk and arrogant boyfriend by complaining about Wirth’s reaction to her grabbing his ass. Everyone involved in this mess ended up losers. And they lost BIG. End results in this unnecessary mess: 2 dead people and 1 person most likely to do SERIOUS JAIL TIME (Which he definitely deserves}. What a pity. And the female victim was a COP who should have known better, But it’s too late now! Wirth’s plea of self defense is the biggest joke of all. What a weird world we all live in!

  2. This is a product from a disfunctional home, bad company and the end result is what you get.

  3. the 2nd amendment doesnt let criminals have guns. dont blame the 2nd amendment but the guy who pulled the trigger. bottom line is that even if we wernt allowed to have guns criminals would still get ahold of them and more people would die. I love my gun rights and nobody will take that away from me.

  4. I agree with thegoodlife. The victim’s hot-headed boyfriend created this situation. The media paints it out like some tattoed loser in a biker gang murdered a cop because she pinched his butt. But that’s not how it went down. It wasn’t just Jennifer’s boyfriend who caused this to happen–it was her boyfriend’s TEMPER. The killer didn’t start this, and it didn’t even involve Jennifer’s boyfriend. But he was a hot-head and had a violent temper and wasn’t going to let ANYONE cross him or his pretty, cop girlfriend. The booze in his system probably impaired his judgment, as most people wouldn’t start up a fight with a muscle-bound biker with neck tattoos. And now these two are in coffins and a boy is without a mom. All because of alcohol, ego, and stupidity.

    The moral of the story is, if you are going to start something up with someone, don’t be surprised when they finish it.

  5. 1)she grabs his but he tells her to stop 2)She does it agian and he tells her agian in not so nice words. 3)Here and greg leave with another couple and walk out side and she tells greg what happen with andrew but not what started it. 4)He goes back into the bar and tells him to step out side. 5)Him and andrew get into aruging and wrestling out side and andrew told him to stop **** around 2 times by witnesses out side. 6)He shoots 3 bullets into greg as they fought to the ground.One bullet goes thru greg and hits her.He never pointed or ment to shoot her at all and never knew he did till that morning.7)The police officer that pulled him over said he told me where the gun was and also he was on his way to turn himself in.Also that he hoped THE MAN HE SHOT WAS OK THAT HE TOLD HIM TO STOP. What i’m trying to say is if it weren’t for her hot headed boyfrind andrew wouldn’t be were he is and they would both still be here also.Andrew pulled the trigger in self defense but the truth is if anyone took jenifers life that morning it was greg they were outside and should have just left.

  6. I knew this man, and don’t think that he was capable of doing such a, as deemed by this foolish website, “Wirth-less”, without being aroused to do so in some way. Who knows what either one of those people said to him before the tragedy occurred. All I know is, he is not illiterate, and that all of us have nothing to lose because we only have one life to live, as proven by what Andy did.

  7. Is it just me, or has this guy graduated from the Richard Grieco school of men’s eyebrow trimming? No wonder he was so frustrated over a WOMAN grabbing him …

    Okay, it was a vague ’80’s “21 Jump Street” reference.

    All I’m saying is he’s going to do just fine where he’s headed.

    Just fine.

  8. As someone leaning toward a utilitarian view on life, I find myself wondering if the world would “miss” this individual?

    What is he for (on this planet)?

  9. C.Everett Kook, LOL and thank you. I’ve ripped off your word and dedicated a couple (all I can spare) of long term memory neurons to it. It will come up in future real world conversations.

  10. The linked story seems to soft-pedal the situation in it’s use of language regarding the incident. Not to tarnish my absolutely pristine reputation or anything đŸ™‚ but back in the day I had occasion to visit just enough taverns (or ‘dives’ depending on your standards) to remember, uh, guess how this little tragedy played itself out. I’m leaning with TMYK on this one except I’d stick ‘probable’ in front of “threatened physical assault…”.

  11. Sexual assault by an off-duty police officer, and threatened physical assault by her companion. Lots to work with here.

    This guy could have easily pled down to voluntary manslaughter with all that.

    However, it appears his defense attorney is incompetent or simply unable to handle Mr. Poor Impulse Control, and his screaming outbursts will probably end up earning him that treasured title of “lifer” where he will truly have “nothing to lose” save for the integrity of his anal sphincter.

  12. belligerate

    that’s a good word, I can think of at least group of folks that would qualify for that particular designation

    back in the late 70s I knew a WWII pilot named Hank Till.
    we were sitting in Sloppy Joes one morning when the police were arresting a shrimper out on Green St.

    Hank says “that guy’s illigerate”

    I said “wtf????!!!???”

    Hank says “illigerate, you know, illiterate, illegitimate
    put them together..you get a stupid bastard”

  13. “Looks like that tattoo says ‘nothing to lost’”

    That’s the way it looks to me, too. Great combination: belligerent AND illiterate.

  14. I’ll take a moment to comment that had it been a guy grabbing women in a bar, we wouldn’t be calling it “teasing.” That said, if the rightfully-offended woman had then responded by gunning the guy down, it wouldn’t be any more justified.

  15. Good ol’ 2nd amendment.

    Two more innocent folks dead.

    Yesterday was the anniversary of John Lennon’s murder.

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