Cospirazione! Popular Italian Video Says Berlusconi Attack Was One Big Falsificazione

In the United States, there is the second gunman on the grassy knoll, the belief that the Moon landing was faked, and the ongoing debate of the true cause of the Twin Towers collapsing. Around the world, there is the debate whether Lenin in Lenin’s Tomb is really a wax dummy and whether Kim Yong-Il is actually a double who replaced the leader after his death. Now, Italians have their own conspiracy theory as captured in this YouTube video that has gone viral with over a half million hits in a very short period of time. The creator suggests that the attack on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, 73, was faked and offers evidence similar to what continues to be debated in the Kennedy assasination.

There is no question that Berlusconi’s popularity has risen since the attack after flagging for months, here. He was hit in the face with a souvenir marble and metal replica of Milan’s Gothic cathedral and suffered a fractured nose and two broken teeth.

However, this video, entitled “Was the attack on Berlusconi a montage?,” suggests a set up. It asks various questions like the blood appeared immediately “thick and already” dry and why, if as the hospital later said he had lost “half a litre of blood,” is his suit and shirt not drenched with blood.

The video also shows how the security guard appears to be handing something to Berlusconi in his car — suggesting it is an “aerosol spray containing fake blood.” The creator asks viewers to “switch off the TV and use your brains.”

I am ready to believe any conspiracy theory, but if Berlusconi was going to fake anything, wouldn’t t he fake those meeting with teenage girls and turn them in elderly matrons?

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  1. I am not convinced that it was not the shoe that Bush dodged. I don’t think he would want to be known as the man who dated older women. Giuliani he is not. Am I the only one to see that once he had a little blood on his face he looked a little like Hitler.

    Maybe Joe for Arizona can help him out?

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